Do You Need Pet Health Insurance?

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Do You Need Pet Health InsuranceBeing a pet parent comes with a lot of responsibilities. Your pooch relies on you to make sure that all of his needs are provided for: nourishing dog food that meets his unique dietary needs (which may mean a quality dog food for allergies, an organic dog food, a dog food for sensitive stomachs, or some other specialized formula from a reputable dog food brand); regular walks on a dog harness or dog collar to ensure he is getting the exercise he needs; and of course, plenty of play time with fun-filled interactive dog toys and maybe some water toys for dogs, too.

Your canine companion also looks to you to make sure that all of his health needs are met, which means routine and emergency veterinary care. Of all the care that you provide for your pet, it’s this aspect – vet care – that can be the most costly. There is a way that you can off-set the cost of medical care, however. How? – With pet health insurance. But a lot of pet parents think that it’s just an added expense; and one that isn’t really necessary.

Do you really need pet health insurance? Read on to find out if it’s worth your – and your four-legged family member’s – while.

Pet Health Insurance Explained

Pet health insurance is just like health insurance for humans; it covers the costs that are associated with medical expenses. There are three different types of insurance coverage for pets: wellness, illness, and accident. You can opt to choose just one type of coverage, or you can carry all three.

  • Wellness insurance. This type of pet health insurance coverage will help to cover the costs that are associated with routine medical care; well visits to the vet. Policies can provide coverage for yearly exams, blood panels, inoculations, testing, and even spaying and neutering.
  • Illness insurance. With illness pet health insurance, any medical expenses that are incurred as a result of an illness will be covered; for example, if your pooch develops cancer, this type of insurance can help to pay for a portion of his care.
  • Accident insurance. Accidents can occur at any time, and they are completely unexpected; hence the reason why they are called accidents. If your pup were to get his by a car, for example, a pet health insurance policy that includes accident coverage would assist with the emergency veterinary care.

Should You Invest in Pet Health Insurance?

It really depends on your personal situation; however, considering the fact that veterinary care can be quite exorbitant, it might be worth your while to consider. The cost of an annual wellness exam can cost $300 or more; if you have several dogs, the price can add up really quick! Illnesses and injuries can also be quite expensive to pay for. Yes, there are out-of-pocket expenses associated with pet health insurance; however, they are far less than what you would have to pay if your pet isn’t covered. In the end, pet health insurance can actually save you a tremendous amount of money, so it just might be the most economical investment.

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