Doxiemo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Doxiemo is the hybrid of the Dachshund dog and the American Eskimo dog breed. Standoffish toward strangers but loyal and friendly to its family, it can be the best companion and guard dog simultaneously. With elongated and low to the ground and a sturdy built, it takes on the characteristics of both parents and results in an adorable dog.

It is viewed as a normal to high shedder, and you should brush its medium-to-long delicate fur daily. You can easily groom and train this dog even if you are a first-time pet keeper. Read along with us to know every bit of information about this modern hybrid.

Doxiemo History

Doxiemo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Doxiemo is a new hybrid accepted by the American Canine Hybrid Club and Dog Registry of America. We didn’t find any history on its account as it is latest hybrid originated recently in the 21 st century. Let’s take a look at its parent breeds. The Dachshund dog originated in the 1600s in Germany. Its name names mean ‘badger dog’ as it was used to dig badgers out from their setts. Known to be a precursor of the Spaniel, Terrier, Hound Braque, Basset Hound, and Pinscher, this dog was also used to produce various dogs.

The American Kennel Club recognized it in 1885. In sharp contrast, the American Eskimo is an adorable white doggy used as a guarding and herding dog. It is neither an American nor Eskimo dog rather believed to be descended from the Northern Spitz breed. That is why it is also known as the American Spitz and got the vocalization and high ability to sense a threat from the Spitz. After World War I and II, the Anti-German feelings caused the change in its name, and it was changed to American Eskimo. The AKC registered it with this new name in 1994.

Doxiemo Characteristics

The Doxiemo can incline toward either parent breed in its appearance. Generally, it is smaller than the Standard American Eskimo and taller than the Dachshund parent. However, its body is elongated and low to the ground with a sturdy built and a deep chest. The coat takes on after the American Eskimo as it is usually white and dense.

How Big to Doxiemo Get

The longer-bodied and short heighted Doxiemo stands at the most extreme tallness of 19 inches. Its height range from 10-18, while the approximate weight ranges are about 26-35 lbs. You can easily carry it in a Dog Carrier as a smaller doggy, especially as a puppy.

How Long Does Doxiemo Live

Expect your Doxiemo to live for about 14-16 years. It is a healthy hybrid, but it is prone to get more health issues as it ages. We have discussed the ailments for this pup and their precautions below.

How Much Does a Doxiemo Cost

The easy to train and easy to handle Doxiemo can everyone’s favorite and cost you $300-$400. Buying from a reputable breeder or pet store is crucial, or you will end up with an unhealthy canine that may also have behavioral problems.

Doxiemo Temperament/Personality

The playful Doxiemos are anxious to please, but they can be quite stubborn as a descendant of hunting dogs. It can be quite a challenge to train them, but your persistent nature and firm leader qualities will help to keep things on track.

It is an active, cherishing, and simple to prepare crossbreed that is likely to be aggressive to strangers and other canines. Regarding youngsters, this is a gentle, patient, and affectionate buddy; however may not be appropriate for little kids who are not mature enough to treat the dog with mature hands.

Caring for Doxiemo

It is essential to keep your Doxiemo away from obesity as the obesity can lead to various other issues incorporating slipped or ruptured (herniated) discs and others. To avoid overweight and keep the metabolism fast, you have to give your doggy the right amount of healthy food and exercise.

Doxiemo Nutrition

Feed your Doxiemo one cup full of Dog Food that is either homemade or industrial made. You can opt for any of them, but taking the vet’s advice is preferable. As a hybrid of Dachshund, you can also give this canine Dog Food for Dachshunds.

How to Groom a Doxiemo

As pup two non-hypoallergenic breeds, the Doxiemo is viewed as a normal to high shedder. It’s medium to long, delicate fur ought to be brushed daily to forestall tangling. A fine brushing with a Dog Brush help distribute the natural oils all over the body.

Doxiemo Activity Levels

The Doxiemo is moderately active, needing daily 30 minutes of less hectic exercise. It appreciates running and hopping and playing games like fetching objects, chasing, and mind games. This hybrid adjusts well to urban and metropolitan living but can’t adapt to harsh climatic conditions.

Caring for Doxiemo

As your Doxiemo can’t handle the rough and harsh climate, keep it inside and safe when there is extremely hot or extreme cold outside. It is appropriate to live in regions with mild temperatures.

Clean its droopy ears with a dog ear cleaner for good hygiene. Moreover, clip the nails regularly as the overgrown can make it difficult for them to walk. Such nails can also trap bacteria and other microorganisms, which start growing and cause infections.

Doxiemo Health

There is not enough information on the health issues of Doxiemo, but like all other hybrids, it is believed to be healthier than its parents. The few health diseases it can get from the parents are  Intervertebral Disc Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Elbow Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy Cataracts.

Give your puppy the recommended amount of food mentioned on the food package, and don’t skip its daily exercise. Ensure a regular visit to the vet. If you follow these aspects, then your pup will remain healthy with increased longevity.

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