East Siberian Laika Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The East Siberian Laika is a Russian Breed with a wise personality. If you want a dog that can withstand the cold, protect your family and walk with you like a friend, then there is no better choice than the East Siberian Laika. The cuddliness factor of this breed is off the charts high. It has an appearance that demands attention.

To learn more about this amazing breed, read on and understand. You may want to pay close attention to some specific parts to gauge your compatibility with this breed.

East Siberian Laika History

East Siberian Laika Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe East Siberian Laika is an original Russian breed. The East Siberian Laika is from the category of Laika dogs. The Laika dogs were divided based on the areas of their birth and origins. The areas are East Siberian, Russo-European, Karelo-Finnish, and West Siberian Laika. The ancestors of the East Siberian Laika are thought to be tamed wolves and mysterious breeds of Japanese and Chinese descent. The East Siberian Laika was officially separated from its peers in 1947.

The reason for this separation was a necessity. Before 1947 the breed was nearly extinct. More specialized dogs of various sizes became more popular and decreased the demand for the East Siberian Laika. The Government took it upon themselves to save this amazing breed. There were only 39 East Siberian Laika dogs in 1970. The East Siberian Laika has regained some of its numbers, but it still remains quite rare.

East Siberian Laika Characteristics

The East Siberian Laika looks more like a wolf than a normal dog. It has a dense double coat that can withstand the sheer cold of the North. The length of the coat is medium, and the texture is harsh. It has erect ears and a long thin muzzle. It has a large muscular body, with long and dedicated legs. The paws are well padded, and its back legs lean slightly. The East Siberian Laika color variations are Black, Brown, Red, Tan, or Pied. The eyes of the East Siberian Laika are ever vigilant and have a sharp look.

How Big do East Siberian Laika Get

The East Siberian Laika is a healthy large dog. The proportions for the male East Siberian Laika are 22 to 26 inches in height and 40 to 51 lbs of weight. Consequently, the proportions for the females are slightly less. The height range for females is 20 to 24 inches. The weight range for females is 40 to 51 lbs, the same as the males.

How Long Does East Siberian Laika Live

The East Siberian Laika is a healthy breed with considerable sturdiness. The average lifespan accordingly of the East Siberian Laika is 12 to 15 years. You may be interested in knowing that the East Siberian Laika can live way beyond this value with a little extra care.

How Much Does a East Siberian Laika Cost

The East Siberian Laika will usually cost you anything more than 600 dollars. The price can even go up by few sweet thousands. The reason for this variance will usually be the pedigree and health of the puppy.

East Siberian Laika Temperament/Personality

The East Siberian Laika is a loyal breed with a protective personality. Typically people inside of the house are its friends. According to the East Siberian Laika, anyone or anything that dares to threaten its humans deserves instant punishment. The East Siberian Laika won’t do well with other pets. It wants a territory of its won. Any pet or stranger that wants to trespass on its territory must do so at their own risk.

Training the East Siberian Laika isn’t for the faint-hearted people. You will have to be slightly assertive and dominant. Otherwise, the East Siberian Laika will not listen to you. We recommend getting a Dog Training Book to help you in your ventures. You may bring Dog Treats into use, but don’t rely on them heavily. You will also require professional help if you can’t take care of it properly by yourself.

Caring for East Siberian Laika

If you want to know what your buddy needs and how you’re supposed to take care of it, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on with us to never mess up your buddy’s health or mood again.

East Siberian Laika Nutrition

The East Siberian Laika is a large breed that remains active throughout the day. It will need healthy food accordingly. You may use the brand Purina Dog Food or Nutro Dog Food to give it its daily dose. Please do not give it more than three cups per day.

How to Groom a East Siberian Laika

The East Siberian Laika will require at least two brushing sessions per week. It will shed moderately for most of the year. In extremely warm weather, it will shed excessively. During shedding months, you will have to brush it every day. Bathing it should not be a frequent activity, especially since it doesn’t develop any foul odor. It would be best if you bathed the East Siberian Laika only with a Dog Shampoo. You should trim its nails to keep its paws safe from infection. Brush its teeth at least three times per week to promote good dental health.

East Siberian Laika Activity Levels

The East Siberian Laika is a highly active breed. You will have to devote at least an hour of your day to its exercise. The East Siberian Laika, despite its silent nature, is not fit for apartments. Its large size and territorial nature make it a hazard for apartments. You will have to give it a large open space to operate in. Please take it to the park as often as you can, but keep it on a leash.

Caring for East Siberian Laika

The East Siberian Laika doesn’t need much. There are something’s that should be looked out for in its care. The East Siberian Laika should be kept sheltered from extreme heat no matter what. You should also ensure a changing training routine to keep it engaged. Try not to leave it alone for long because it does get self-destructive.

East Siberian Laika Health

The East Siberian Laika is a healthy breed. The reason for its well of health is primarily its pure genes. The only problems you should be slightly concerned about are Mono/Bilateral, Cryptorchidism, Hip/Elbow Dysplasia. You should ensure monthly medical checkups to keep it healthy and in line. The other major point of interest is ensuring that its diet remains healthy and nutritious. The vet is the person who you should rely on most because he is there for a reason.

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