Crested Havanese Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Crested Havanese is one of those breeds that can spread joy by just existing. It’s a literal heartthrob with its round eyes and floppy little ears. If you desire a companion that can light your day up, then this is the guy for you. It has a limitless store of love to distribute throughout the house, just like the Havanese.

If you want to know whether this is the best breed for you, then read on. Understand the beauty of this breed. Understand its traits and character. Then you should be able to decide for yourself.

Crested Havanese History

Crested Havanese Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Crested Havanese is a cutie hybrid that has a murky history. By murky, we mean that it has a cloudy and short history. To understand the breed, we will look and analyze the histories of the parents. The first parent is the royal Havanese. The Havanese is a revered dog in Cuba. According to certain experts, the breed was brought to Cube from the Mediterranean. The breed became a symbol for the Elite classes of Cuba. The breed was transported to Europe in the 18th Century, where it became even more popular. The AKC accepted the Havanese into its roster in 1996.

The Chinese Crested is the next parent of the Crested Havanese. It has a slightly undocumented history. You may be thinking from its name that it is a Chinese breed. In reality, this breed is thought to be related to the Assyrian Sand Terrier or the Xoloitzcuintli. The breeds mentioned were from Mexico and Africa. The Chinese Crested is thought to have been brought to China through trade. Here it became widely popular with Merchants and Sailors. The AKC accepted the breed in 1991.

Crested Havanese Characteristics

The physical appearance of the Crested Havanese will resemble the Chinese Crested highly. The facial features will have the same distinction as the Chinese Crested face. The trademark crest will also be visible. It has round eyes, with a slightly baggy appearance. The coat of the Crested Havanese will vary between long to semi-long in length. Its coat density will vary around the body. The coat colors will usually be Tan, Blue, White, Black, Brown, Red, and Chocolate, along with various other colors.

How Big do Crested Havanese Get

The Crested Havanese ranks as one of the smallest breeds. Its proportions substantiate that claim greatly. The potential heights range between 10 and 12 inches. The possible weight consequently ranges between 6 and 13 lbs.

How Long Does Crested Havanese Live

The Crested Havanese is an interesting breed. Despite its hybrid nature, it lives a relatively long life. The average figure for its life lies between 13 and 17 years. Its potential lifespan will change highly based on the medical care it receives coupled with the diet and exercise routines.

How Much Does a Crested Havanese Cost

The Crested Havanese is a designer breed with a cuteness factor of one thousand. Its price will vary anywhere between 800 and 1500 dollars. The healthier the puppy is, the greater its price will be. The initial costs may add up due to medical procedures like de-worming etc.

Crested Havanese Temperament/Personality

The Crested Havanese is harmless. It will love getting introduced to new humans. The people inside the house will mean the world to the Crested Havanese. Young children won’t be at any risk from this breed. Because it doesn’t bite, you should feel even safer. Other pets will get along with the Crested Havanese if early socialization is adopted.

Training it is easy enough. The reason for that is the Crested Havanese’s lovely nature. It loves attention and the owner’s affection. If you praise it during training, then you can expect it to learn in the blink of an eye. You may take help form a Dog Training Book. It make your training journey easier. The Crested Havanese will shower you with its love, and it will expect the same in return.

Caring for Crested Havanese

The cute little breed that resembles the average mouse very closely will require your assistance to remain healthy. We have collected some information on its needs to help you in that venture.

Crested Havanese Nutrition

The Crested Havanese is ranked as a small breed. Consequently it will require nutrition accordingly in the form of Food for Small Dogs. To be specific the avergae volume of the food should be around one cup. Giving it more than the required amount will lead to a lot of weight gain.

How to Groom a Crested Havanese

We have good news and slightly bad news. The good news is that people with allergies can keep the Crested Havanese. The bad news is that it requires daily grooming sessions. Its long coat tends to tangle up and become matted. To keep that from happening, you should brush its coat with a Pin-Type Dog Brush. Use a Dog Shampoo for bathing it every month or every two months. Trimming its nails also takes priority because you don’t want paw infections from nail tears. Finally, you should arrange for brushing its teeth three times per week.

Crested Havanese Activity Levels

The Crested Havanese can be a feisty little fellow. It will require at least 40 to 50 minutes of daily exercise if you want it to remain happy. Giving both mental and physical challenges is the ideal approach to tiring it out.

Caring for Crested Havanese

Apart from the usual care routines, you will have to take care of some additional things. The first thing is ensuring it remains sheltered from extreme weather. The second is reducing separation anxieties. To address this issue, you may use a Dog Crate as a safe spot for it. Finally, keeping its ears clean. Ears are potential breeding grounds for bacteria and infections. Keep them clean to keep your boy/girl safe.

Crested Havanese Health

The Crested Havanese is a small hybrid breed. This would normally spell out trouble, but fortunately, the Crested Havanese remains comparatively healthy. Its small size and unique bone structure do give it some Skeletal Problems. The other important thing you have to look out for is Eye conditions. It may be diagnosed with Patellar Luxation, PRA, or Lens Luxation in highly unlikely cases.

If not addressed on a timely basis, these problems have the potential to become truly problematic. To keep them in order and check, ensure weekly/monthly examinations. You should also consult your vet for the right approach to its diet and exercise. If you can take care of these problems, then we can guarantee its health. Good health is more about prevention than anything else.

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