Dalmatian Springer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Dalmatian Springer is a hybrid mix of two outstanding breeds: the English Springer spaniel and the Dalmatian. This resulting breed is energetic, loving, and very playful. They are great with children and other pets. This pup is suitable for apartment living along with daily playtime. 

Dalmatian springer is a family-friendly dog who loves to spend time with family members. They are medium-sized dogs who inherit the best qualities from their parents, like hunting from the English springer and coat from the Dalmatian. Their coat colors are likely to be blue, black, and white.   

Dalmatian Springer History

Dalmatian Springer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDalmatian Springer is a modern designer breed dog; their origins are not clear, and they do not have well-known history. Let’s look at the parent breeds’ background to understand more about this lovely breed. 

The English springer spaniel has been known since the 16th century. The hunters used them to retrieve small animals and birds. This breed was brought to America by Canadians. These dogs are still believed to be the partners of hunters. The dalmatians were used as carriage and guard dogs by the people of Dalmatia. Later on, they were being used as performers in local circus and retrievers during the hunt.  

Dalmatian Springer Characteristics

The Dalmatian Springer is a mix of two beautiful dog breeds: the English springer and the Dalmatian. Their coat is sleek, soft, and silky, which can be wavy or flat. The common coat color of this dog is white and black, which is similar to Dalmatians’ coat. If they have a springer-like coat, then it will be thick and dense.  

Dalmatian springer is a medium to large-sized dog. They would have round, brown eyes, and their ears can be erect and small or floppy and long. Mostly, they have long ears. This pup’s tail is bent over its body, and it would be erect if it is overwhelmed or excited. 

How Big Dalmatian Springer Get. 

As most Hybrid dogs, Dalmatian springer is not consistent when it comes to their physical traits. On average, the males’ height can be anywhere between18 – 22 inches, and they weigh around 50 – 55 pounds, while the females have an average height of 16 – 20 inches, and their weight can be anywhere between 40 – 45 pounds. 

How Long Does Dalmatian Springer Live

Dalmatian springer lives longer than most of the dogs in this category, and they can live around 9 – 16 years. Providing the proper diet and keeping their health under check would help them live a healthy and happy life. 

How Much Does a Dalmatian Springer Cost

Being a cross of two adorable purebreds, Dalmatian springer may cost more than your expectation. Their price can vary between $700 to $1200 depending upon the parent’s health care and confirmation of lineage.  

Dalmatian Springer Temperament/Personality

Dalmatian springer is an affectionate, friendly, and caring dog. They love to please their owner. This breed has this eagerness to explore, so it will be easy to train them. Their high intelligence and quick-learning ability help them to adopt things quickly. 

It is recommended to not leave them alone for a long time, as they may get hyperactive and develop destructive behaviors. As a hybrid of one stubborn and another docile breed, they require an adequate amount of your attention to stay active and happy. This pup is suitable for the huge family, as they need constant attention to please themselves.  

Caring for Dalmatian springer

Dalmatian springers are energetic, alert, and active canines. They need a high amount of care and attention. They are prone to allergies, so keep their health under check. Proper diet and grooming are essential for your champ to keep it looking clean and fresh. Continue to read to find out more about your dog.  

Dalmatian Springer Nutrition

Dalmatian springer is a hyperactive and energetic dog. They require a good amount of food to maintain energy and good health. 3 cups of top-notch food would be necessary for a day. The food can cost you around $34 to $45. it is recommended to add vegetables and meat in their daily meal. You can break down this into three or more and feed them according to their need. 

How to Groom a Dalmatian springer

Dalmatian is a low-maintenance dog. They may have a waterproof and weatherproof coat that can be wavy or straight. Their shedding level is high, so daily brushing of their coat is not necessary. However, brush them twice a week using a special dog brush to avoid tangling and matting. If your pup has long ears, clean them at least once a week to prevent infection. Clip their nails using a special nail clipper for the dog when needed. Bathe them only when they need it and use shampoo specially made for dogs to prevent their skin from drying out. Don’t forget to brush their teeth at least twice a week using special toothpaste made for dogs.   

Dalmatian Springer Activity Levels

Daily exercise is essential for your pup to prevent destructive and devastating behavior. They require at least 90 minutes of daily activity to stay in their best shape. It is best to have a fenced yard and let them play freely for a couple of hours. They enjoy jogging, walking, and playing in a dog park. Do not unleash them in the dog park, as they may try to hunt birds and other small animals.  

Caring for Dalmatian Springer

If your Dalmatian Springer has long ears, check them for infections and make sure to clean them daily. Don’t leave them alone around children and other small dogs. They are highly energetic dogs, do keep the water bottle for your dog during playtime to keep them hydrated. 

Dalmatian Springer Health

As hybrid dogs, they may inherit some of the diseases from their parents. Major health issues include Hip Dysplasia, Deficiency, Entropion, Progressive retinal atrophy, and Phosphofructokinase (PKF). It is recommended to contact their vet in this regard.

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