Crestoxie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Crestoxie is a heart warmer. It will love you more than the size of its little body. Its proof of quality is its lineage. The Chinese Crested and the Dachshund are the parent breeds. Its unique appearance and amazing may not appeal to everyone, but again “Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder.”

The Crestoxie is perfect for small houses and individuals. To understand whether this breed is compatible with you, read on. Maybe you will fall into its unique charm and love it like us.

Crestoxie History

Crestoxie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Crestoxie is a hybrid breed with two very diverse parent breeds. It doesn’t have a long detailed history, which is why we must rely on the history of its parents to get an idea of what the Crestoxie will be like. The Chinese Crested is a breed thought to have been bred in either Brazil or Africa. Through trade, it was brought to China, where it gained considerable fame during the 13th Century. It mainly acted as a companion to Sailors and Merchants. The AKC accepted it in 1996.

The Dachshund is thought to be a breed that originated from Germany. The actual history of the breed remains unknown. Rough estimates placed its birth in the 16th Century. The primary purpose of the Dachshund was hunting burrowing animals. The badger was its primary foe and prey. The breed was remarkably well suited for traversing through tight spots and tunnels. The AKC accepted this breed in 1885.

Crestoxie Characteristics

The defining features of this breed will change according to the dominant genes. Normally the shape of the body will resemble Dachshund slightly more. It will have a lean and slightly muscular body. The legs of the breed will be short and stout. It will have a coat that may vary between being non-existent and fully covered. The breed will have a long muzzle and round, expressive eyes.

How Big do Crestoxie Get

The Crestoxie is a small breed with an average height range of 10 to 12 inches for both genders. The average weight range makes it as light as a feather when compared to other dogs. The weight range is 14 to 22 lbs. 

How Long Does Crestoxie Live

The Crestoxie will have a normal lifespan of 12 to 14 years. If you give it healthy food and diligent exercise routines, it will probably live beyond the normal age.

How Much Does a Crestoxie Cost

The Crestoxie isn’t recognized much around the world. Its parent breeds also don’t cost much. This plays in your favor by decreasing the average price for a Crestoxie puppy. Normally expect to pay anything more than 300 dollars and less than 700 dollars.

Crestoxie Temperament/Personality

Threatening is the last word that should come to your mind in the Crestoxie’s case. The Crestoxie will be friendly and doting on every member of the family. It will behave around children too. Small children tend to get a bit rough with pets and toys. Thus we recommend supervising interactions with small dogs. It tends to bite playfully too, which may unintentionally harm children.

Training it will be hard or easy, depending on your approach. If you follow the same routine every day, then it will feel bored. It needs a little spice in its life. A bit of change and shuffling of the routine will go a long way.

Caring for Crestoxie

Every small breed and small little pet requires care and love; similarly, the Crestoxie requires a thorough care routine sprinkled with love. To help you in this venture, we have compiled some essential instructions for its care below. 

Crestoxie Nutrition

The Crestoxie is a small breed and thus requires Food for Small Dogs. The best food will be Merrick Dog Food etc. You should give it approximately one cup of healthy food. The tastier the food is, the better it will be for your buddy.

How to Groom a Crestoxie

The Crestoxie will require grooming based on its inherent genes. Normally it will have a lot of bald spots and hairless areas. This hairlessness will make things very easy for you. First of all, you can say bye-bye to frequent brushing sessions. There is nothing to brush. You will be required to spend more time bathing it. Its skin is sensitive, so please use a good Dog Shampoo. Use a Nail Trimmer for Dogs to keep its nails short. Brush its teeth as frequently as you can. If your breed is a fully coated variety, then rely more on brushing its coat than bathing it. The rest of the routine will remain the same.

Crestoxie Activity Levels

The Crestoxie isn’t a very active breed. According to some instances, you may even call it laid back. Normally it will need between 20 to 40 minutes of daily exercise. You are advised to take it to your local park. There it will get a good breather as well as socialization opportunities.

Caring for Crestoxie

The Crestoxie doesn’t demand much. The additional care requirements include some minor details that will make its life easier. You will have to look after its skin, first of all. It has sensitive skin, which can get sunburns in a flash. You can’t leave it to its own devices for more than a few hours. Separation anxiety makes this an ill-match as an outdoor inhabitant. It would be best to look for a comfortable Dog Bed to keep it safe inside the house. Overall it’s one of the best breeds for families.

Crestoxie Health

You will have to remain cautious about the health of your buddy. Its small size and hybrid nature spell out bad news in bold letters. The main conditions that may attack it successfully are Intervertebral Disc Disease, Allergies, Eye Problems, Acanthosis Nigricans, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Yes, these conditions are troublesome. All of the above conditions will most likely attack with impending age.

You are also advised to look out for Deafness. The best thing to do is to make sure that it remains healthy and immune. How? You take it to the vets often. Give it full body check-ups, including Blood Counts. These tests will help in identifying any deficiencies. After identification, you can eliminate all of those deficiencies on time. Thus it will eliminate the chances of it contracting the conditions mentioned above.

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