English Toy Spanese Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

English Toy Spanese is a playful yet stubborn hybrid breed. It is a mixture of Pekingese and English Toy Spaniel. It is a toy-sized dog and is famous for being a companion canine. It is named after the two kings of England, King Charles I and II.

This crossbreed is best suitable for busy owners because of their activity needs and low energy. He can be a howler and a barker, so take extra care and make sure that that place is a pet-friendly area. He does require training and socialization, as he may not tolerate other pets and children.

English Toy Spanese History

English Toy Spanese Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe English Toy Spanese is a modern breed with very little documented history. Its parent breeds are going to help us know its pedigree and background. The English Toy Spaniel or King Charles Spaniel is a spaniel type breed in the 16th century in Asia. The progenitors of this dog are thought to be the Japanese Chin and the Pekinese. It is popular for being the favorite of King Charles I and II, while the AKC accepted it in 1886.

On the flip side, the Pekingese is a breed of toy dog that originated in China. The Chinese believe it to be a spiritual dog, comparing it with the heroic dog “Foo” that blew away the sinful spirits. Also favored by the Chinese eminence both in courts and homes as a companion dog. It became famous when it was imported to America at the end of the 18th century. The American Kennel Club accepted this dog in 1909.

English Toy Spanese Characteristics

The English Toy Spanese may be a small-sized charming canine characterized by a very short wide gag, large wide-set dark eyes, and broadhead. The parents are similar in appearance, so we can’t recognize its parental characteristics as they blend in this crossover. Ears are usually floppy and feathered.

How Big to English Toy Spanese Get

English Toy Spanese is not a very big-sized dog but very strong in physique. The height of a male ranges from 6-10 inches and weighing around 9-14 lbs. The females should be 5-9 inches, and the weight ranges from 8-13 lbs.

How Long Does English Toy Spanese Live

English Toy Spanese is a strong breed and small in size but considered a healthy breed. Its life span ranges from 10 to 12 years. This expectancy can be increased if taken with good care, companionship, and love.

How Much Does an English Toy Spanese Cost

You have to invest generally in your dog’s health, grooming, and food, but this incredible hybrid is not a very cheap dog as a part of all these investments. Its market value is somewhere from $900 to $1500.

English Toy Spanese Temperament/Personality

These hybrids are affectionate and quite calm. Generally, the English Toy Spanese is famous for being easy to train; however, they need socialization. As the Pekingese parent breed, it isn’t considered to be a child-friendly breed; it can be expected that the crossover may not be well suited to families with children as they may get easily irritated and lack persistence.

This breed may be cautious around other pets and outsiders. Give them the chance to hone their greet skills and meet by going to compliance classes. English Toy Spanese requires larger amounts of exercise and attention to be at its healthiest and happiest state.

Being resilient, alert, intelligent, kind, determined, compassionate, they make excellent guard dogs and family pets. It is an overall cheerful breed that loves to remain happy. That’s why you will find joy in its presence.

Caring for English Toy Spanese

Caring for a dog could be a cheerful task that never lets you get bored. Whether it is exercise, grooming, or anything else, it’ll require no additional exertion from your side once the doggy sticks to its schedule.

English Toy Spanese Nutrition

The English Toy Spanese is a smaller-sized canine with a small stomach that requires around one to one and a half containers of food every day. Feed it on high-quality food from well-known brands such as Beneful Dog Food, Bil-Jac Dog Food, Black Gold Dog Food, and Blackwood Dog Food.

How to Groom an English Toy Spanese

English Toy Spaneses are a moderate maintenance breed as they tend to have medium, thick coats that can require normal brushing. In case it takes on more of a Pekingese coat, then you ought to brush it with a Dog Brush at least two times a week.

English Toy Spanese Activity Levels

The English Toy Spanese appreciate a workout regimen and will appreciate one or two walks every day. He will do well in both urban and rural domestic areas. He is a versatile and dynamic canine which is one of the charming things about him.

Caring for English Toy Spanese

Your English Toy Spanese can live in any weather condition but keep it safe from extreme hot or cold. Give it at least 40 to 50 minutes of less vigorous exercise daily to keep its metabolism fact preventing obesity. Furthermore, ensure the availability of clean and fresh water at all times.

As with all other dogs, this hybrid also needs early socialization and training to behave well. For the best training of your puppy, positive reinforcement and patience are the keys. Also, don’t overlook dental care to avoid tooth loss and other issues.

English Toy Spanese Health

English Toy Spanese diminishes a lot of ailments that was common in its parent breeds. However, it may get some of them including Intervertebral Disk Disease, Entropion Cleft Palate, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Cataracts, and Glaucoma.

 To avoid these diseases, ask to see health clearances from the breeder and buy after 2,3 visits. Taking the pup regularly to a vet helps with counteracting these issues.

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