English Toy Papillon Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The name English Toy Papillon combines the two names of its parent breeds: the English Toy Spaniel and the Papillon. It is a small-sized dog with moderate energy needs thus can go easily with the first-timers as well.

Gentle with kids, old, and the other pets is a well-oriented little doggy making a fantastic family friend. Being a little canine, the English Toy Papillon doesn’t need a lot of food. Continue reading this article to know more about this cute whelp.

English Toy Papillon History

English Toy Papillon Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe history of English Toy Papillon is very little since it is a new hybrid, so it is important to look at the histories of the parent breeds. The English Toy Spaniel or King Charles Spaniel is a spaniel type breed in the 16th century in Asia. The progenitors of this dog are thought to be the Japanese Chin and the Pekinese. It is popular for being the favorite of King Charles I and II, while the AKC accepted it in 1886.

Papillon is another parent breed here that got its name from its unique trait of butterfly wing-like ears. It started some 700 years ago in France and was famous with European eminence and royalty. Italian frescoes from the 13th century also depicted this canine. We can see an old dog breed in the thirteenth century’s Italian frescoes and art pieces. The American Kennel Club added this breed to its roster in 1915.

English Toy Papillon Characteristics

English Toy Papillon is a small-sized dog with the compact body of an English Toy Spaniel and slender features of the Papillon. The skull is flat and large; the muzzle pointed while ears can be well fringed and large like Papillon. The coat is dense with medium-length hair available in parti-color or white with patches of any color.

How Big to English Toy Papillon Get

English Toy Papillon weighs between 8-14 lbs and grows between 9 and 11 inches tall. Besides, the bitches are about 7-10 inches tall with an average of 8-14 lbs.

How Long Does English Toy Papillon Live

The English Toy Papillon has the life expectancy of a small-sized canine, i.e., 10 to 15 years. The pet parent may increase or decrease this scale with the care and attention he is giving.

How Much Does an English Toy Papillon Cost

An English Toy Papillon puppy will cost you typical somewhere in the range of $500 and $600. This amount is less than its purebred parents, with English Toy Spaniel ranging $800-$1,000 or a Papillon at more than $1,000.

English Toy Papillon Temperament/Personality

The English Toy Papillon inherits incredible characteristics from both adorable parent breeds. It has a happy and friendly, nature which makes it one of the best therapy dogs. This playful and jolly nature also makes it a fantastic family friend.

Generally, these hybrids are neither shy nor aggressive and display balanced behavior. They are not much sensitive to separation or loneliness but leaving the small pup alone for long would not be a good idea. Gentle with kids, old, and other pets, it is a well-oriented little doggy.

Given the intelligence of parent breeds, they require training and mental stimulation to prevent behavioral issues that arise from lack of activity. They are happiest when they are by their owner’s side, being snuggling or cuddling buddy.

Caring for English Toy Papillon

Besides caring for mandatory needs like diet, grooming, and exercise, it would help if you did not ignore few other essentials of keeping the dog at home. For example, it would be best to have an Outdoor Dog Kennel for your doggy at home where he can stay cozy, happy, and well through even the harshest of winters.

English Toy Papillon Nutrition

Being a little canine, the English Toy Papillon doesn’t need a lot of food. A single cup of good quality dry dog food is all that it needs per day for a healthy stomach and health. Ensure to select the best dog foods at the supermarket considering these brands Purina Dog Food, Human-Grade Dog Food, Blackwood Dog Food.

How to Groom an English Toy Papillon

English Toy Papillon is not completely hypoallergenic but produces fewer allergens. They have a low tendency to drool; thus, they don’t have a doggy odor as such, but you can use a dog deodorizer if you notice any odor. This little doggy needs brushing regularly, which will help keep his coat stripped of dead hairs.

English Toy Papillon Activity Levels

Regardless of a small structure, the English Toy Papillon is filled with heaps of energy, and daily walks or runs are an excellent way to pent up this energy. They also enjoy a good romp in a safe large, fenced area off-leash; however, we recommend not taking them off-leash in open areas.

Caring for English Toy Papillon

As both of their parent breeds, English Toy Papillon can do well in any climate. It is essential to protect your furry little fellow from weather extremes as it is sensitive to cold and heat. Check and clean your puppy’s ears regularly to keep away from ear contaminations.

Make a routine of diet exercise and other requirements of your pup and stick to it. This hybrid can have health issues, so read the heading below to know what you have to do in such a case.

English Toy Papillon Health

Make sure to check if the dog has any health issues before buying. The breeders use Dog DNA Test, screening schemes, and similar techniques to carry out healthy breeding to tackle these issues.

Your English Toy Papillon can have ailments like Patellar Luxation, hip and elbow dysplasia, Cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and ear infections. If you ensure a routine veterinary examination, the puppy can live a healthy life without a single ailment.

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