Dobie Schnauzer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Dobie Schnauzer, another crossover breed, brings together two of the most popular German breeds: the Schnauzer and the Doberman Pinscher. There is no detailed information or history present on account of this dog; however, we can decide its qualities by considering its ancestry.

Mixing the looks from both the parents, it is a savvy and faithful dog having the potential to be an extraordinary guard dog. An interesting mix that also gets the hunting instinct from both parent canines. It is best to keep this dog if you are an experienced pet keeper, but if you are not, keep reading this article to acquaint yourself with full-fledged information regarding Dobie Schnauzer.

Dobie Schnauzer History

Dobie Schnauzer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDobie Schnauzer is similar as well as contrasting to its parent dogs. The documentation on its origin is little to none because of its position as a new hybrid. However, recognized by the Dog Registry of America, it can be used as a hunter, guard, and companion dog. Let’s see its parental backgrounds to get clues about its background. Its Doberman parent originated in the 1800s in Apolda, Germany. A man named Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann developed it, and hence the dog was named after it.

In comparison, the Schnauzer, an old dog breed, developed around 14th or 15th century Germany. Its name is also a German word that colloquially means “mustache, or “whiskered snout.” The characteristic bearded snout of this breed became the reason for naming it so. It was used as a great assistant of farmers and as ratters. Later in the 1800s, it was officially recognized and became famous in North America by 1924.

Dobie Schnauzer Characteristics

In its characteristics, the Dobie Schnauzer is a perfectly balanced hybrid of the two dogs. It takes on a medium size with a dark-colored short and dense coat. You can also see the Schnauzer’s bearded snout in it. The ears are floppy but not that large, and the eyes are almond-shaped, common in brown colors. Further characterized by a squarish head and muzzle in proportion to the head, this breed is athletically built with a sturdy look and confident expressions.

How Big to Dobie Schnauzer Get

A medium-sized dog as its Schnauzer parent is the Standard one. If there is Miniature Schnauzer, then the hybrid can also be smaller-sized. On average, a fully grown-up Dobie Schnauzer male weighs 40-75 lbs. while its height is approximately 19-28 inches. In contrast, the female counterpart weighs 35-65 lbs. and stands shorter almost 18-26 inches.

How Long Does Dobie Schnauzer Live

If you fulfill all the requirements of your Dobie Schnauzer and provide it with a healthy lifestyle, it can live for about 12-15 years or more. On the other hand, if the doggy is not living in a suitable environment, it can decrease this value.

How Much Does a Dobie Schnauzer Cost

Belonging to a famous parentage and having outstanding looks and traits, the Dobie Schnauzer can be a favorite dog of all. You can get it in almost $500 to $800 from a reputable breeder. Must check the credibility of the breeder before buying a pup by asking from its other customers or checking its local reputation.

Dobie Schnauzer Temperament/Personality

The Dobie Schnauzer has a fluctuated character inclining more towards one parent breed or the other. Sometimes it is exceptionally friendly, amicable, and active, while other times, it is shy, lazy, or aggressive. Some are simple and submissive, yet others can be obstinate.

However, the loyalty and protective nature of its master remains constant. They are highly trainable and will make incredible watch and gatekeeper canines.

Caring for Dobie Schnauzer

All pets, whether cats, dogs, and others, need a proper diet, care, and grooming, and these all things all your responsibility when you take them home. Similarly, Dobie Schnauzer needs a great deal of attention and care from its pet parent, which details are listed below.

Dobie Schnauzer Nutrition

Give your Dobie Schnauzer the diet most appropriate to its stomach compared with its size, age, and activity levels. Puppies’ dietary needs are different from adult dogs, and you can also feed them on Puppy Milk Replacer. The adult dog of this breed needs 3 cups full of a good quality dog diet considering one of these Dog Food Brands.

How to Groom a Dobie Schnauzer

The Doberman Pinscher is a low grooming breed that needs consistent brushing one time a week with a Dog Brush. You don’t need to wash them frequently as their shorter dark coats don’t show any stains or dirt and can remain maintained without bathing for 4-5 months. In case of any odor, you can use Dog Deodorizer.

Dobie Schnauzer Activity Levels

The activity levels of Doberman-Schnauzers are high, and they cannot live in smaller areas. Provide them a yard to live where there must be an Electric Dog Fence as this dog can escape without a fence. Please take it to a doggy park regularly for exercise and active plays.

Caring for Dobie Schnauzer

Dobie Schnauzers are the perfect pets with features like low maintenance and high adaptability. If you are giving your pup a high-quality diet, grooming it well, and above all, you are consistent with all these things; then your doggy is the luckiest as he is living the best life.

A routine of everything for your dog, whether it is eating, maintenance and exercise, is necessary. It can thrive in almost all types of environments but make sure not to take outside harsh weather.

Dobie Schnauzer Health

Here the Dobie Schnauzer’s owners have good news that their pup is known to be a healthy hybrid. However, some common health issues which the experts screen in this breed are Hip Dysplasia, Bloat Pancreatitis, Cardiomyopathy, and ear infections.

We suggest you take your doggy for a regular healthy veterinary visit. It helps in curing the disease at early stages, if any, and keeps them away.

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