English Toy Chin Spaniel Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The English Toy Chin Spaniel is a hybrid breed of the English Toy Spaniel and the Japanese Chin. It is a pretty dog with an under and overcoat available in black and white, red and white, brindle colors, or can also be tricolored. Read this article to know all about this wonderful designer dog.

English Toy Chin Spaniel History

English Toy Chin Spaniel Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowWhile there is not much information on the English Toy Chin Spaniel itself, one can still learn much about the breed by studying the parent breeds. King Charles Spaniel or English Toy Spaniel is a spaniel type breed that originated in Asia. The progenitors of this dog are thought to be the Japanese Chin and the Pekinese. The dog is popular for being the favorite of King Charles I and II.

In closer comparison, the Japanese Chin is thought to be originated in China. However, there is no exact chronology of its origin available. However, some frescoes and art pieces of ancient Chinese temples show an ancient dog breed. Other than its exact place of origins, this dog was brought to England in 1613. Since then, it is widely used as a lap dog and companion dog and still a favorite among the eminence. 

English Toy Chin Spaniel Characteristics

The English Toy Chin Spaniel is a small-sized cute canine characterized by a large rounded, broad head, large wide-set dark eyes, a very short broad muzzle. Both of its parents are similar in appearance, so we can’t distinguish its parental traits as these are mixed in this hybrid. Ears are feathered and usually floppy.

How Big to English Toy Chin Spaniel Get

A fully grown-up English Toy Chin Spaniel stands about 8-11 inches in height at the withers. Weight can vary from a low of 4 to a high of 14 lbs with an average of 7 to 9 lbs.

How Long Does English Toy Chin Spaniel Live

English Toy Chin Spaniel lives the average life of a small dog which is 14-17 years. The small-sized dog has relatively long life spans. However, it is a rough estimate which can be increased or decreased.

How Much Does an English Toy Chin Spaniel Cost

The English Toy Chin Spaniel is an adorable hybrid available in economic ranges at somewhat $500 t0 $700. However, we recommend you to adopt instead. There are many rescues and shelters out there where you can search for them.

English Toy Chin Spaniel Temperament/Personality

The English Toy Chin Spaniel is a friendly breed that is alert, intelligent, and independent at the same time. Its playful and naughty nature makes it unsuitable as a watchdog; however, it can be your perfect companion. Loyal to the owners and joyful, it can be an amazing therapy dog.

It is not a high-energy breed and enjoys the company of family members, being primarily a lapdog. Moreover, it loves to play with toys, making it happy by bringing Puzzle Toys for Dogs, Plush Dog Toys, and the like. You will not find this doggo confused in new situations as it can easily adapt to new people.

Although able to bond well with children and tolerant of them, the English Toy Chin Spaniel will not accept rough handling. Try not to leave your little pup alone, as it can experience separation anxiety. It can be a great dog for novice owners.

Caring for English Toy Chin Spaniel

Caring for a canine is a cheerful task that never lets you get bored. Whether it is grooming exercise or else, once the doggy sticks to its routine, it will need no extra effort from your side.

English Toy Chin Spaniel Nutrition

The English Toy Chin Spaniel is a smaller-sized dog with a little stomach that requires around one cup of food per day. It’s fundamental to keep your puppy away from eating more than the limited amount to avoid obesity. We prescribe you to put it on Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs or Food for Small Dogs.

How to Groom an English Toy Chin Spaniel

The English Toy Chin Spaniel has moderate grooming requirements. They need hair brushing at least thrice a week to keep the coat highly maintained. If your puppy needs a bath, be sure to work any tangles out of its hair before getting it wet; otherwise, the tangles will be near impossible to remove. Use Medicated Shampoo for Dogs as its sensitive skin can dry out with harsh products.

English Toy Chin Spaniel Activity Levels

Though English Toy Chin Spaniel is not filled with heaps of energy, it is a lively and playful little doggo that needs daily exercise or an outside walk of 30-40 minutes. Dog parks are recommended for this hybrid as they enjoy interacting with other dogs.

Caring for English Toy Chin Spaniel

Your English Toy Chin Spaniel is not a great shedder, but during shedding season, daily hair brushing may be the best idea. Nail and teeth care are as important as other grooming needs. Also, check and clean out their long and hanging ears frequently. 

You will not require a great deal of effort or time caring for this hybrid as it is easily managed and handled. However, it has a reputation for chasing cars, so it should be on a leash if you are outside with it. Bottom line, handle your puppy with love and care.

English Toy Chin Spaniel Health

Common health issues in the English Toy Chin Spaniel designer dog from its parents are Patellar Luxation, Entropion, Mitral Valve Disease, Elbow, hip dysplasia, ear infections, tooth loss, etc. Cataracts. 

It is always possible that this hybrid may inherit the brachycephalic snout of his Japanese Chin parent. If so, overheating can cause it to have difficulty breathing. Thus, please keep it away from warm climates and ensure regular health visits to the vet.

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