Eagle Pack Dog Food Review – Recalls, Coupons, Comparisons (Updated 2020)

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Eagle Pack Dog Food ReviewEagle Pack is a pet food brand started in 1970. They are owned and managed by WellPet LLC, which also owns Wellness Natural Pet Food among other brands. Eagle Pack’s focus is on providing natural, balanced nutrition for dogs made from high-quality ingredients without artificial preservatives or fillers. They distribute through regional chains and independent pet stores – online as well as in-stores. Eagle Pack claims to promote results you can see in your dog’s coat, eyes, digestion and energy level.

Types of Eagle Pack Dog Food

Eagle Pack offers a small selection of dog food products compared to some other brands. However, their guarantee of offering only high-quality products makes up for any lack of variety. Eagle Pack claims on their website that each of their recipes are formulated with input from veterinarians and animal nutritional experts. They offer dry dog food lines for both puppies and adult dogs as well as a few canned food options. They do not offer any treats or supplements.

For puppies, Eagle Pack provides three formula options: an original formula, small-breed formula and large-breed formula. For adult dogs, they provide six different options: an original recipe chicken and pork, original recipe lamb and brown rice, a reduced-fat formula, a “power” formula for active dogs, and specific large-breed and small-breed options. Check out our other recommendations for food for small dogs and large dogs.

Best Eagle Pack Dog FoodsIn addition to their dry food products, Eagle Pack offers a limited line of canned dog food. Each of their formulas are nutritionally balanced and appropriate for dogs of all ages. They come in four flavors: turkey, beef, chicken and lamb.

Following is a complete list of all of the dog food options Eagle Pack offers:

Dry Recipes:

Canned Recipes:


It is easy to tell looking at the ingredient list for Eagle Pack’s products that their formulas are made up of primarily healthy and natural ingredients. The first ingredient for all their recipes is some variety of meat meal such as chicken or pork. Grains, such as rice, oatmeal and barley, are high on the list as well. Flaxseeds and vegetables such as peas are also consistently found in their recipes. Chelated minerals, typically found in higher-quality dog food as they are attached to protein and easier to absorb, are included in their formulas. Herbal extracts and tocopherols (Vitamin E) are used as natural antioxidant supplements. Dried fermentation products are also added, which are considered a high-quality ingredient and act as probiotics to support regular digestion and gut health.

Eagle Pack’s formulas are made to be highly digestible for dogs and beneficial to their overall health. However, this is not the case if your dog suffers from food allergies and sensitivities. There are many dog food brands out there that carry products for dogs with sensitive stomachs and grain-free dog food, but Eagle Pack is not one of them. While Eagle Pack does not contain corn, wheat, or soy, there are a couple of ingredients in their mixes that are sometimes considered “controversial”. Tomato pomace, which is found in Eagle Pack’s recipes, is sometimes looked at as a cheap dog food filler. While inexpensive, it does contribute a high nutrient content and fiber to dog food. Brewer’s yeast, a biproduct of brewing beer, is also a controversial ingredient because some dogs are allergic to it. However, for most dogs it acts as a useful source of healthy minerals and protein.

While Eagle Pack promotes themselves as providing “nutrition you can trust”, they do not provide any specific information on where the ingredients in their dog food are sourced from. WellPet LLC, which owns the Eagle Pack brand, is headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts and manufactures all their products in facilities around the United States.

Comparison to Other Leading Brands

Eagle Pack Dog Food GuaranteeEagle Pack is comparable in price to brands like Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild, with Natural Balance and Diamond offering some more affordable options with similar formulas. Overall, Eagle Pack is affordable for the quality, though it does cost more than your usually lower-quality grocery store kibble. Their cheapest options go for around $35 for a 30-pound bag, while their more expensive specialty varieties cost up to $60 for the same amount. They also offer smaller 15-pound bags for between $20 and $33, which are a great way to test if your dog likes the brand. Some products are also available in 6-pound and 40-pound bags. Their wet food is sold in cases of 12 for between $25 and $35, which comes out to about $2-$3 per can.

Recall History

Eagle Pack has adopted a Quality Assurance program that exceeds the standards set but the FDA and AAFCO and is committed to the highest safety standards in all their products. This level of care is proven in the fact that they have not experienced any product recalls in the 25-year history of the brand.

Coupons and Discounts

Eagle Pack dog food can be purchased from several online pet food retailers such as Chewy and Amazon, often at discounted rates with free shipping. Eagle Pack also sometimes offers coupons on their company website, which you can monitor by signing up for their email updates. Individual retailers may also offer coupons for the brand from time to time.

Eagle Pack Dog Food Review Conclusion

We give Eagle Pack an overall rating of “very good”. In all, any dog would be lucky to eat their dog food every day, as all their recipes are made from superior ingredients and high-quality supplements. Eagle Peak products are a great choice for your dog’s health as well as being great quality for the price.

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