Dobie-Basset Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Dobie-Bassets are loyal, caring, and intelligent. They get these admirable traits from their parents which are both well-known dogs. As a Hybrid dog, The Dobie-basset from a cross between the Doberman pinscher and the Basset hound. These dogs have a good reputation in the dog community, thanks to their social personalities.

They’re well-known for their excellent sense of smell which is second only to the bloodhound. And because of this were used as search dogs in the aftermath of 9/11. They may resemble either of their parents when it comes to their appearance. This means a lot of variation is seen from individual to individual. Their most common coat colors are gray, blue, brown, and white.

Dobie-Basset History 

Dobie Basset Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDobie-Basset is one of the new breeds of companion dogs that originated in the last 20 – 25 years. And because of that, there isn’t much that we know about them. The man behind creating the Doberman breed is believed to be Karl Friedrich. He was a letter-man who felt unsafe while delivering letters to neighborhoods with bad reputations and wanted a loyal companion who would accompany him through this for protection.

The Basset hounds are believed to be in existence from the early 1500s. They were found in the northern parts of France by The Friars of Abbey of the St. Hubert. The original reason for their development was to come up with a low-set and loyal dog which could be used during on-foot hunting.

Dobie-Basset Characteristics  

Dobie-Bassets show a lot of variation when it comes to their appearance and characteristics; they can resemble the Doberman or the basset hound; it all comes down to which breed dominated in them. But generally, their stature is athletic, compact, and proportionate. They have long, wide muzzles with a black nose.

Their ears are long and floppy, but most people like to crop them. What sets this breed aside from the rest is their distinctive old-man look. This constitutes large droopy eyes, short bodies, and tiny legs. Their coats are short and dense with straight hair. The possible coat colors include grey, blue, brown, and white.

How Big do Dobie-Basset Get 

Dobie-Bassets have a medium size and a lean athletic body. They have an average height of 22 – 24 inches for both males and females. The males usually weigh between 60 and 100lbs while the females weigh around 50 and 90lbs.

How long does a Dobie-Basset Live

Usually, the larger canines have shorter life spans as compared to the small-sized dogs. But Dobie-Bassets- like other Doberman mixes- is a different case. They have an average lifespan between 10 – 14 years. You can tip this scale positively by taking good care of them and providing the adequate attention they need.

How much does a Dobie-Basset cost 

Dobie-Basset’s price can vary from breeder to breeder. This is largely dependent on the reputation and authenticity of the breeder. But on average they cost between $750 and $1000. Other expenses may include Grooming tools, medical expenses, and accessories like Chew toys, dog houses, and dog beds.

Dobie-Basset Temperament/Personality 

Dobie-bassets are loyal, caring, and smart. These traits make them one of the best companion dogs to have. Their high intelligence and desire to please their owner make them easy to train. But this is balanced by their strong-willed nature, which makes them quite stubborn. This can affect their trainability. But with patience and a tight hand, you will have a good boy at your service.

They are usually fine with older children, but you should be cautious when leaving them with young children; they may not like being handled roughly. With other pets, they may vigilant and not easygoing. This is because of the hunting genes they get from the Basset hound.

Caring for Dobie-Basset 

Dobie-Basset  are easy to care for. You have to keep certain things in mind, and you’re good to go. The first thing is their grooming, which doesn’t require much work. Then there are their daily requirements, nutritional and activity-based. Continue reading to find out all that you need to know about caring for a Dobie-Basset 

Dobie-Basset Nutrition 

Dobie-Basset  are large dogs, and their energy level is quite high as well. Consequently, they require more food to meet their daily caloric requirements. On average, they eat around 3 cups of dog food per day. This can be given to them as three separate meals to keep their metabolism running.

How to Groom a Dobie-Basset 

Grooming a Dobie-Basset  is not difficult, thanks to their short, self-sufficient, and lightweight coats. Brushing them at least twice per week using a hard bristle or metallic brush will ensure that the oils produced by their scalps are distributed throughout their coats. And don’t forget to brush their teeth regularly and clean their ears 2 – 3 times per week.

Dobie-Basset Activity Levels 

When it comes to exercise, these canines require a lot of it. Their high energy levels and alert nature makes them prone to anxiety and self-destructive behavior. So it is advisable to take them on long walks and engage them in different games. They are also quite intelligent, so this will prevent them from getting bored. On average, you should aim for at least 60 – 80 minutes of exercise daily.

Caring for Dobie-Basset

Dobie-Bassets are intelligent dogs that love to spend time with their owners. If left alone for a long period, your pup may develop separation anxiety. Leaving them alone would also mean that they won’t be getting their daily required exercise, which makes them irritated and obnoxious. So ensure that you spend a healthy amount of time with your pup, play different games, and keep them engaged.

Dobie-Basset Health 

Dobie-Basset is among the breeds which have lower health problems than its parents. However, they may still have potential health issues, including Entropion, Inter-vertebral Disc Disease, Cardio-myopathy, and Gastric Dilation Volvulus. Some dogs may also occasionally experience.

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