Dalmatian Heeler Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Dalmatian Heelers are highly intelligent, active, and cute. These dogs are not purebred, so it is not sure which characteristics they will inherit. They are a cross-breed between Dalmatian and Australian Cattle Dog. Because both parent dogs are alert and hardworking, it is sure that this dog will be highly energetic. 

These medium-sized dogs are faithful, trustable, and jolly. Even though these dogs are family dogs, they can get a little too excited while playing and overthrow little children. Due to their intelligent nature, they can easily learn different tricks, but you have to be a little firm yet kind with them. Believe us, if you are an inexperienced owner, these dogs are not for you. 

Dalmatian Heeler History 

Dalmatian Heeler Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowUnderstanding the history of Dalmatian Heelers is easy if we look at the history of its parents, Australian Cattle Dog and Dalmatian. Australian Cattle dogs were developed around the 1800s. This dog is a cross between Dalmatian and Dingo-blue Merle Collies and black and tan Kelpies. As a result, settlers got a strong dog. AKC finally recognized this breed in 1980. 

On the other hand, Dalmatian dog’s history was a real mystery. There were many stories about its origin. Some claim this dog is a pointer, while others say it is a Croatian Breed. But in 1003, this breed was finally recognized. In the 1800s, this dog used to run alongside horses while clearing the road to protect the carriage and the horses. 

Dalmatian Heeler Characteristics  

You can never be sure about the characteristics of a hybrid dog because they can inherit some characteristics from one parent while some from other. As Australian cattle dogs are well muscled, the Dalmatians are tall, strong, and, athletic. Dalmatian Heeler could have both of parent’s characteristics or just ones. 

They have a deep chest and straight tail. With large pairs of ears, these dogs have slightly round heads. Their eyes are also round and can have a brown, blue color. Their front legs are straight and stronger as compared to the back ones. Their coat makes them very attractive. Being mixed dogs, they can have a variety of coats with different colors and patterns. 

How Big do Dalmatian Heeler Get 

Dalmatian Heeler is a medium-sized dog with an athletic body. A male Dalmatian can get from 19 to 24 inches high and weigh about 38 to 60 lbs. In comparison, a female has an average height of 17 to 22 inches and weighs about 35-55 lbs.  

How Long Does Dalmatian Heeler Live 

No one wants to lose a friend, and a dog is the most loyal friend anyone can get. Most of the time, a small size dog lives longer than a big one. But A Dalmatian Heeler has quite an amazing lifespan. They can live up to 13 –16 years. If treated well, they may be able to live longer than that. 

How much does a Dalmatian Heeler cost 

Both parent dogs of Dalmatian Heeler are not that expensive, which  this dog is not that expensive. But on average, Dalmatian Heeler can cost between $300 and $700. The price of this beautiful dog depends upon the breeder’s reputation. You should also keep in mind the additional costs of accessories like Chew toys, dog houses, and dog beds.

Dalmatian Heeler Temperament/Personality 

Dalmatian Heeler is a very high-spirited dog. They don’t like sitting at home, doing nothing. If they don’t get enough exercise to reduce boredom, they can get very upset and start digging big holes in your garden. They will be excellent in the obedience ring. Like Dalmatians, these dogs also require a kind yet firm leadership. 

Outing and exercise are must for this breed. They are very friendly dogs; they like to meet new people and dogs. To herd people, they may nip at their heels. Country life is best for these dogs, but if you give them enough exercise, you can also keep them in a town. Their loyalty and active nature make them perfect family dogs. 

Caring for Dalmatian Heeler  

These dogs don’t need much care. But to increase their lifespan, you should give them proper nutrition. As though they don’t require much grooming, you should still wash them once or twice a month. Other than that, proper activities and exercise are necessary for this breed. Keep reading to know everything you need to know to keep this dog healthy and happy. 

Dalmatian Heeler Nutrition 

Due to their medium size and energetic nature, these dogs require more food to restore their energy. Three cups of high-quality dog food per day should be enough for them. Please don’t give them whole food at once; try to divide their meal into three equal diets to keep metabolism running. 

How to Groom a Dalmatian Heeler  

Grooming a Dalmatian Heeler doesn’t require much effort. Brushing them once or twice per week will be enough to clean its lightweight coats. The use of essential oils for these dogs could be quite handy. You will need to clean his large ears once a week to keep him safe from any disease. Chipping his nail will be a challenge for you because he is very energetic. 

Dalmatian Heeler Activity Levels 

Because of their highly energetic parents, these dogs have a great amount of stamina. They enjoy exercises, believe us you will get tired but they won’t. If you like jogging and long walks, these dogs could become your partners. They are very intelligent too; they will like a little challenge like doing puzzles or obstacle course training. 

Caring for Dalmatian Heeler  

As friendly dogs, you don’t have to do much effort to deal with them. But they are very active and fast. So, keeping a firm attitude with Dalmatian Heeler will be great. While on a walk, make sure to keep them on a leash; otherwise, they will run off  in less than a minute. After that, forget about catching them. 

Dalmatian Heeler Health 

Thanks to healthy parents, Dalmatian Heeler dogs are very healthy. But still, they can inherit some diseases from ita parent breeds. These disease could be skin allergies, hip dysplasia, deafness, and urinary stones. 

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