Cursinu Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Cursinu is an ancient breed with a modern lovable charm. The only difference between this breed and the mighty Brutus from ancient Rome is its loyalty and handsomeness.  The Cursinu has a physical appearance that exhumes health and power. One look at its square jaws and the first thing that comes to mind is “WOW.” How can something look so strong yet be so peaceful?

We know that simple descriptions will not satisfy your requirements. For that specific reason, we have collected vital information to help you understand this breed better.

Cursinu History

Cursinu Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Cursinu is a pure breed with a truly astounding history. The breed is comparatively modern when compared to other breeds of its caliber. The birth of this breed is tied to the Island of Corsica. Its birth is thought to have taken someplace around the 16th Century. The breed enjoyed pure blood and considerable demand over the years. Its demand slumped when imports of other dog breeds increased on the Island.

The numbers of the Cursinu declined sharply till 1988. People decided to save the breed, and a protective society for the Cursinu was formed. The Corsican Dog Protection society was the first to save this breed. They set the standards for this breed and gave it the recognition that it deserved. The FKC accepted the Cursinu in 2003.

Cursinu Characteristics

The Cursinu is a strong and sturdy breed. Its proportions have evolved and developed to give it supreme agility. The Cursinu usually has a smooth coat, which remains straight. The Cursinu’s coat comes in Tan, Fawn, Brown, or Black primarily. The markings on its body will change according to the base color of its coat. They will have deep oval-shaped eyes and high-set ears. The ears are usually triangular in shape and drop down to the sides.

How Big do Cursinu Get

The Cursinu is a medium-sized breed at best. The height range for the Cursinu is 18 to 23 inches. Consequently, the Cursinu will have a normal weight range of 33 to 44 lbs. Yes, we know it has lean muscles. Its proportions are perfect for its agility requiring job.

How Long Does Cursinu Live

The Cursinu is one of the healthiest breeds. It will usually live a long and healthy life of 12 to 14 years. If you want it to push past the maximum, then keep an eye on its health. Give it good medical attention and a proper delicious dietary routine.

How Much Does a Cursinu Cost

The Cursinu remains unrecognized beyond the Island of Corsica. This lack of recognition is one of the main reasons why there are no fixed prices for this breed. You probably won’t even find a breeder with a Cursinu puppy. If you do, then the price may vary between a few hundred to a few thousand.

Cursinu Temperament/Personality

The Cursinu is a diverse breed, which can fulfill both of its roles efficiently. Inside the house, it will remain peaceful with every member of the family. Adults of the family won’t have any problems with this breed. Children will have to be taught how to handle the Cursinu properly. We recommend supervising sessions with children because it may unintentionally hurt them. With the right socialization, the Cursinu can coexist with other small-sized breeds.

Training it will commonly be problematic for first-timers. The breed has this tendency to remain independent, which makes training it hard. If you know how to keep it interested, then you will find this breed brilliant. Its wariness around strangers makes it a suitable choice for a Guard-Dog.

Caring for Cursinu

The Cursinu may look independent and strong, but please look after it. Honestly, it won’t get anywhere without your care, which is why we want you to pay attention to the next portion.

Cursinu Nutrition

The Cursinu is a medium-sized breed and requires energy accordingly. The daily requirement for its diet is at least two cups of healthy Dog Food. You may use Wellness Dog Food or Purina Dog Food to give its taste buds an unforgettable experience.

How to Groom a Cursinu

The Cursinu will require weekly brushing sessions with a Slicker-Type Dog Brush. The sessions will usually be short because it doesn’t shed much. Bathing this breed won’t be a problem. Typically it requires a bath only a few times per year. Frequent bathing will flush all of the natural nutrients and oils from its skins. Thus use a Dog Shampoo during its baths. It would be best if you brush its teeth consistently from a young age. Trim its nails every two or three weeks to prevent paw infections by tears.

Cursinu Activity Levels

The Cursinu is one of those breeds that can’t stay in one place. Yes, it won’t run around inside the house because it doesn’t want to get into trouble. Outside the house is a whole other matter. It will whizz off like a rocket the moment it steps outside. Considering its activity requirements, we believe giving it requires at least 70 minutes per day. Keep it both mentally and physically engaged to keep it interested.

Caring for Cursinu

The Cursinu is one of the least demanding breeds. This manageability can be attributed to its nature. You should remain cautious about some other things. The first and foremost thing is keeping it close. The Cursinu will not tolerate long durations of separation. If you have more than one person living beside you in the house, then you don’t have to worry. Otherwise, look for a suitable solution. Cleaning its ears is a necessity that must not be forgotten.

Cursinu Health

The Cursinu is immune to most conditions. Over the years, its immune system has developed to such an extent that nothing poses a threat to it. In its case, there is nothing that we can recommend. It would be best if you took it to the vet’s office once in a while. Please give it a few tests to remain on the safe side. If it does contract some condition, then with a few days of rest and medication, it should be back to perfect health.

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