English Sprointer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Cava-corgi is a hybrid breed. Its parents are the English Pointer and the and an English Springer Spaniel. It is a medium-sized, athletic and adorable dog that bonds with the owner and family quickly. Due to protecting nature, it can be your excellent watchdog.

You will be glad to know that this dog can go well even with novice owners. However, some things are tricky to handle, but after reading this article, you will control that.

English Sprointer History

English Sprointer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowIrrespective of its new hybrid status English Sprointer gained popularity somewhat recently. While its history is obscure, we can take its parents’ history to know what it has acquired from its ancestry. The English Springer Spaniel belongs to the Spaniel family that was widely used for flushing and retrieving. It is a breed of gun dog considered the same breed as Cocker Spaniels and was considered similar to the Welsh Springer Spaniel. But after 1902, its breed standard was established, and its Field Trial Association was created in 1924.

On the contrary, English Pointer, commonly known as the Pointer breed of pointing dog tracing its origins to Spain but England refined. It is a medium-sized old breed of dog used to find the game for hunters. It points, not retrieve game, and was used in the field for hunting and pointing out rabbits. Experts believed that the Pointer dog is descended from the Old Spanish Pointer. Its other progenitors are the Spanish Pointers, the Bull Terrier, the Greyhound, Foxhound and Bloodhound, and Spanish Setters.

English Sprointer Characteristics

English Sprointer is a medium-sized, athletic hybrid that inherits coat English Pointer parent. Their coat is short-haired, fine, hard, smooth, and evenly distributed; they are usually bi-colored, white with lemon, orange, liver, or black colored patches. The muzzle is tapered while the ears are less pendulous. The tail is docked to a short stub in those countries that permit docking.

How Big to English Sprointer Get

English Sprointer is a sturdy dog, and the male should be 18-28 inches at the withers weighing approximately 50-75 lbs. Besides, the females should be 17-26 inches and usually 44-65 lbs. Working types can be lighter in weight and finer in bone.

How Long Does English Sprointer Live

Like its parents, the English Sprointer is considered a generally healthy breed with a life expectancy of 13–14 years. With love, care, and companionship, its life expectancy can increase by few years.

How Much Does an English Sprointer Cost

English Sprointer isn’t easy to as it is a rare breed. You will have to find a breeder who carefully carries out the breeding of the English Pointer and an English Springer Spaniel to get this amazing hybrid. It can range anywhere between 700-8000 dollars.

English Sprointer Temperament/Personality

The English Sprointer is a naturally happy, adaptable, obedient, and even-tempered dog. You will find it energetic with a curious and fun-loving nature. They are very fast learners and can be the excellent watchdog for your family and material belongings.

They are good with children, but you should not leave any dog alone with small children. The passion for loving his family and protecting it is rooted in this adorable doggy. Also, he can be a little clingy and will want to be with you anywhere you go. This hybrid does need a lot of activity to avoid boredom, and they are prone to separation anxiety.

They are very friendly and can be troublesome if they are not rendered leadership. If you would love to bond with a dog, it can be the best choice as a family pet.

Caring for English Sprointer

With a training Book, you can learn how to develop a comfortable and trusty bond for giving a healthy environment to your English Sprointer. Give your pup plenty of time and continue reading to know what else you can do to keep him healthy and fit.

English Sprointer Nutrition

The English Sprointer is a medium-sized canine with moderate food requirements. They don’t have any special dietary needs to consider just 2 cups of good quality diet a day, and they are good to go. It is best to opt for the high-quality dry dog food from well-known brands such as Dog Chow Dog Food, Dave’s Dog Food, and Purina Dog Food.

How to Groom an English Sprointer

The English Sprointer has moderate grooming requirements, while grooming depends on the type of coat he inherits. Generally, it does not shed as much as both of his parents. It’s good to trim their hair to avoid any infections.  You can use toothbrushes for dogs to maintain dental hygiene as their small mouths are prone to dental problems.

English Sprointer Activity Levels

The English Sprointer is a playful buddy who needs daily exercise to keep away from having pent-up energy. At least 40-50 minutes of exercise can be enough to satisfy them. These dogs love to accompany you on a walk or jog. Small games with eating rewards to train them are healthy and joyful.

Caring for English Sprointer

The English Sprointer short and fine coat makes it well suited to working outside during the summer months but susceptible to feeling cold during wet and cold weather. Thus, you can use cooling or heating vests for dogs specially designed to maintain their body temperatures.

Only bathe your pup when he gets dirty as the frequent body deprived the body of natural oils, causing itching and irritation. It is important to begin his grooming regimen at an early age to become accustomed to it. Please don’t leave your puppy unattended.

English Sprointer Health

English Sprointer is a healthy hybrid with fewer ailments. It is predisposed to Entropion, Cardiomyopathy, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, and ear infections. A regular veterinarian checkup will help your doggy to enjoy a healthy and life and increased longevity.

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