East European Shepherd Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The East European Shepherd is the alpha-breed of friendliness and tactfulness. It’s smart, lovable, and it loves snuggling. Be warned its snuggle is like being wrapped in a blanket. Its handsome looks aren’t the only thing that makes it special. The East European Shepherd has an amazing personality to go with its looks. You won’t be disappointed with the East European Shepherd.

We know that this is insufficient data to describe the East European Shepherd. This is why we will dive to the depths of the East European Shepherd’s definition. You will learn about everything relevant and related to the East European Shepherd in the next few paragraphs.

East European Shepherd History

East European Shepherd Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe East European Shepherd is a unique breed because it wasn’t developed by luck. The East European Shepherd was developed for a purpose. What was the purpose? It all began with the military of Russia. The German Shepherd’s efficiency enamored the high command. Thus they decided that Russia needed a breed like the German Shepherd. Work began on the development of this breed in the Byelorussian region.

Various cold-resistant breeds like the Laika, Caucasian, and Central-Asian Shepherd were used in its development. As mentioned above, all of the breeds were crossed at various intervals with the German Shepherd to get the East European Shepherd. Miraculously the East European Shepherd retained positive traits from all of its parents. The result of this wonderful combination came out as a well-rounded East European Shepherd. The KGB and various other forces quickly adopted the breed.

East European Shepherd Characteristics

The East European Shepherd is a breed that was meant for specific environments. This gives it a certain physical appearance. The East European Shepherd was meant to withstand the cold. Thus the superbly dense coat comes as no surprise. It has straight erect ears and deep round eyes. It has a broad head with a strong jaw. The coat colors of the East European Shepherd are usually dark and somber. It has a muscular body with slightly leaning back legs. Let’s just say you won’t be able to outrun it in any way.

How Big do East European Shepherd Get

The East European Shepherd is a breed meant to intimidate and work. No wonder its proportions are so large. The normal height range of the East European Shepherd for males is 26 to 30 inches. For females, this range is only a bit short at 24 to 28 inches. The corresponding weight ranges are 66 to 110 lbs for females and 77 to 132 lbs for males.

How Long Does East European Shepherd Live

A healthy breed like the East European Shepherd will usually live between 12 to 14 years old. This lifespan may be boosted with the right diet and care of its health.

How Much Does a East European Shepherd Cost

The East European Shepherd has a certainly well-established market, and its demand is quite high. Thus its price range will usually be above 900 dollars. The price will vary greatly based on the breeder’s region and the pedigree of the puppy.

East European Shepherd Temperament/Personality

The East European Shepherd only looks threatening; inside the house, it’s as playful as a cat. The East European Shepherd has been known to live peacefully with every age group. As long the person is a part of the family, the East European Shepherd will love it unconditionally. It will get along with other dogs and cats too, but unfortunately, it is a bit awkward. You will have to be the mediator and teach it how to behave and socialize. If a threat comes your way, then there is no better deterrent than the East European Shepherd.

Training it isn’t for the soft and inexperienced people. The East European Shepherd will require a firm hand. It needs a role model that it can look up to more than anything else. We recommend getting a Dog Training Book to make your experience easier. It would also be best if you took professional help in training it.

Caring for East European Shepherd

Every happy giant deserves the love and care of its owner. To help you take care of this gentle giant, we have compiled a list of all its needs.

East European Shepherd Nutrition

The East European Shepherd is a large dog and requires food accordingly. The daily dosage of its food should not exceed three cups. You may use delicious foods like Purina Dog Food and Dogswell Dog Food to tingle its taste buds.

How to Groom a East European Shepherd

The East European Shepherd will require at least two grooming sessions per week. You will have to brush its coat more frequently if you cannot tolerate hair inside of the house. Use a healthy ergonomic Dog Brush for its brushing session. You will have to bathe it only a few times per year. Whenever you bathe it, use a Dog Shampoo to keep its skin and coat healthy. Finally, trim its nails whenever you hear that distinct click sound of its nails scraping against the flood. Brush its teeth at least two times per week.

East European Shepherd Activity Levels

The East European Shepherd has been developed to be a working dog. Consequently, it has an almost infinite store of energy. If you think that a short walk will satisfy it, then you couldn’t have been more wrong. The East European Shepherd will require at least two hours of your daily time to maintain its health and happiness.

Caring for East European Shepherd

The East European Shepherd requires some additional care and caution apart from its usual routines. The first and most important out of it all is keeping it busy. Never leave the East European Shepherd idle for a long period. If you do, then it will get self-destructive. The second important part is ensuring that it stays dry. Otherwise, it will develop certain skin problems and ear problems. Finally, give it a lot of love and supervise it around small pets.

East European Shepherd Health

The East European Shepherd has multiple bloodlines and genes mixed in its pool. Normally this would mean that the East European Shepherd is highly susceptible to some serious problems. Guess what? The East European Shepherd doesn’t follow the trend; it breaks it. There are no known conditions that the East European Shepherd is susceptible to. Yes, with age, certain problems with its eyes and ears may arise, but otherwise, it’s a healthy breed. We still recommend taking it for health check-ups just to be safe against any hidden conditions.

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