Englian Mastiff Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Englian Mastiff is a glorious breed, with the size of a giant but the heart of a rabbit. It doesn’t get aggressive; it doesn’t bark. The only thing that it does is love its human unconditionally. You will love the Englian Mastiff, and we know it. To learn more about this amazing breed, read on.

Englian Mastiff History

Englian Mastiff Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Englian Mastiff is a breed with a slightly undocumented history. For this specific reason, to understand the history of this breed, we will have to rely on the history of its parents. The Neopolitan Mastiff is the first parent. The roots of this breed can be traced back to the fighting Molossus class from Roman times. The breed was used extensively in warfare and protection. It somehow survived its imminent extinction in Campania. The breed is still used widely as a guard and deterrent dog. The AKC accepted it in 2004.

The English Mastiff, like all European Mastiffs, is a descendant of the Ancient Tibetan Breed. The breed has been used extensively as fighting dogs throughout history. Caesar was the first person to bring the Mastiff from his journeys. The breed was put to the Arena, where it fought with bloody vigor. These violent traditions were wiped out at the end of the 18th century. Now the English Mastiff is being used in various law enforcement fields.

Englian Mastiff Characteristics

The Englian Mastiff is a giant (literally) in the world of dogs. This giant’s stature is a trait inherited from its parents, like the numerous other traits. The first, most noticeable thing about the Englian Mastiff is its large head. Its face also has a healthy drooping mask. The eyes of the Englian Mastiff can be either brown or hazel. The body of the Englian Mastiff will be large, with strong legs. It will have a medium-length muzzle and smooth/short coat.

How Big do Englian Mastiff Get

The Englian Mastiff is a massive breed with beyond normal proportions. The height range for the Englian Mastiff is a gigantic 30 to 37 inches for males and 27 to 30 inches for females. The normal weight range for the Englian Mastiff is 160 to 170 lbs and 150 to 165 lbs for males and females, respectively. Anything more means that a check-up for the Englian Mastiff is needed.

How Long Does Englian Mastiff Live

The Englian Mastiff, unfortunately, according to the statistics, lives a relatively short life. The average figure for its lifespan is thought to be between 6 and 12 years. This range is very wide because of the various inherent conditions passed on to the Englian Mastiff.

How Much Does a Englian Mastiff Cost

The Englian Mastiff will usually have a slightly diversified cost range because of its amazing parents. The Englian Mastiff will cost the average buyer a value between 600 and 1000 dollars. You will have to pay more than this sum depending on the area of your breeder and the health of your puppy.

Englian Mastiff Temperament/Personality

Don’t judge a book by its cover; it could not have been more true. The Englian Mastiff may look all dangerous, but it has a heart of pure gold. The Englian Mastiff will never harm children or other pets. It’s one of the friendliest doggies in existence. Yes, it will harm anyone that tries to hurt its family. We recommend giving your buddy early socialization sessions to make things easier and smoother.

Training the Englian Mastiff can become hectic if you don’t know how to teach them. They need a firm role model and leader to teach them the tricks. You will have a hard time teaching it if you have a laid-back personality. We recommend diligent training and a firm routine. It will respond well if it acknowledges you as a leader.

Caring for Englian Mastiff

Despite its size, the Englian Mastiff is a vulnerable little child that needs your help. What kind of help? What will you have to do? To get the answer to this question, read on.

Englian Mastiff Nutrition

The Englian Mastiff is a healthy breed that will require proper Dog Food. You are advised to give it at least three to four cups of delicious food per day. You may use Nutro Dog Food or Pedigree Dog Food to give its taste buds an unforgettable experience.

How to Groom a Englian Mastiff

The Englian Mastiff doesn’t shed much and has a short coat. Normally, brushing its coat daily is the requirement because of the sheer size of this breed. We recommend using a healthy ergonomic Dog Brush to carry out the process. We recommend bathing the Englian Mastiff only rarely. Also, whenever you bathe the Englian Mastiff, use a Dog Shampoo to keep its skin and coat healthy. You should trim its nails after every two to three weeks. Ensure regularity in brushing its teeth. Commonly the routine should be repeated every two days, or as often as you can.

Englian Mastiff Activity Levels

Like all great giants, the Englian Mastiff doesn’t like moving around much. Yes, it will love snuggling and cuddling, but extensive exercise isn’t its thing. We recommend a healthy walk in the evenings of at least an hour. Walks are a good way of keeping it healthy and giving it a whiff of fresh air. You can also give it intellectual dog puzzles to play, to keep its mind fresh and engaged.

Caring for Englian Mastiff

The Englian Mastiff doesn’t need a lot of additional care. There are only two major things that you should look out for. First of all, please clean its ears, and any folds that it has. The moisture and dirt captured in these folds can lead to nasty conditions. Secondly, please give your buddy a lot of love. The Englian Mastiff doesn’t like being alone and ignored. If you have a child in your family, then you won’t have to worry about that.

Englian Mastiff Health

The Englian Mastiff remains comparatively healthier. The reason for this is the slight similarities between its parents. The only major issues that the health of the Englian Mastiff faces are Bloat, Cherry Eye, PRA, Cardiomyopathy, and Entropion. You will also have to remain careful about Hip Dysplasia, especially when it’s young.

To keep the Englian Mastiff healthy and happy, we recommend weekly check-ups. If you can’t manage weekly consultations, then go for monthly examinations. As long as the vet has a record of the changes going on inside your buddy’s body, things will be fine. The main thing is keeping everything in control by nipping the buds of developing problems.

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