English Boston-Bulldog Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

If there is any breed that we consider perfect, then it is the English Boston Bulldog. Why? Just by looking at its parents, we understand the beauty of this breed. It is dynamic and adaptable. It’s changed over the years from its previous self into the current best version of itself. You probably don’t know what we are talking about, but you will understand everything soon.

English Boston-Bulldog History

English Boston Bulldog Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe English Boston-Bulldog is a rare breed, thus doesn’t have a viable history. To understand the intricacy of the English Boston Bulldog, we must look at the history of its parents. The Boston Terrier is a breed with a slightly bloody past. It was originally made by crossing small-sized Terriers. The breed quickly gained recognition and was used entirely in pits. It was domesticated and became tamer after the bloody games were outlawed. It was accepted by the AKC in 1893.

The English Bulldog is a breed descended from the Mastiffs of Asia. The birthplace of this breed is believed to be the British Isles. Like the Boston Terrier, this strong doggie was put to the ring. Fortunately, the bloody rituals and practices were outlawed in 1835. The breed became tamer and friendlier afterward. Currently, it is considered a mellow breed with a handsome face.

English Boston-Bulldog Characteristics

Fortunately, the English Boston Bulldog has enough documented cases to give a certain standard for its characteristics. The body of the English Boston-Bulldog will be built to withstand. The stockiness of the English Boston-Bulldog will be similar to the Bulldog. It will have firm legs and a large head. The jaw of the English Boston Bulldog will be square and strong. The ears of the English Boston Bulldog will be triangular and slightly folded or drooping. By all standards, the English Boston Bulldog is going to be a handsome boy.

How Big do English Boston-Bulldog Get

The English Boston Bulldog is a medium size at best. The proportions of the English Boston-Bulldog include a height range of 17 to 18 inches for males and 15 to 17 inches for females. The weights are adequate ranges of 24 to 25 lbs and 20 to 25 lbs for males and females respectively.

How Long Does English Boston-Bulldog Live

The English Boston-Bulldog is a very healthy breed and thus lives a relatively long lifespan. Normally the lifespan of the English Boston-Bulldog will be between 8 and 12 years. You can expect it to live way longer if the English Boston Bulldog has a healthy lifestyle. In the English Boston Bulldog’s case, we recommend paying extra attention to the health and care section. Believe us, when we say, that it will help you a lot.

How Much Does a English Boston-Bulldog Cost

The cost of the English Boston Bulldog will usually be less than 4000 dollars. It’s not a shocking fact, because this breed has a well-established reputation. Its parents are equally important and recognized, which means that they have high prices attached too. Thus the price for the English Boston Bulldog is relatively high. Normally the price will be at least 600 dollars.

English Boston-Bulldog Temperament/Personality

The English Boston Bulldog is a mellow breed, with a friendly demeanor. If you want a breed that can get along with almost anyone in the family, then the English Boston Bulldog is the breed for you. It loves being around new people and pets. If you give it early socialization, it will get along with almost any type of pet. It won’t harm children, and the English Boston Bulldog will love attention.

Training the English Boston Bulldog will normally be easy, because of their people-pleasing nature. The best thing to understand here is that the English Boston Bulldog will not appreciate being scolded. It may inherit a slightly stubborn streak. You can manage that easily with a bit of encouragement and some tasty Dog Treats to keep it motivated. You may also use a Dog Training Book to help you get the edge if you are a beginner.

Caring for English Boston-Bulldog

The English Boston-Bulldog is a cute and goofy breed that cannot maintain its health by itself. You will have to intervene and take care of it properly if you want it to stay happy.

English Boston-Bulldog Nutrition

The English Boston Bulldog is a small to semi-medium-sized doggie. Normally one cup of Dog Food for Small Dogs should be enough to keep the English Boston-Bulldog happy. You can have a look at all of the different types of foods available for small dogs to make the best choice for your buddy. Our choices for the English Boston-Bulldog are Blue Buffalo Dog Food and Pedigree Dog Food.

How to Groom a English Boston-Bulldog

The English Boston Bulldog has a healthy coat that can be managed quite easily. Commonly it will require about two to three brushing sessions every week. You will have to be more careful about bathing it, due to its sensitive skin. Using a medicated and vet-approved shampoo meant for dogs is recommended highly. Last but not the least, please pay attention to its nails and teeth. Both of these parts require care and attention.

English Boston-Bulldog Activity Levels

The activity levels of the English Boston-Bulldog are highly dependent on its age. It will be bursting with energy throughout its youth. Afterward, it will enjoy a slow walk and snuggling more than a vigorous exercise. Normally in its youth, you should devote at least an hour of your daily time to keep it happy and active.

Caring for English Boston-Bulldog

The English Boston Bulldog has a few additional things that should be taken care of properly. The first of these is safety from the sun. It is of the utmost importance that the English Boston Bulldog be kept sheltered from the heat. It can heat up like a black car, burning under the sun. Apart from that you should also give it a lot of attention and keep its ears clean.

English Boston-Bulldog Health

The English Boston Bulldog is a hybrid breed, which simply means inherited susceptibilities. The main conditions that the English Boston Bulldog may have to face include Cataracts, Glaucoma, Cherry Eye, and Skin Infections. The range of these conditions is very vague, but that’s just how the English Boston-Bulldog is. Normally the English Boston-Bulldog will also be prone to various other conditions especially infections of different types.

The best advice that we can give you is to use a healthy combination of dietary supplements and skincare products. Both of these will keep it safe from the inside and outside. For more complex procedures we recommend contacting your vet. Typically the vet’s office needs to be visited at least two times per month.

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