12 DIY Dog Ramp Ideas 

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Whether you have small dogs, big dogs, or dogs in their senior years, going over to the closest Home Depot is a great idea for making your own dog ramp. Even if you can find a retail solution that’s ready to use from stores, they can be quite expensive and they may not work exactly as you need them to. Here are a few DIY dog ramp ideas to help your best friend maneuver your home quickly and safely while also saving money compared to commercial dog ramps. 

Why You Need a Dog Ramp 

Unfortunately, our pets don’t live forever, and once you have an aging pet, they may not be able to jump, run, and walk the way they used to. When you see symptoms of aging like yelping, panting, or just being uncomfortable moving around, it may need a little help with maneuvering. The same thing can be applied to dogs with injuries or disabilities — jumping when they’re already struggling to do so can only lead to a more severe injury.  

Making your own DIY dog ramp will also be helpful for large dogs such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, Labradors, Great Danes, and other big breeds with an increased risk for joint problems. If your pup suffers from neurological issues that limit their mobility, such as arthritis, you’ll find that they may not have enough strength on their hind legs to jump. This is another instance when DIY dog ramp plans will come in handy — you might not need to use it every day, but it’s better to have it, rather than risk injury to our dogs.

1. DIY IKEA Ramp

If you have smaller dogs, this is something that’s easy to make and won’t cost you a leg! Made for Otto the Dachshund by his pet parents, this bed ramp uses a simple design that allows this pup to get access to their king-size bed (also from IKEA). If you have a small dog with short legs that loves to jump onto high areas of your home, this is a great project to start.   

This easy IKEA ramp is Dachshund approved and budget-friendly — plus, you can get everything you need for it with just one visit to IKEA. 

Here are the detailed instructions. 

2. Gorgeous Dog Steps

This woodworking project is more elaborate than the one above but it’s not too difficult if you already have experience with building and DIY. Before you get started, you’ll need to take accurate measurements and bring some patience, while taking the effort to turn a few pieces of wood into a masterpiece. You’ll need some plywood, 1×2 cleats, some clamps, and a saw to complete these beautiful pet steps, but you’ll be surprised by how easily all of the parts can come together. 

The whole process takes around 3 hours since you will need to do layout work but at just $28 for all the tools you need to make it, this option is certainly worth all the trouble. 

You’ll find detailed build instructions here.

3. DIY Ramp with Smart Storage

This indoor pet ramp may look really complex with the addition of the multiple storage spaces, but it’s actually easier to build than you think. Using premade wooden crates, you can create a ramp that’s both functional and practical — you can then secure the ramp to the side to make it easier for your pets to reach your bed. Because most commercial dog ramps can be an eyesore and don’t work quite as smoothly as custom solutions would, this simple DIY project will provide you with a piece of furniture that both you and your dog will adore.   

Here are the step-by-step instructions. 

4. Collapsible Dog Ramp

While most ramps are rigid and usually retain a permanent structure, this portable ramp can be folded down and stored under the bed whenever it’s not in use. You can also carry this epic collapsable dog ramp anywhere it’s needed around the home, so you can connect it to the couch for TV time. This project will need a bit of carpentry work, so you will need to have tools such as a circular saw and a jigsaw ready but you’ll surely love the results you get. 

This wooden ramp will take a few hours to build, but it’ll likely be more affordable compared to commercial options. While this DIY project doesn’t come with written instructions, we were able to find an easy-to-follow video tutorial below.  

Check out the YouTube video here.

5. DIY Bed Ramp with Hole 

While this might look similar to many of the other designs in this list, this simple ramp provides your pets with easy access to your bed as well as a hiding spot thanks to the cute doggy entrance at the side of the ramp. The best part about this DIY dog ramp is that the instructable already includes the calculations needed for a gentle slope. It also includes plenty of pictures and detailed instructions on the easiest way to construct a sturdy ramp to keep your dog safe. 

Take note that this ramp has been designed for a senior dog or for a smaller dog to use — cats are welcome too! 

DIY Bed Ramp instructions

6. IKEA Crate Steps 

Dog owners will be thrilled to make these doggy steps which are super easy to make compared to the work-heavy options in this list. All you need to do is to pick up a few things from IKEA and you’re all set; using just four different materials, you’ll come up with great steps for your small dog. This is a project for those with a limited skill level in carpentry, but you will need to use wood glue and a staple gun to finish off this project. 

Creating these steps will take approximately one hour and at under $35, you can be sure that you’ll have beautiful custom steps for your pet and save on costs as well. 

How to build your crate steps

7. Outdoor Dog Ramp

Most ramps are made or built to help dogs get to your bed, but there are also dogs that struggle going up and down stairs. This outdoor ramp is a welcome addition to homes with a large dog who finds it hard to reach the front door. Most giant dog breeds will tend to slow down as they age; the good news is that these can help your dog get around steps or areas with steeper slopes. 

This option can be made to lay against your existing stairs for extra stability so you won’t need to make any changes to your deck. Making this is actually a simple task, and there are already measurements for you to follow, so anyone can make it! 

How to build this ramp here. 

8. Beautiful Custom Ramp

In our search for the best DIY ramp projects, we came across this elegant ramp; while the original source is in Spanish, we are able to give you a translated link below for your reference. If you have a dog suffering from health problems such as hip dysplasia, this would be a good option since the design doesn’t have such a steep slope. As such, this custom ramp gives your dog the ability to reach higher places throughout your home. 

Apart from the bedroom, this option can be used in the living room, hallway, and showroom, and can even have outdoor uses. Equipped with a carpet piece for the surface, this ramp is safe for dogs that want to walk naturally without struggling, pulling, or lifting their legs.    

Custom ramp instructions ( English)

9. Outdoor Carpet Ramp

Originally designed for a Rhodesian mix that underwent ACL surgery, this ramp can take bigger dogs of 80 pounds or higher depending on the tools used. Using scrap wood to construct this dog ramp, you don’t need to spend too much, especially if you already have a few tools at your disposal such as a power saw, tape measure, and a power screwdriver. If your pet doesn’t like getting picked up, this is the perfect solution for them and will allow them to walk on their own once again. 

Compared to commercial options online that were either of poor quality or ugly, this option comes in at less than $40 if you have any wood that can be salvaged.   

DIY Outdoor Carpet Ramp instructions.

10. Adjustable Angle Ramp

This adjustable dog ramp allows you to change the angle of the ramp depending on your dog’s needs and what it needs to reach. Great for small to medium-sized dogs, this adjustable DIY dog ramp uses carpet scraps glued to the surface to efficiently cover sharp edges that could be potentially dangerous around your home. It offers different levels of elevation, from 16 to 30 inches, and because it folds, it can be placed under beds for easy storage. 

So if your fur babies are having trouble getting up the sofa or inside the car, you can quickly whip out this portable ramp — it will be the right size for a lot of different situations. Building it will be moderately difficult and will take half a day to complete and will need a few power tools like a power drill, but the result will be well worth it. 

Make your angle adjustable ramp here. 

11. Repurposed Cabinet Door Ramp

Your old cabinet doors will be put to good use and can be built using simple tools such as duct tape, piano hinge, low pile carpet, and more. It’s also suitable for larger dogs since it uses a solid cabinet door along with some plywood for extra support. When your aging dog reaches the point in its life when it can no longer jump up to your couch or bed, this is a great solution that recycles old items that would otherwise be thrown away.  

Full instructions for cabinet ramp here.

12. Window Perch Steps

For dogs that love to look at squirrels through the magical windows of your house, this DIY solution using nothing but IKEA boxes is a great hack! These dog stairs offer the extra feature of providing storage space apart from giving a platform to watch the environment outside at the end of the ramp. With zero carpentry skills needed, even small dogs can easily climb up without help and you can also put their toys away inside the bins. 

Full IKEA window perch instructions.


If you’ve ever looked through dog ramps at your local hardware store only to walk away empty-handed because of the outrageous prices, then the options above are great solutions. There are plenty of DIY ramp ideas for you to choose from since there are options for different skill levels — some will be a little bit challenging but they will be worth all your time and effort. Luckily, many can be built easily; even complete beginners can get them done since they all come with their own set of instructions.