Dorkie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Dorkie is a stunning blend of the Dachshund and the Yorkshire Terrier. These cute little pups normally have black and tan or brown and tan coats. This breed is usually around seven inches tall, and weighs around eight pounds. They have a small head with large floppy ears, a long body, short legs, and a long-textured tail covered with fur.

They can easily get exposed to skin and eye diseases, and like any other breed, they need ordinary tests to be in good condition. But don’t worry, you can easily get help from Medications for Dogs.  They are friendly, loving, and lively with children, outsiders, and other animals but still need supervision with little children due to their size.

Dorkie History

Dorkie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowIn the late 1990s, the mixed breed Dorkie purposely started by mixing Dachshunds with Yorkshire Terriers in the United States. The breed designers blended different pups’ breeds to reduce medical problems among authentic breeds and make an ideal, delightful, easy-going fellow. They kept on producing Dorkies as interest for the mixed puppies increased.

Mostly, Dorkies were acknowledged by Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, and various other registries. First, they were originated for hunting rats and small games like badgers, but soon due to their cute appearance, they became famous as family dogs in a rich community. Now in the US, they’re the ninth popular dog breed.

Dorkie Characteristics

Dorkie is easy going and loveable dog. They love to nap in laps and follow you around like a shadow. You can take them in Dog Backpack as they are great to travel companions. Dorkie love to walk but puts on a Dog Collar while going outside because they can chase around small animals.

How Big to Dorkie Get

Dorkie has a cute face with a goofy smile, small dark-round eyes, black nose, and floppy ears with a long, dense, and straight fur coat. The average height of a male is 8-10 inches and weighs around 7 to 12 lbs., whereas the average height of a female is 5-8 inches and weighs around 5 to 10 lbs.

How Long Does Dorkie Live

The average lifespan of Dorkie is 13-16 years, but some can live even more couple of years if they get proper care and suitable living conditions.

How Much Does a Dorkie Cost

The average cost for a Dorkie that you buy from a reputable breeder or pet store is almost $800-$1000. You can also adopt it from a nearby shelter or rescue home.

Dorkie Temperament/Personality

Dorkie is very lively, kind, easy-going, and loves to nap in his owner’s lap. You can call them a lap-nap dog. They love Plush Dog Toys while playing with children. Dorkie can become sensitive and sometimes bark as they want your attention for being held and enjoy the cuddles. They love walking but need potty breaks. Dorkie makes a great bond with families, children, and other pets due to their laid-back personality. They don’t care about family and apartment size and adjust anywhere due to their small size. They can be ideal for singles and retired persons.

Dorkie is very sensitive to attitudes which causes a great impact on his training, so it is necessary to be patient with them to ensure success. They make a special bond with one of the special family members. Dorkie also has a great attitude, but his heart is much bigger. It is heard that they can sense and console people’s emotions if needed.

Caring for Dorkie

The lively and gentle Dorkie gets easily attached to human fellows and loves their cuddles. It depends on the owner how he cares for his Lil pup as they need consistent and positive vibes from the family members.

Dorkie Nutrition

The ideal diet for Dorkie is small portions of 1 cup of dog food per day. You can also ask your veterinarian for Dorkie’s diet plan as they can easily gain weight if you overfeed them, or you can search more about Food for Small Dogs online.

How to Groom a Dorkie

Dorkie doesn’t need much updating, but you can brush them 3-4 times a week with a slicker or pin brush, and you can also use a comb. If tangles are not much, you can loosen them with your fingers. Dorkie also needs dental care; use a soft toothbrush and ask your vet for Toothpaste for Dogs. Cut nails if needed with a special nail clipper. Also, prevent them from extreme weather. Clean their ears to avoid yeast and bacterial infections.

Dorkie Activity Levels

Dorkie does not need too many physical activities but to maintain a healthy mood, they still need 30-45 minutes of activity per day, or 4 miles walk per week. Their activity level is low but has a potential for playfulness. You can visit a park, throw a Frisbee for their training, and then ask them to bring it back. Interaction with the outside environment makes them more cheerful.

Caring for Dorkie

The small Dorkie puppies need extreme care and gentle hands. Without any surveillance, they can easily prone to injuries when left with kids, which is not a good thought. As they grow up, they became more friendly and lively and followed you around the house like a fellow. They don’t need many walks with their short legs but still need some activity otherwise; they will become too lazy. Give more healthy and organic food and do checkups regularly. Clip their nails and shower once a week. Also, dry clean their ears to avoid fungal infections as they have long floppy ears.

Dorkie Health

The Dorkie is healthier than its purebred parents, but they can get genetic disorders or diseases of mixed breed. However, they are known for skin conditions because they have very sensitive, dry, and itchy skin as a pup. Some major health concerns include; Patellar Luxation, Intervertebral Disc Disease, Retinal Dysplasia, Tracheal Collapse, and Porto-systemic Shunt. Some occasional diagnosis includes cataracts, deafness, and hydrocephalus. To maintain their health, visit the vet for regular testing like X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Eye Tests, Skin Examination, Ultrasound, Urine Analysis, and Blood Testing.

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