Coton Miki Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Coton Mi-Ki isn’t purebred. They were produced by the cross of two adorable breeds: Coton de Tulear and Mi-Ki. Coton Mi-Ki’s coat color They evolved during the 1980s, so they are new. This cute little pup does not weigh more than 16 lbs. They inherit their physical appearance from both of their parents.

They are cute, affectionate, and loving. Their coat colors can be white, dark brown, black, and can be a mix of these colors. Coton de Tulear coat resembles cotton, while other parent breed has a sleek medium or long coat. Both of the parent breeds have loveable personalities, so they are not hard to train. 

Coton Miki Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCoton Mi-Ki History

Cotton Mi-ki is a hybrid dog. Most likely, they originated in the US back at the end of the 1980s. They are quite new and rare designer dogs, so they don’t have a well-known history. It seems that they share heritage with other famous Asian breeds like the Maltese, the Japanese Chin, and the Papillon

Mi-Ki was produced by Micki Mackin specifically using Asian breeds like Shih Tzus, Papillon, and others. Since she didn’t keep a record of the breed she’s using so it is not clear which of them she was using. After some research, the American kennel club concluded that Mi-Ki was produced in the US while other clubs have their theories. This canine is believed to be part of the Bichon family. AKC (American kennel club) recognized them in 2014.   

Coton Mi-Ki dog Characteristics

As a hybrid dog, Cotton Mi-Ki has many common qualities with its parents. They are small canines, not weighing more than 13 pounds. Generally, they’re black, tan, and white, and they can be tri-shaded. They have a fluffy coat with smooth hair.

Coton de Tulear has small noses and eyes that are dark and round-shaped. They have triangular and upright ears. Mi-Ki can be long or medium-smooth-haired pups, they can have similar eyes like Coton de Tulear. Their feet are bunny-like and very lengthened, while Coton de Tulear has small and angled feet. 

How Big do Coton Mi-Ki dog Get

Cotton Mi-Ki is a small and fluffy dog. They resemble both of their parents, and they don’t get that big. The males reach an average height of 8 – 12 inches and an average weight of 5 – 13lbs. The females have an average height of 7 – 11 inches and an average weight of 5 – 12lbs. 

How Long Does Coton Mi-Ki dog Live

Coton Mi-Ki is a healthy hybrid dog, and they enjoy a longer lifespan than bigger ones. Their average lifespan varies between 14-16 years. 

How much does a Coton Mi-Ki dog cost

The Coton Mi-Ki is unique and rare dog. Finding puppies of this breed is a real effort. You should be expecting to be paying around $1000 to $2500 for each pup. 

Coton Mi-Ki dog Temperament/Personality

Coton Mi-Ki is a warm, caring, and loving pup. They are great family pets, and they will cheer you up with their cute gestures. Their lovable nature attracts any passing by.

A Coton De Tulear does enjoy the company of family, and leaving them alone would be a problem. Sometimes these cotton candies are calm and quiet, but they will bark when they are energetic and excited. Swimming, playing, and running cheers them up and enhance their mood. Mi-Ki is a great dog that adopts to be in any environment in a short period. They have this eager to explore, so they will always be wandering around.  

Caring for Coton Mi-Ki dog

Cotton Mi-Ki is a designer breed. They will need a lot  of your time and attention to stay in their best possible shape. They are prone to allergies, so take good care of them, or they will catch one. Giving them an adequate diet and meeting their daily activity requirements is vital for your pup to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. 

Coton Mi-Ki Dog Nutrition

Coton Mi-Ki isn’t much of an energetic or active dog. They don’t require a huge amount of food. Only 1 cup of healthy food will be sufficient for them. You can split their meal into two or more. They are prone to obesity, so overfeeding them would cause weight gain, and it’s not good for their health. You can’t just give them snacks freely. 

How to Groom a Chi-Poo

Coton Mi-Ki is fluffy like cotton candy, and you will have to groom them properly; otherwise, they may lose their beauty. Daily brushing of their coat would be necessary to avoid matting and tangling, and trim their hairs if needed. You can use a metallic or hard bristle brush. Bathe them weekly and try to use organic products. Dry them after a bath using a dryer.  Don’t forget to clip their nails at least twice per week. Daily brushing of their teeth is important as well.

Cotton Mi-Ki dog Activity Levels

Coton Mi-Ki requires moderate levels of exercise daily. Coton de Tulear needs more activities to be fresh, while Mi-Ki does not need that much exercise . So this dog’s activity levels would vary according to which parent breed dominated in them . They can adjust themselves in apartment living, but fun games outside or in a fenced yard would help to prevent behavioral problems. They have a lot of hair, so activities in warm weather can cause overheating. 

Caring for Coton Mi-Ki dog

Coton Mi-Ki is social, loving, and intelligent. They have a strong and affectionate bond with their owners. They will not feel safe without their owner. Give them enough of your time and play with them. This will cheer them up because they love to play with their family members. Keep them on a healthy and proper diet. 

Coton Mi-ki dog Health

Coton Mi-Ki is a healthy dog. Both of their parents are hypoallergenic and they do not have serious health issues. The major health concerns are Patellar Luxation, patellar luxation, and Progressive retinal atrophy. Obesity is also a health concern with this cotton candy. So make sure you take your little buddy to the vet often for checkups. 

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