Cotonese Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Cotonese is kindhearted, energetic, and loving. They adopt these admirable traits from their parents which are both highly-prized dogs. This is a mixed breed that results from a cross between the Maltese and the Coton de Tulear. And as a result, we have one of the most appreciated designer breeds in the world.

Their caring, affectionate, and loving nature makes them fun to be around. They are also alert and start barking at the first sign of spotting an intruder. So keeping them as watchdogs is a good option. Due to their small sizes, they adapt well to apartment life. These dogs have a really appealing look with white, curly, and dense coats, which gives them a royal aura.

Cotonese Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCotonese History

As a new designer breed, these dogs don’t have an extensive history, and there isn’t much we know about them. But we can look at their parent’s history to get to know them a little better.

Coton de Tulear has its origins in the Tulear region of Madagascar. In the beginning, they were used as ratters on ships by the sailors. They were also used as companion dogs due to their great loyalty and ability to stick around with you no matter where you went.

The Maltese have their origins in Malta, where the breed first appeared. During their rise, they were believed to have healing powers. People started to make them spend time with the sick people believing that they would heal faster.

Cotonese Characteristics

With their doll-like, mesmerizing and angelic looks, these tiny furballs turn heads here and there. But not all Cortonese look alike, even within the same litter. But generally, they have fairly dense coats with long and curly hair on their tiny bodies. Unlike other dogs, there aren’t many options to choose from when it comes to their coat color.

Usually, they are fully white, but some may have a more creamy color. Their deep dark eyes and a small black nose on a short muzzle are prominent in the pool of white. Their bodies are small, compact, and petite. But the puffy coat gives them a teddy-bear-like look.

How Big do Cotonese Get

Cotonese is a small-sized companion dog that can fit almost anywhere. They have an average height of 8 – 12 inches and an average weight of 6 – 15lbs for both males and females.

How Long Does Cotonese Live

As small canines, which have a longer life span than the larger ones, the Cotonese enjoy a long and prosperous life. On average, they live between 13 – 15 years. You may increase their life spans by taking good care of them and looking out for the possible symptoms of health problems that may appear.

How Much Does a Cotonese Cost

This designer breed is not so easy to acquire, and you may have to do some digging before you can get your hands on one. On average, their price ranges between $500 and $800. Other charges may include health insurance, grooming tools, and accessories like dog collarsleashes, and toys.

Cotonese Temperament/Personality

Cotonese is amicable, mindful, and pleasing. They do really well with other pets and kids. Be that as it may, this requires early socialization, or, more than likely, they will unleash destruction. They love to invest energy in their human family with which they form tight bonds. The main thing for these cheerful little canines is to satisfy their owner. So if you need a companion close by at all times that you can depend on, we recommend you get a Cotonese.

Caring for Cotonese

Cotonese requires moderate levels of care. Grooming them is essential to keep them looking spic and span. Meeting their daily nutritional and activity requirements will ensure that they live a long and healthy life. Keep on reading to find out all you need to know about this.

Cotonese Nutrition

Giving your dog a well-balanced diet appropriate to their daily energy requirements is important. The Cotonese have a small size, but their high energies mean they need more fuel to survive. On average, they do well on 3 cups of High-quality dog food per day.

How to Groom a Cotonese

Grooming your Cotonese comes down to which parent breed dominates because their coats vary according to this. They usually don’t shed that much, but this can vary according to their health status. But their fluffy, dense, and curly coat can mat quite easily. So it is advisable to brush them 2 – 3 times daily to prevent these mats from forming.

Ensure that you use a good quality brush, preferably with metallic bristles. Cleaning their ears with a professional ear cleaner and clipping their nails with a high-quality nail clipper should be incorporated into their weekly grooming routine as well.  

Cotonese Activity Levels

Cotonese is alert, active, and hyper. On average, they need at least 60 minutes of activity daily. This averages to 7 miles of walking per week. You can also play different games with them to keep their minds engaged while they get their activity requirements met.

Caring for Cotonese

As an affectionate and attention-seeking dog, the Cotonese requires constant stimulation. They are also intelligent, which makes them prone to boredom. So it is your responsibility to spend enough time with them so that they don’t get lonely. Their high energy and alert nature can make them anxious and agitated, especially if they don’t get a good deal of exercise daily.

Cotonese Health

Cotonese is a healthy little fella. However, there is a chance that this dog may inherit its fair share of illness from its parent. These illnesses include Hydrocephalus, Cerebellar Abiotrophy, Portosystemic Shunt Shaker Dog Syndrome, Cryptorchidism, and Patent Ductus Arteriosus. So make sure that you take your tiny best friend to the vet often.

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