Drentsche Patrijshond Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Drentsche Patrijshond is a pure breed that comes from the Netherlands. These pointer dogs have been in presence for a long time, but until the end of the 1940s, they were not authoritatively perceived as a variety. The dog is also known as Dutch Partridge Dog and Drent. He is intelligent, enthusiastic, a great companion, and does well around people.

He is a gundog who will keep wild animals away from your yard and home. The Drentsche Patrijshond are spaniel dogs and more appropriate for large apartments with a yard where they can roam freely. If you are looking for them, go for adoption but not for shopping.

Drentsche Patrijshond History

Drentsche Patrijshond Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowIn the 16th century, Drentsche Patrijshond came from the Spioenen delivered from France and Spain to the Netherlands. They were also known as Partridge dogs. The hunters in the province of Drenthe reserved him as a pure breed by not cross-breeding him with other foreign dogs. The people of Drenthe used them for many purposes, such as a hunting dog, companion dog, watchdog, kid’s play-mate, and the guardian of farmers and hunters.

On 15th May 1943, the Drentsche Patrijshond was officially acknowledge by the Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland by high support from Baroness Van Hardenbroek, Mr. Van Heek Jr. and Mr. Quartero. After World War II, the Drentsche Patrijshond seek his way towards US, and approved by the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service in 2010.

Drentsche Patrijshond Characteristics

The Drentsche Patrijshond have various color combinations, but their main color is white with orange and brown spotting. They have medium-long fur with a long feather chest, which gives them the appearance of a long-haired dog. A long body has a long tail with bushy hair. They have a thick, dense coat that is slightly wavy.

How Big to Drentsche Patrijshond Get

The male Drentsche Patrijshond is about 23 to 25 inches tall and average weight of 45-65 pounds, while the female Drentsche Patrijshond is about 21 to 23 inches tall and weighs around 40-60 pounds.

How Long Does Drentsche Patrijshond Live

The Drentsche Patrijshond is purebred with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, but some say it’s around 11 to 14 years.

How Much Does a Drentsche Patrijshond Cost

The cost of purchasing a Drentsche Patrijshond is $700, and the average annual expense is around $1000. Also, insurance and medications for dog costs around $485 per year.

Drentsche Patrijshond Temperament/Personality

The Drentsche Patrijshond is a multi-purpose dog that can do different tasks. They have a strong instinct of hunting like any other hunting breed if they were on the farms. But as a family-pet dog, they are more relaxed, tender, and quiet dogs who love cuddling on a couch. They are highly active dogs who love playing with Rope and Tug Toys & Plastic Dog Toys such as a ball or a Frisbee.

In their early training days, you have to keep an eye on them as they have a sense of prey and try to harm small pets like cats, rabbits, birds, and ferrets. This breed is sweet and intelligent and attached to their family members, especially with kids, so their training is done easily. Quite friendly with everyone and even get along with strangers.

Caring for Drentsche Patrijshond

The Drentsche Patrijshond training must start from their earlier days because it will be difficult to train them after six months. As they are natural hunters, you don’t need much effort to train them. Just be gentle and socialize them with other pets also. Their training must include Jerky Treats for Dogs to make them happy.

Drentsche Patrijshond Nutrition

As Drentsche Patrijshond are medium-sized dogs, they need 2 to 3½ cups of highly formulated dry dog food per day. Split their meal into two parts; also gives them an excessive amount of water to keep them hydrated on summer days. Their health, activity level, and metabolism all depend on the food you feed them.

How to Groom a Drentsche Patrijshond

The Drentsche Patrijshond does not require much professional help as they are thought of as low shedding dogs. During their heavy shedding season, you should brush them thrice a week. Bath them after every few weeks to keep the dirt from their coat. Moisture can cause infection in their hanging ears, which needs special care. Also, trim their nails once a month.

Drentsche Patrijshond Activity Levels

The Drentsche Patrijshond have a high energy level. If you have a fenced yard, it is better because they are medium-sized dogs and need an hour of activity to keep in a good mood. They love to play with children and other play activities like catching a Frisbee or bringing a ball. This breed can get easily obsessed if physical activity is ignored.

Caring for Drentsche Patrijshond

Drentsche Patrijshond love cuddling on a couch and acts innocently. He is considered allergy-free dog. Low exercising will cause him to suffer. He enjoys the company of a hunter, but still, long walks around the park can satisfy him. It is best to make them friendly with other pets so they don’t try to harm them as prey.

Take good care of their diet and health. Keep them away from warm climates and use Cooling Vests for Dogs in summer season.  Ask your veteran for guidance if they cause any behavioral issues. Train and talk to them gently, so they don’t show any aggression.

Drentsche Patrijshond Health

The Drentsche Patrijshond is usually considered a healthy dog but still got some health issues that can be avoided if regular veterinary checkups are done. The major health concern of Drentsche Patrijshond includes Hip Dysplasia and Hereditary Stomatocytosis, while the minor health concern is Progressive Retinal Atrophy. You must ensure occasional Blood Test, Liver Ultrasound, X-Rays, and Physical Examination.

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