English Mastweiler Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

English Mastweiler is a hybrid of the giant English Mastiff and the sturdy Rottweiler. It is modern yet recognized from many dog registries and clubs, including the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, and International Designer Canine Registry. Continue reading this article if you are looking for a dog that can be two in one having best guard dog wonderful companion!

English Mastweiler History

English Mastweiler Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDue to the little history on account of this hybrid, the English Mastweiler, we look at its parental history. English Mastiff is a giant, powerful dog and an ancient breed of Mastiff-like dogs. It is referred to as the Mastiff by many national kennel clubs. The dog is thought to have originated in the 19th century, although the Mastiff-like dogs are present in ancient Asian frescoes and paintings of 2500 BC. Its standard was stabilized in the 1880s when the breed came to England.

On the flip side, the Rottweiler parent of English Mastweiler is an old German breed though it has obscure origins. A theory accepted by many suggests that they descended from the large Roman dogs, the “drover dogs.” These dogs were named so as they used to drove cattle for butchers and cattlemen. The area of their origin is Rottweil, and of course, the dog takes its name after it. Nowadays, this dog is showing its skills as police, guard or military dog.

English Mastweiler Characteristics

The large-sized English Mastweiler has a squarish body with a muscular and sturdy appearance. Its coat comes in so many color assortments, including black rust, black mahogany, or black tan. The coat is also featured by black, white, or brindle splashes, while the black mask is common for this hybrid.

How Big to English Mastweiler Get

English Mastweiler is a fairly large animal with a male dog weighing 120-160 lbs. Standing 27-32 inches at the edge of shoulders. Besides, this hybrid’s female counterpart weighs 100-140 lbs. standing 22-30 25-30 inches.

How Long Does English Mastweiler Live

The English Mastweiler lives for about 8-10 years with proper health and care. Note that the larger the dog, the shorter will be its life span (exceptions may be there). You can help your pup complete this span by giving quality care. Go for Medications for Dogs in case of an ailment through veterinary recommendation is necessary.

How Much Does an English Mastweiler Cost

The average cost of an English Mastweiler is around $1500 – $2500. Investing in your pup is also considered a part of its care so do as much as you can. You can buy different stuff to make him happy and excited. This stuff may include Dog Costume, Puzzle Toys for Dogs, and Jerky Treats for Dogs.

English Mastweiler Temperament/Personality

This hybrid is bold, playful, and fearless with well-developed genetic herding and guarding instincts. It can show some aggressiveness as a hunting dog, but the domesticated canines are gentle and loyal.

During your dog’s formative years, it is important to give it proper training and socialization to refrain from negative tendencies. English Mastweiler is a powerful breed that requires daily interaction with its humans; otherwise, it will grow up suspicious and wary of people.

Lack of socialization and training can also have serious outcomes, so never ignore these two essentials in the first place. This dog is seen as kind with children, but its exceptional strength can be a risk factor, so it is better to keep little kids away from this bigger buddy.

Caring for English Mastweiler

Keeping track of your pups and their socializing can be a challenge. If you are raising a puppy or litter of puppies, then a Dog Camera is well worth the investment for your peace of mind and the best care of the puppies. Below is the list of complete care of your English Mastweiler.

English Mastweiler Nutrition

You can fulfill your English Mastweiler’s bigger stomach and high dietary needs with 3-3.5 cups of high-quality dog food. Split this meal into short and regular meals given throughout the day. It would be best to feed it on a high-quality diet that is grain-free and full of nutrition.

How to Groom an English Mastweiler

English Mastweiler has pretty easy grooming requirements as it has a short coat. Brushing is sufficient once within 2-3 weeks, while the bathing interval must be 6-7 months. Use metal or bristle comb to brush their coarse hair for high management and bath with a delicate dog shampoo. Brush their teeth using dog toothpaste in different flavors, which makes teeth brushing an enjoyable experience.

English Mastweiler Activity Levels

Although the English Mastweiler is an enormous dog with high dietary needs, it needs much less activity than average for its size. Average of 50 to 60 minutes of walk or exercise a day is usually sufficient to keep this doggo strong and healthy. However, keep this dog in large places owing to its big size where it can move freely.

Caring for English Mastweiler

Your English Mastweiler is an adaptive dog and can live in hot and cold environments. Still, it is best to keep your doggy safe from unfavorable climatic conditions. It is easy to manage and train, but the owner must be persistent with leadership qualities.

It is best to take the doggy home in its puppyhood so that you can train it and know it well. If your dog has inherited wrinkles on the body, then look for the moist; otherwise, this trapped moisture or dirt can lead to infections.

English Mastweiler Health

English Mastweiler can be prone to Osteosarcoma, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Bloat, Stenosis, Hypothyroidism, Obesity, Eye disorders, and ear infections. You must take keen care to keep away your doggy from joint issues. Prevent it from slippery surfaces and make sure it does not rough-house or jump from significant heights. Furthermore, examine it regularly yourself and make routine examination sessions at the veterinary clinic.

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