Drever Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Drever is a modern breed, with multiple aspects and blood coursing through its veins. The Drever looks like a stuffy hot dog. It’s beautiful, healthy, and the perfect family-friendly breed. It has a heart-warming appearance that can potentially melt your heart. We believe that this breed can adapt to any household with a bit of socialization.

We still won’t outright recommend it for everyone because you may not find it favorable for yourself. There are some special things that you should know about it. These points will help you in making a much better decision. Please read on and understand.

Drever History

Drever Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Drever is an intriguing modern-day breed with a slightly well-documented history. The Drever was created in the early 19th Century as a game dog. The purpose of this amazing breed was to drive fast game towards the hunter. The parents of the Drever remain unknown, which is why we can’t analyze their history. One of the parents was the Westpalian Dachsbracke.

The Westpalian was a remarkable hunting dog. The Westpalian was originally from Germany. After the popularity boost of the Drever, the Westpalian lost its rightful place. Coming back to the Drever, it quickly gained fame to the point that it became the dominant breed in Sweden. The Drever is accepted and standardized in Sweden. It has yet to be accepted into the AKC’s books.

Drever Characteristics

The Drever is often likened to the Dachshund. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s almost similar in shape and size. The body of the Drever has the same hot dog shape and stockiness. The Drever will have round eyes. Its ears typically drop to the side of its head. It has short legs and an ample amount of muscle to go with its size. The coat of the Drever is usually short and easy to manage.

How Big do Drever Get

The Drever is a small breed thanks to its Westpalian genes. The usual height range for the Drever is 13 to 15 inches for males and 12 to 14 inches for females. The weight of the Drever is 31 to 35 lbs for both genders.

How Long Does Drever Live

The Drever will normally live a long and healthy life of 12 to 15 years. You can expect this value to go up to 16 or 17 if you give it a healthy diet and exercise.

How Much Does a Drever Cost

The Drever doesn’t have a fixed market because of its rarity. The average price will be above 400 dollars. The price will rise based on how healthy the puppy is and where the breeder is from.

Drever Temperament/Personality

The Drever is a well-mannered gentle dog. The Drever won’t tolerate anything that dares to harm its family. Strangers will have a hard time getting on its good side. It has a high prey drive; thus, it’s not suitable for houses with small pets. The people inside the family won’t have any trouble adapting to it. For strangers and other pets, we recommend socialization in its early formative years.

Training it won’t be as easy as the other breeds. It has a stubborn streak that makes training difficult. You may use the help of a professional to make your life easier. It would be best if you also refrained from scolding it. It will have a hard time following orders. It’s a lovely breed, but we won’t recommend it for first-timers.

Caring for Drever

The Drever is a breed that requires human interaction and intervention to maintain its health. The level and types of help that it requires have been stated below to make things easier for you.

Drever Nutrition

The Drever is a healthy breed but small in size. Thus the average volume that it should get should not be more than one cup per day. You may want to look into Food for Small Dogs to get the right nutritional value for your buddy.

How to Groom a Drever

The Drever will require about two weekly sessions. Generally, this is less than the usual frequency because its coat is easier to manage. You will require a special Dog Brush to keep its coat free and breathable. The most important thing is taking care of its bathing routine. It will require a bath every month or two months. The frequency can be increased if it gets itself into a sticky situation. It’s also of vital importance that you use a Dog Shampoo to maintain the health of its skin. The nails of this breed have to be trimmed every two weeks. You should also keep an eye on its dental health. Otherwise, you’ll have to face some serious conditions.

Drever Activity Levels

The activity levels of the Drever will vary between moderately high to very high. We recommend giving it at least 40 to 50 minutes of daily exercise to remain on the safe side. The Drever will always be ready for both a good snuggle and a healthy walk. You’re safe either way because it doesn’t trouble its humans much.

Caring for Drever

The Drever is an overall healthy breed. The only additional problems that you have to remain careful about include over-exertion. Your buddy won’t tolerate extreme heat. Keeping it sheltered from the harsh summer sun is the safest choice. The Drever tends to go after whatever piques its interest. Thus you should use a Dog Harness to keep it in reach. The use of a Dog Bed to keep it inside the house is also recommended.

Drever Health

The Drever has some unique weaknesses that could scare almost anyone. The first of these conditions is Otitis Externa, followed by Intervertebral Disc disease, Degeneration, and Demodectic Mange. A creeping problem of deafness is another problem that you should remain aware of.

The one-stop-shop solution to all of these problems is care and caution. If you cover any diagnosed deficiencies on time, then these problems won’t dare come near your buddy. Take your buddy to the vet’s office as often as you can. Allow the vet to run his examinations and wait for the results. That is the best option for you right now.

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