Dogo Canario Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Dogo Canario, also known as Presa Canario, is a large-sized molossoid that is highly prohibited for first-time pet holders. The other names of this Spanish breed are Canary Mastiff, Canary Catch Dog, and Canarian Dogo. This highly active and robust mastiff only goes well with an experienced pup owner.

Improper handling and training of this dog can lead to dangerous outcomes. A candid profile of Dogo Canario tells that it is not that affectionate and can be extremely aggressive if not properly handled. This canine can indeed be horrible at times, but it is also kind and gentle with families. A good training and socialization at the right time along with the proper handling is essential.

Dogo Canario History

Dogo Canario Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Dogo Canario is a Spanish breed. Although Dogo Canario is its old name and currently it is known as Presa Canario. It originated in the Canary and Tenerife Islands from two canines, namely the Bardino Majero and the English Mastiff. It is a large mastiff-type dog produced in the 18th century as a farm, hunter, and guard dog. However, the breed also marked its appearance in the frescoes from the 15th or 16th century.

Also used as a herding dog, catch the dog, and dog-fighting (when it was considered legal). Later, dog fighting was banned in the 1940s, and the Dogo Canario’s popularity waned. The breeder’s effort regained its popularity, and they formed a club with its name in 1982. In 1996 the AKC officially registered this breed while the UKC and International All Breed Canine Association officially registered it in 2003.

Dogo Canario Characteristics

Dogo Canario is a massive athletically built canine with a square head and cropped and erected ears. The hallmark feature of this dog is its pendulous upper lip that gives a powerful and imposing look. The head is wide and long with the same proportion, and the dog’s overall body is mesomorphic. The coat is single with short and coarse hair colors black, fawn, red, brindle, or mix.

How Big to Dogo Canario Get

This exceptionally athletic mastiff stands 60–66 cm weighing 50–65 kg for a fully grown-up male dog. In contrast, the female Dogo Canario has a height of 56–62 cm weighing almost 40-55 kg at the maximum. The overall look of the dog is heavy and muscular.

How Long Does Dogo Canario Live

Dogo Canario has the average life expectancy of a large-sized dog which is 9-11 years. This type of canines is strong and can withstand harsh environments. This feature makes them able to increase their healthy longevity.

How Much Does a Dogo Canario Cost

The average cost of a Dogo Canario is $1200 – USD 3000. You can buy this breed of puppies from a nearby pet store or any breeder but make sure the breeder or store must be reputable from where you are buying the doggy.

Dogo Canario Temperament/Personality

The energetic and well-proportioned Presa Canario is best suited to work with hunters and farmers and live their best in rural areas. However, they can also adapt to the urban lifestyle provided with a large place to live. People commonly opt for it as their best guard dog and train it from a very young age for this pup.

When it comes to its connection with people, it is gentle and kind with the people it was acquainted with during the training. With strangers, it is quite harsh. Also, we recommend keeping the smaller kids away from this dog as it can be dangerous for them.

Caring for Dogo Canario

Larger dogs and especially the highly powerful ones, are hard to handle. They need a skilled owner, a professional groomer as well as an experienced trainer. Don’t think of taking this dog home if you don’t have any experience with the dogs. The details of this breed’s diet, exercise, and maintenance are given below.

Dogo Canario Nutrition

Feed your Dogo Canario on Food for Large Dogs that is meant to fulfill its bigger dietary needs. However, the diet requirements of a canine keep on changing from its puppyhood, following through different phases of life. Keep in touch with the concerned vet regarding its diet and health.

How to Groom a Dogo Canario

Although the Dogo Canario has a shorter coat, it is difficult to groom owing to its massive built and immense power. It doesn’t only need a skilled groomer, but he must be a muscular person who has enough power to handle the canine. Use professional grooming equipment, i.e., Dog Grooming Table, Nail Clippers for Dogs, etc., for standard grooming.

Dogo Canario Activity Levels

Dogo Canario is a highly agile dog that requires heaps of exercise daily to utilize its energy positively. He can be destructive if he doesn’t take out his energy properly. Make a daily routine of taking this doggy outside, and remember he must be wearing a Dog Collar and Dog Harness with the leash in the owner’s hand.

Caring for Dogo Canario

Caring for a canine includes many aspects, which we have discussed above, and the health issues are given below. Feed your Dogo Canario on a quality brand diet such as American Journey Dog Food and make fresh and clean water available for him all the time.

This doggy can be easily available everywhere except in smaller areas. The best place for its living is a big yard covered with a high fence where the dog can run and play but can’t escape. Must look for any ailments by regularly examining the dog.

Dogo Canario Health

The common health concerns in Dogo Canarios are Panosteitis, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Entropion, Demodectic Mange, Epilepsy, Bloat, Hypothyroidism, and ACL Tears.

The breeders are continuously using the selective breeding technique to overcome the health issues, but still, they can’t make the breed immune. Good care and regular veterinary visit help the dog prevent these ailments and remain healthy throughout its lifespan.

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