Doberghan Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Doberghan is sweet, loyal, and alert. They adopt these admirable qualities from their parents, both of which are well known. This intelligent dog results from a cross between the Doberman and the Afghan hound. These dogs are intensely loyal and love to make their owners happy and seek their validation. On the other hand, they can often act aloof and free-spirited. 

They have dense, soft, smooth, and silky coats. Their appearance usually shows a lot of variation from individual to individual. They are usually good with other pets and small children, which makes them good family pets. But due to their large size (weighing up to 60lbs), it is better if you have a house with a garden, preferably with an electric fence.

Doberghan History

Doberghan Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDoberghan is one of the new breeds of companion dogs that originated in the last 20 – 25 years. And because of that, there isn’t much that we know about them. The man behind creating the Doberman breed is believed to be Karl Friedrich. He was a letter-man who felt unsafe while delivering letters to neighborhoods with bad reputations and wanted a loyal companion who would accompany him through this for protection.

The Afghan hound, on the other hand, is considered an ancient dog. Originating in ancient Egypt from a pack of middle-eastern sighthound. They were initially used as hunting dogs used by the nomads for hunting medium-sized animals like deer, haze, and gazelles.          

Doberghan Characteristics

Doberghans are large, muscular, and sturdy. They have a look of a large greyhound. Their heads are usually domed with a long muzzle that is humped. Their eyes are mostly almond-shaped, dark, and deep, and their ears are long, floppy, and hairy. These canines are distinguished by their large body, deep chests, and their over-the-back tail.

When it comes to their coats, they adopt particular things from both of their parents. Usually, they have a dense, smooth, and silky coat, which is short to medium in length. They can have a range of coat colors, including black, tan, grey, silver, cream, blue, and red.

How Big do Doberghan Get

Doberghans have a large size and a muscular and athletic body. The males have an average height of 26 – 28 inches and an average weight of around 50 and 90lbs. The females have an average height of 24 – 26 inches and an average weight of 50 and 85lbs.

How Long Does Doberghan Live

Usually, the large-sized doggies have a shorter life span as compared to the small-sized and medium-sized dogs. But these graceful canines have an average lifespan between 14 – 16 years. You can easily tip this scale upwards by taking good care of them and providing the adequate attention they need.

How much does a Doberghan Cost

Doberghan’s price varies from breeder to breeder. This is largely dependent on the reputation and authenticity of the breeder. But on average they cost between $700 and $1500. Other expenses may include Grooming tools, medical expenses, and accessories like Plush toysfurniture cover, and dog beds.

Doberghan Temperament/Personality

Doberghans are loyal, intelligent, and energetic. These traits make them one of the best companion dogs to have. Their high intelligence and desire to please their owner make them easy to train. But this is accompanied by their stubbornness, which makes them a little hard to deal with. This can affect their trainability. But with patience and a tight hand, you will have a good boy at your service.

They are usually better for more experienced owners, as they may try to show dominance from time to time. So as a new owner, you may back down when challenged by them, which will only lead to a miserable experience. But if you can keep them straight by establishing dominance yourself, they will stay loyal and love you to the end of the world.

Caring for Doberghan

Caring for these big, adorable, and graceful dogs comes down to their grooming, nutrition, and daily workout routine. You have to keep their daily caloric intake under check so you won’t over-feed or under-feed them. Additionally, you have to ensure that they get an appropriate amount of exercise daily to vent their energies. Keep reading to find out all that you need to know on caring about your pup.

Doberman Bulldog Nutrition

As large-sized dogs with high energy levels, these dogs needs to eat a little more than the average dog. You should expect to feed them up to 3 cups of dog food daily. You can feed them at different times of the day to keep their metabolism running, which may help manage weight issues in your dog. 

How to Groom a Doberghan

Grooming this adorable dog with a flawless coat is quite easy. Their coats are usually short and dense, and they don’t shed a lot; this means you don’t have to worry about brushing them that often. But as a rule of thumb, brush them at least twice per week. Clean their ears and the corners of their eyes with a dry and clean cloth and brush their teeth ideally 2 – 3 times per week. Clip their nails as per need. 

Doberghan Activity Levels

Doberghans are highly active dogs. They love to play, jump, swim, walk or even hike. You just have to name it. They have an adventurous spirit, due to which they just love going out. This also gives them a high energy level, so you have to ensure that this energy gets an appropriate outlet.

Caring for Doberghan

Doberghans are smart, intelligent, and empathetic. They need constant mental stimulation to stay engaged and not become bored. They are also prone to allergies caused by fleas, so keeping flea treatment in your house would be a good idea if you’re adopting this canine. 

Doberghan Health

Doberghans are healthy dogs that don’t usually develop any health issues, especially early on. But as they become older, they may develop some health concerns like; Cardiomyopathy, Wobbler’s Syndrome, Gastric Torsion, Osteosarcoma, Hip Dysplasia, and von Willebrand’s Disease.

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