Dalmador Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Dalmador is a hybrid dog breed resulting from mixing two popular, purebred dogs: the Labrador retriever and the Dalmatian. The physical traits in the resulting breed may differ depending on the dominant parent breed. These dogs are quite friendly and have lovely nature. This breed is medium to large-sized with a beautiful and attractive personality. 

The Dalmador is an affectionate, loving, and caring dog. They are great with small animals and kids, but supervision is recommended when they are around small children. They are welcoming and act calmly around strangers, so they are not good guard dogs. 

Dalmador History

Dalmador Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDalmadors’ origins are not clear, and their history is not well-documented, so let’s look at the history of their parent breeds to get an idea. The Dalmatians are believed to be known since Roman times when they traveled with Roman people to Croatia ad got their name from the city: Dalmatia. This dog was used for several purposes: guarding, hunting, retrieving, and companion dogs. This breed is not recognized by AKC (American kennel club) yet. 

The Labrador retriever has its origins in Newfoundland. They are known since the 1700s, and fishers used this breed for retrieving. Later on, they were brought to England, and they became famous for hunting dogs. People started using them in hunting sports. This breed was on the verge of extinction after the end of WW I. After some time, they gain their name as the most popular known dog breed. The AKC (American kennel club) registered this breed in 1917.

Dalmador Characteristics

Dalmadors are medium to large-sized canines inheriting physical traits from both of their parents. They are likely to have famous Dalmatian spots on their body. They have short to medium-long coat that is dense and smooth like Labrador retriever. The most common coat colors are white with black patches or spots, black with white patches, and brown. This breed has a muscular body, with a long muzzle and black nose at the end of it. Their eyes are brown colored, and their ears are floppy, which gives them an intelligent-looking expression.   

How Big do Dalmador Get

Dalmadors are hybrid of two medium-sized canines, so they are likely to inherit their parents’ physical traits. The males can be anywhere between 20 – 24 inches, and they can weigh around 54 – 80 pounds, while the females’ height can vary between 19 – 23 inches, and their weight can be anywhere around 48 – 74 pounds. 

How Long Does Dalmador Live

This canine lives a longer life than most of the dogs in this category. Dalmador can live anywhere between 10 to 14 years. Proper care and a good diet would ensure a longer life. 

How Much Does a Dalmador Cost

Dalmadors are hybrid of two popular breeds so that it would cost you more than other dogs in this category. On average, they would cost you around $800 to $1500. Some other factors that affect the price of a pup are parents’ healthcare assurance and confirmation of the lineage of the pup. If a DNA test of the dog is given, then expect to pay a little more than average. 

Dalmador Temperament/Personality

The Dalmador is a friendly, gentle, and lovable dog. Being a mix of two different dogs, their personality may vary in every individual. They are likely to inherit the sensitive side of Dalmatian and social side of Labrador retriever. This resulting breed is easy to train due to its sensitive and fast-learning nature. Positive feedback and their favorite treat would help to train them more easily. 

The Dalmador is easy-going and intelligent, and they are great with other dogs and small animals. Due to their sensitive and lovable nature, they do not make good watchdogs. This breed is also good with small kids and strangers, but it is recommended to supervise them when playing with children. If you want a loyal and affectionate companion, this dog is for you. 

Caring for Dalmador Dog

Dalmador dog is a friendly and playful hybrid dog. They love to spend time with their loved ones, so spend enough time to keep them fresh and bright. Ensure a good diet and proper care to enhance your pups’ life. Keep on reading to find out more about your pup. 

Dalmador Nutrition

Being medium to large-sized and muscular canine, they need good food to maintain their energy. 3 to 4 cups of top-notch food would be enough to fulfill their daily nutritional requirement. Split their meal into three or more and serve them throughout the day. Make sure to feed them high-quality organic food.                           

How to Groom a Dalmador

Dalmador would require your attention and care when it comes to their grooming. They shed enormously, so brush them daily with special dogs’ brush and wipe their coat with shedding gloves to remove loose hair. Bathe them at least once a month to remove the dog odor and loose hair. Make sure to use special dogs’ shampoo to prevent their skin from drying out. Clean their ears with a soft cloth and clip their nails with special dogs’ nail clippers. Brush their teeth once a month with special dogs’ toothpaste to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. 

Dalmador Activity Levels

Dalmador is an alert and active dog. They love several activities including, walking, jogging, running, and a trip to the dog park. They are likely to get bored if they don’t get the right amount of activity which can cause bad behavior. 120 minutes of daily activity is necessary for them to stay fit and healthy. 

Caring for Dalmador

Dalmadors are quite a shedder, so make sure to keep their grooming on point. Don’t leave them alone for long periods and give them enough playtime to stimulate their mind and body. 

Dalmador Health

Dalmador is a quite healthy dog, but they can inherit some diseases from their parent breeds. The major health issues are Hip dysplasia and Autoimmune thyroiditis. Other health issues are patellar luxation and kidney stones. Nothing is more important than your pups’ health, so ensure a monthly visit to its vet for a proper checkup. 

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