Crested Malt Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

What defines the beauty of any breed? Is it a beautiful physicality or a good personality? Either way, when it comes to Crested Malt, it has both. The perfect combination of sass, love, humor, and playfulness has created the lovable personality of the Crested Malt. The Crested Malt may just be what you need to comprehend the beauty of life, but we can’t just make that decision for you. Instead, we have collected essential information about it to help you determine whether it really is the one for you or not.

Crested Malt History

Crested Malt Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Crested Malt, like most of the other hybrids, has a non-existent history. By a rough estimation, experts believe that the breed came about in the 1990s. Thus to understand it in detail, we will have to rely on the history of its parents. The first parent breed is the Maltese. This breed stems from the area of Malta. The history of this breed dates back to the 5th Century. The Havanese became highly demanded in Malta, especially by the Noble class. The AKC registered the breed in 1888.

The Chinese crested is the other parent, with a unique history. Despite the name, this breed was not birthed in China. The actual birth of this place was either in Mexico or Africa. The Chinese Crested is thought to be a relative of the Assyrian Sand Terrier or the Xoloitzcuintli. Both of these were small dogs centered on their respective areas. The Chinese Crested, on the other hand, was widely used as an exterminator of small pests. The AKC accepted the breed in 1991.

Crested Malt Characteristics

Being a toy breed with two slightly diverse parents means a unique physical appearance. The coat of this breed will be a mix of both parents’ coats. The length of the coat will vary between long to medium. Its texture will be smooth and silky. The color variations for the coat include Cream, White, Apricot, Blue, Chocolate, Blue, Palomino, and Slate. The general shape of the body will be small and slightly bony.

How Big do Crested Malt Get

On average, the Crested Malt is a small breed. The proportions documented for this breed support this fact well. The average height range for this breed is 10 to 12 inches. The corresponding weight range is a small 5 to 10 lbs.

How Long Does Crested Malt Live

The fluffy, huggable little Crested Malt will, unfortunately, live a comparatively short life. The average lifespan of this breed is about 10 to 13 years. Yet, with the right diet and medical care, you could help it push beyond that limit. In the end, it’s the effort and love that make a difference.

How Much Does a Crested Malt Cost

The good news is that the Crested Malt is a relatively new breed, and thus it remains a rarity in the market. The bad news is that it’s a designer breed with expensive parent breeds. The average price of the Crested Malt will be anything above 400 dollars. The healthier the puppy is, the more it will cost you.

Crested Malt Temperament/Personality

The Crested Malt has an eccentric and cheery personality. It has charisma and friendliness. In short, it makes friends very quickly. Both humans and other pets will be happy with this breed. It will know how to act around children and adults. Socialization requirements are truly minimal for this breed.

Training it is even easier. Why? It’s a people-oriented breed. It thrives on attention. To keep people’s attention, it follows orders diligently. With the help of a Dog Training Book, you’ll have it learn new tricks in no time at all. The Crested Malt is a lovely breed that can’t harm anyone.

Caring for Crested Malt

The Crested Malt is a small and unique breed with cuteness that knows no bounds. Yet, this also means that it will require extra care with regards to its health.

Crested Malt Nutrition

The Crested Malt will require a healthy dose of Food for Small Dogs. The volume of the food that it should get is one cup per day. You will have to keep a close eye on its food. Otherwise, it may gain weight quickly.

How to Groom a Crested Malt

We have nothing but good news for you. The Crested Malt is a hypoallergenic breed. In simple terms, it means that you won’t have to worry about any allergies being triggered. It doesn’t shed much either. At most, you will need to brush its coat two times per week. Ensure the use of a special Dog Brush to keep its coat healthy. Bathe it only when you feel an odor coming from it. Finally, trim its nails and brush its teeth. Use Toothpaste for Dogs to give it the best brushing experience.

Crested Malt Activity Levels

The Crested Malt isn’t an excessively active breed. Yes, it has its bursts of energy, but it is perfectly chill apart from those. Generally, mild walks and smooth exercises should be enough to keep it healthy and sane. If the Crested Malt gets a choice between snuggling and exercising, it will choose to snuggle every time.

Caring for Crested Malt

Certain things will need to be taken care of to keep the Crested Malt happy. The first thing is taking care of its ears. Clean them as often as you can. Apart from that, separation anxiety can be a major problem. Look for Dog Beds to keep it inside the house. Finally, do not under give it intensive exercises, especially in extreme weather.

Crested Malt Health

The hybrid nature of the Crested Malt makes it vulnerable to a whole lot of diseases. The main diseases you should be looking out for include Eye Problems, Entropion, Hypoglycemia, Patellar Luxation, Distichiasis, Hydrocephalus, PRA, Lens Luxation, and Open Fontanel. The majority of these conditions will not affect it necessarily. Yet with the onset of age, it will most likely be attacked by one or two conditions.

To keep it healthy and happy, ensure the use of a healthy dietary plan. The exercise that it gets will also change the strength of its health significantly. To get the best idea of what you should be doing, take advice from your vet. A diet planned by your vet will help its health considerably. Apart from this, ensure frequent check-ups and examinations.

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