Doubull-Mastiff Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Doubull-Mastiff is a designer hybrid produced by crossing a purebred Bullmastiff and a purebred Mastiff. It is a dog with a large buildup and a heavy muscular body. Its thick and short coat is Fawn or Brindle in color and with a low shedding tendency.

Brushing week by week is essential to eliminate dead hair and to keep his jacket maintained. Other than being a great hunter and working dog, the Doubull-Mastiff makes a very loyal family protector. Continue reading this article to know all about it.

Doubull-Mastiff History

Doubull Mastiff Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDoubull-Mastiff is a new hybrid yet recognized by various registries, including the American Canine Hybrid Club, Dog Registry of America, and Designer Dogs Kennel Club. It has a short history as a modern breed, so we are looking at its parents’ background. The Bullmastiff originated around the 1860s in England and made an appearance in the U.S. in the 1920s. It is produced by crossing the Mastiff breed with the Bulldog.

Also known as “Gamekeeper’s Night Dog,” it also lived in Asia somewhere around 2500 B.CB.C. On the other hand, as the name reveals, the Mastiff is a giant, powerful dog that developed before two thousand years in England. It was widely used as a herding dog to protect cattle as well as a guard dog. In the 18th century, the breed was also used the cruel sports, which are banned now. For example, dogfighting rings, bull-baiting, and bear-baiting.

Doubull-Mastiff Characteristics

The Doubull-Mastiff will have the attributes of both its parents. It is a huge and tall canine with a thick short coat. A big head, V-formed floppy ears, and smaller squarish muzzles are their prominent characteristics. Their looks and expressions give an air of confidence. It is further characterized by two large jowls that need regular cleaning because of their habit to drool.

How Big to Doubull-Mastiff Get

The tremendously amazing Doubull-Mastiff has the standard weight of 130-200 lbs. and stature of 27-36 inches for males and female dogs. However, like all other creatures, the female canines tend to be marginally smaller than the males.

How Long Does Doubull-Mastiff Live

The bigger-sized canines are noticed to have a shorter life expectancy. The Doubull-Mastiff in proper health lives for about 8-10 years. You can help your doggo complete this span with good care. Also, you can increase this value with a healthy lifestyle.

How Much Does a Doubull-Mastiff Cost

The normal cost of a Doubull-Mastiff is $1500 – $2500. Invest as much amount on your pet as you can afford. Buy different unique stuff for him like Dog Bed, Dog Playpen, Dog Tie Out. It will make your pup extremely happy and excited.

Doubull-Mastiff Temperament/Personality

The Doubull-Mastiff will have the conduct and character attributes of both its parents. Defensive of their family and great gatekeeper canines, these dogs make excellent family pups. It is intelligent enough to learn things quickly, but the stubborn nature can be a hurdle.

If you haven’t presented yourself as a firm leader in the first place, then handling your doggy can be quite difficult later on. They are generally not barkers, but early socialization with outsiders and different canines is suggested.

They are amicable and acceptable with youngsters, but they ought to be administered while with the kids since of their size. It is gentle but can be harsh if you handle it roughly. As a highly protective dog for its family, Doubull-Mastiff has the potential to be an excellent watchdog.

Caring for Doubull-Mastiff

Dogue de Bordeaux needs a very expert custodian and mentors just as a pet parent. Any carelessness in their necessities and prerequisites can prompt hazardous results. We have painstakingly recorded the dietary, preparing, and action needs of this canine under this heading.

Doubull-Mastiff Nutrition

Taking its enormous stomach and high dietary necessities, feed your Dogue de Bordeaux on Food for Large Dogs of the notable brands, i.e., Wellness Dog Food, Merrick Dog Food, and so on. It may be a fiery eater, yet you need to gauge the calories to be inclined to weight-gain issues.

How to Groom a Doubull-Mastiff

The Doubull-Mastiff has a short and thick coat that that requires little management. Its face folds and ears need regular cleaning to dry out moisture and prevent infections. Weekly brushing with a Dog Brush is essential to eliminate tangling. To forestall tartar and gum disease, you need to brush its teeth with Toothbrushes for Dogs.

Doubull-Mastiff Activity Levels

Your Doubull-Mastiff is a highly active dog that likes plenty of playing and running. The best place for its accommodation is a yard with a fence. A fence is crucial to avoid this huge doggy from escaping or hurting anyone around. The energy levels are even higher in the dog’s puppyhood.

Caring for Doubull-Mastiff

Doubull-Mastiff is pretty easy to maintain and care for. Fulfill its dietary and activity needs, maintain it well and give a larger fence to give that’s all. Before buying, estimate its medical and non-medical needs and take the dog home only if you think you can fulfill its needs.

You can accommodate it in all environments as it is strong enough to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Keep on examining your pup keenly so that you may notice the symptoms of any issue if the dog is having one.

Doubull-Mastiff Health

Doubull-Mastiff as a hybrid overcomes many of the ailments which we found in its parents. It is vulnerable to few ailments that are known to be common in canines, i.e., stenotic, hip, and elbow dysplasia, Ectropion, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cataracts, and Retinal Dysplasia.

An increase in the ideal weight of this canine will be considered an obesity issue, and you ought to cure it as early as possible. Otherwise, obesity leads to many health risk factors incorporating heart diseases. A regular visit to the veterinary clinic is elementary in this regard.

Breeds Similar to Doubull-Mastiff


Best Dog Food for Doubull-Mastiffs

Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Doubull-Mastiff is Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food. This food has been specifically developed with natural ingredients to provide a well-balanced food for better growth and nourishment. Nutro uses lamb as the key ingredient in making this food. Lamb, like chicken, is full of proteins. So, your buddy will surely have good muscle growth with this food.

  • Contains important antioxidants for a better immune system.
  • Includes chondroitin and glucosamine for supporting joint health.
  • Does not contain by-products and non-GMO ingredients.

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Best Puppy Food for Boubull-Mastiffs

Wellness Core Grain Free Large Breed Puppy Deboned Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Doubull-Mastiff is Wellness CORE Grain-Free Large Breed Puppy Deboned Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food. This natural food for puppies is produced with all-natural ingredients. It has a grain-free recipe.  Moreover, it is also rich in protein for better muscular growth.

  • Includes calcium and phosphorus for promoting healthy bones.
  • Higher vision and brain development with DHA.
  • Contains taurine, omega acids, glucosamine, antioxidants, and probiotics.

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Best Dog Crate for Doubull-Mastiffs

Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Doubull-Mastiff is Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate. All the pet-parents appreciate this crate for superior safety and comfort. It contains sliding doors for providing higher convenience to both the parents and the pet. The sliding door design reduces the chances of sticking the door. So, your  Doubull-Mastiff will be safe with this dog crate. Moreover, it is highly durable and long-lasting, which is a bonus.

  • Contains rubber feet for easy transportation, relocation, and protection of your floor.
  • Equipped with the removable plastic pan.
  • Coated and reinforced panels make it durable and rust-resistant.

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Best Dog Bed for Doubull-Mastiffs

FurHaven Plush Ball Pillow Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

The best dog bed for Doubull-Mastiff is FurHaven Plush Ball Pillow Dog Bed w/Removable Cover. This bed is extremely comfortable and provides a great spot for your pal to sleep and relax. The cover is made of faux fur that is very soft, cozy, and feels good with the skin.  The unique design with easy squishing and forming texture makes it the best.

  • Zippered woven liner that is refillable and machine-washable.
  • Offers maximum comfort and flexibility with its design.
  • The bed goes well with the home décor.

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Best Dog Harness for Doubull-Mastiffs

Sporn Non Pull Mesh Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Doubull-Mastiff is Sporn Mesh No Pull Dog Harness. This harness has been made considering comfort and designs both. It curbs moderate to heavy, all kinds of leash pullers.

  • Contains elastic on the chest piece for better and natural movement.
  • Does not cause choking even while handling the hardest pullers.
  • One-piece, ergonomic construction provides a hassle-free application.

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