Do Dogs Get Headaches?

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Do Dogs Get Headaches“Do dogs get headaches?” It might sound like a strange question, but it really is a reasonable question to ask. After all, you’ve probably suffered from quite a few headaches in your lifetime, and you know how debilitating they can be; as such, it only stands to reason that you would want to provide your pup with the proper care that he needs if he is, in fact, experiencing a headache.

Since dogs can’t tell you when they are in pain and because there aren’t any tests available that can determine head pain in canines, nobody really knows if they do, in fact, every experience headaches. However, with that said, it’s safe to assume that yes, they can indeed, develop a headache; after all, dogs have heads and they can experience pain, so it stands to reason that human’s best friend can suffer from headaches.

Signs Your Dog Has a Headache

While it’s a safe bet that dogs do get headachessince dogs aren’t able to come right out and tell you when something is wrong, and they have a tendency to have a high threshold for pain, it’s likely that your fur-baby isn’t going to let you know that something is wrong unless he is extremely uncomfortable.

With that said, there are some signs that you can look for that are likely to be indicative of a headache. These signs include:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Increased sensitivity to sound
  • Abnormal behavior; hiding in a dark area and not wanting to be touched (particularly around the head and neck) when he is usually always with the family and loves getting pets
  • Head and eye rubbing
  • Lethargy
  • Unexplained whining
  • Decreased appetite

These are just some of the signs that may indicate that your furry pal is suffering from a headache.

Causes of Canine Headaches

Since it hasn’t been confirmed with certainty that canines do suffer from headaches, if they do experience head pain, one can only speculate about the causes. It’s likely that the causes of dog headaches are similar to the causes of human headaches, which may include:

  • Allergies
  • High blood pressure
  • Injuries to the head or neck
  • Breathing in noxious fumes
  • Dental health problems
  • A tight fitting collar or pulling on a leash

Treatment for Canine Headaches

It’s also difficult to determine how to treat a dog’s headache, however, some of the following remedies may offer relief:

  • CBD oil for dogs. CBD is known to offer pain relief, so it makes sense that it would alleviate a dog’s headache
  • Dog calming aids. If the cause of a headache is stress or anxiety, calming aids can be helpful
  • Medications for dogs. Speak to your vet first, but some medications may provide pain relief
  • Low sodium dog food. If your dog has high blood pressure, switching his dog food to a low sodium formula may be helpful.
  • Properly fitted dog collar. If his collar is to tight, it could certainly cause a headache; make sure that it fits properly.
  • Change walking behaviors. If your pooch has a tendency to pull, try switching to a dog harness and a leash for dogs that pull to prevent head pain.
  • Proper oral hygiene. Make sure you are practicing proper dental care. Doing so will keep his teeth health, which can keep headaches at bay. Use toothpaste for dogs and toothbrushes for dogs to give his teeth a good brushing; or, have his teeth professionally cleaned by your vet.

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