English Lhasa Bull Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

English Lhasa Bull is the combination of Bulldog and Lhasa Apso. These two dogs were intentionally bred to have a dog with their unique specifications. Bulldog, which is a family dog, is also used for directing bulls and supervise them. In comparison, the other parent breed was a tiny temple guardian in old times.

The mixed-breed tends to be calmer than Lhasa Apso and is more playful even after maturing, unlike Bulldog. English Lhasa Bull is a pleasing and amiable dog which makes it a good companion for home. Their nature is entertaining and energetic, making them adjust to every size of the house, although they can be uncomfortable with strangers.

English Lhasa Bull History

English Lhasa Bull Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowEnglish Lhasa Bull is the hybrid dog that came out as a result of cross breeding between Bulldog and Lhasa Apso. Lhasa Apso are believed to be descendants of mountain wolves due to their ability to withstand cold. In the mountains of Tibet, they acted as a watchdog for monasteries and temples of Buddhist Monks. Experts believe they are descendants of Tibetan Terriers. They were also good at determining between friend and stranger.

The English Bulldog has an obscure origin, with some said that it is a descendant of Mastiff breed dog and Pug dog, which is smaller in size. But mainly, they were used in England to control and guard the bulls. They were extremely aggressive and had a high tolerance. Thus, English Lhasa Bull is a crossbreed of these and is more energetic with average exercise requirements.

English Lhasa Bull Characteristics

The characteristics of English Lhasa Bull will depend upon which parent side it has taken the lead in appearance. Such as Lhasa Apso is a furry-coated dog, while the Bulldog is known for its muscles. Generally, it is a medium fur dog with strengthened muscles. But each breed has variation those coming under the bulldog heritage side have muzzles and short but wide heads. At the same time, those who have dominant Lhasa heritage have fewer wide heads and snouts.

How Big to English Lhasa Bull Get

The mixed-breed grows to the height of 12-13 inches for males and 11-12 inches for females. In contrast, the weight of male English Lhasa Bull is 25-40 lbs. Females have a range of 25-35 lbs.

How Long Does English Lhasa Bull Live?

The parent English bulldog is said to live 10-12 years while Lhasa Apso lives about 12-15 years. Like-wise this unique crossbreed is expected to live 12-14 years on average. With love, care, and companionship, its life expectancy can increase by few years.

How Much Does an English Lhasa Bull Cost?

It isn’t easy to find this rare breed, and the parent breed has extraordinary qualities. Thus, you will have to find a breeder who has these; it will depend upon availability. At the same time, no exact range exists for its cost but parent breed cost, Bulldog 1500-4000 $ and Lhasa Apso 1000-1500$.

English Lhasa Bull Temperament/Personality

The English Lhasa Bull’s personality is a mixture of both parents. The Lhasa Apso is a very mighty and independent dog that requires attention for its training. Lhasa’s were also great watchdogs throughout ancient times when they use to look over the temples. They also hold a good instinct for a stranger and can be possessive for their belongings/food.

On the other hand, the English Bulldog, who was previously very aggressive and attentive for watching over bulls, was unruffled and even-tempered with successive breeding. It caused the Bulldog to be more playful and cheerful to be kept as a family dog while protecting and looking after the house. Inheriting from both parents, the crossbreed English Lhasa Bull can be independent, energetic, and stubborn at times like Bulldog.

Caring for English Lhasa Bull

As English Lhasa Bull is a hybrid dog with playful and sweet nature. You can use Plastic Dog Toys and Rubber Dog Toys to engage your pup in cheerful activities.

English Lhasa Bull Nutrition

The Lhasa bull hybrid dog eats almost one and a half cups of meal in a day with small gaps. The most suitable and preferred dog food for Lhasa bull is Diamond naturals dog food and Purina dog food. The average cost of its food per month is estimated to be 25$-30$.

How to Groom an English Lhasa Bull

The grooming necessity will depend upon the coat canine has inherited. If it is more inclined towards Bulldog, then the single coated hybrid breed will require a bath once a month and weekly brushing. Lhasa bulls who inherit from Apso will have a thicker coat demanding daily brushes to avoid tangled hair.

English Lhasa Bull Activity Levels

This hybrid breed, have a moderate level of activity. Twenty to forty minutes of exercise can be enough to satisfy them. Their muzzle is shorter than Bulldog, making them open to high temperatures and hot weather; their walk routine should be in the evening and morning when the temperature is moderate.

Caring for English Lhasa Bull

The cute doggy doesn’t have high activity obligations but needs to be groomed and loved. It is said to be allergic to chicken food and is sensitive like an English Bulldog. In winter, you can use a dog sweater to protect your pet from catching a cold.

Giving baths once/twice a month according to the weather to maintain hygiene and washing away dirt using stain and odor remover is another basic need of this hybrid breed.

English Lhasa Bull Health

Your Lhasa Bull is a cute pup, but it has a chance of getting into various health declining conditions. Such as patellar luxation, hydrocephalus, brachycephalic syndrome, and dental issues.

These are some of the issues your dog can infatuate. Still, a regular veterinarian checkup and examination can probably help you and your English Lhasa Bull to enjoy a long healthy life.

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