English Bull Dane Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The English Bull Dane is another addition to the list of giants with gentle hearts. To say that the English Bull Dane has a fragile and sensitive personality would not be wrong in the slightest bit. The English Bull Dane has an amazing loving personality. It loves being the apple of everyone’s eyes. Young, old it doesn’t matter, this breed just wants to spread love. The positivity of this breed should become apparent in the next few paragraphs.

English Bull Dane History

English Bull Dane Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe English Bull Dane is a cross between two giants of the dog world, figuratively and literally. Today we are going to dive into the history of its parents. The Great Dane is an ancient breed. It has references and depictions dating back to 3000 B.C. The birth of this breed is attributed to the Assyrians. They crossed the Irish Wolfhound, Greyhound, and Mastiff to get this amazing breed. Over the centuries it has been developed to fit various purposes.

The English Bulldog is a breed thought to be a descendant of the Mastiffs from Asia. The birth of this breed took place in the British Isles, as you may have inferred from its name. The English Bulldog has a violent past. It was mainly used as a baiting and fighting breed. Fortunately, this breed was saved after the practices were outlawed in 1835. In the past centuries, the breed has developed significantly for the better.

English Bull Dane Characteristics

The English Bull Dane is an uncommon breed, so there isn’t a fixed banner for it to rally to. The physical characteristics of the English Bull Dane can switch either way, to any parent. Normally the coat of the English Bull Dane will be short to medium length. The texture of the coat will be smooth and slightly glossy. The eyes of the English Bull Dane will be round and large. It will have a long muzzle and a strong muscled physique. The colors for the English Bull Dane’s coat include Brown, White, and Black mainly.

How Big do English Bull Dane Get

The English Bull Dane is a medium to mostly giant-sized breed. Rarely will you find a medium-sized English Bull Dane. Normally the height of the English Bull Dane will be between 15 and 35 inches. The weight of the English Bull Dane will be between a whopping 53 and 180 lbs. A few more pounds and you could probably use it for a bench press.

How Long Does English Bull Dane Live

Unfortunately, the English Bull Dane won’t have a long lifespan. Normally the lifespan of the English Bull Dane will be between 7 and 10 years. The reason for this unfortunate fact is its inherent weak immune system. If you want the English Bull Dane to live a longer life, then you’d better start taking care of its healthy from point zero to infinity.             

How Much Does a English Bull Dane Cost

The English Bull Dane has a separate and dedicated fan base thanks to its amazing parents. You will most likely have to pay at least a thousand dollars for a healthy English Bull Dane puppy. The price of the English Bull Dane will change based on numerous factors including the health of the puppy and the pedigree of its parents. If your puppy has undergone initial medical procedures then the price will increase by a few hundred bucks.

English Bull Dane Temperament/Personality

If you think that the imposing size of the English Bull Dane could be a problem, then you have never been more wrong. The English Bull Dane is a giant guardian angel. It loves being around its family. Young children will gt along with it the most. No matter how much you play or dote on it, it will always need more attention and love. The best part is that the English Bull Dane gets along with other pets too. We still recommend early socialization to make things easier.

Training the English Bull Dane is easy even by beginner standards. If you know what you are supposed to be doing, then the English Bull Dane will prove to be a good student. It loves performing and learning various tricks. A few Dog Treats to enforce good behavior will help a lot. If you don’t know what you should be doing then, please use a Dog Training Book.

Caring for English Bull Dane

The giant with a heart of pure 24K gold will require your care and attention to remain happy and healthy. We recommend paying attention to the points mentioned below to make your companionship easier.

English Bull Dane Nutrition

Normally the English Bull Dane has the tummy space to hold at least three top four cups of Dog Food. We recommend keeping the food simple but delicious. We recommend Iams Dog Food and Natures Recipe Dog Food. The best food will normally be nutrient-rich and tasty at the same time, like the choices mentioned above.

How to Groom a English Bull Dane

The grooming routine of any dog mainly consists of the brushing sessions. The first thing of importance is to note that the English Bull Dane will require daily brushing sessions. The English Bull Dane will require its compulsory bath every two or three months. We recommend using a Medicated shampoo for dogs to keep its skin healthy and breathable. Finally, you should brush its teeth and trim its nails. Trim its nails only two times over one month.

English Bull Dane Activity Levels

The English Bull Dane is moderately active for its size. You will have to give it only about 40 minutes of your daily time to its exercise. It will enjoy a good snuggle more than a vigorous exercise session.

Caring for English Bull Dane

Yes, the English Bull Dane will require some care and additional measures. The first thing on the list is keeping it happy. The English Bull Dane loves being the focus of attention. Leaving it alone for too long will give it a broken heart. Give it lots of love and care. The second and final thing is finding the right routine for your English Bull Dane to keep it engaged. Otherwise, it will lose interest.

English Bull Dane Health

Considering its mixed bloodlines, it’s not surprising finding out that the English Bull Dane has to face some serious health issues. Most of these are related to the eyes of the English Bull Dane. The most prominent and frequently found issues are Myotonia and Cherry Eye. The other problematic conditions include Entropion and Hip Dysplasia. If that’s not enough then obesity is another problem that leads to a whole host of other issues.

Keeping its obesity in control isn’t that hard, you only have to keep an eye on its diet. The other problems are more likely to attack the English Bull Dane with age. We recommend weekly visits to the vet’s office. The vet can diagnose the problem for you and give you a viable solution. If you want our advice, then we say please take the vet’s advice.

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