Eskimo Chi Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Eskimo Chi is playful, clever, and expressive. These alert dogs adopt these admirable traits from their parents, both of which are well-known and sort after breeds. This dog is a hybrid and results from a cross between an American Eskimo and a Chihuahua. They are known for their abilities as guard dogs. Eskimo Chis usually have a short coat, but some of them can have a long coat as well.

Their soft coats normally don’t require a lot of care and grooming. So, if you’re a lazy person and don’t like to put too much effort into things, then this one might be the perfect choice for you. They are also small in size, so keeping them in an apartment is fine, as long as you take them out for walks. 

Eskimo Chi History

Eskimo Chi Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowEskimo Chi is a comparatively new breed with not much going on the pages of their history. So, to gain a better perspective, we will look at their parent breeds. The Chihuahua is believed to have been descended from a central or south Asian dog called Techichi. Techichi was considered a mythical dog that supernatural powers, which made him a highly regarded dog among the Aztecs.

American Eskimo was one of the most famous dog breeds in the early and mid-1900s. They were initially known as American Spitz, but later on, this was changed to American Eskimo. The reason behind their fame was their use in circus, where they were used for entertaining thousands with their cute acts.

Eskimo Chi Characteristics

Eskimo chis are small, compact, and petite. They show a lot of variation when it comes to their appearance. Your pup’s characteristics are dependent on the appearance of the parents of your pup. Their size will vary according to the type of American Eskimo used in the cross. It can be either Toy Eskimo, Miniature Eskimo, or Standard Eskimo.

They have a dense coat with short straight hair that are usually soft and silky, just like the American Eskimo. The coat color can resemble either parent; it can be white, brindle, and ecru. One thing different in Eskimo chi is their athleticism, as neither of its parents is athletic.

How Big do Eskimo Chi Get

The size of this dog can vary according to the parent breed it resembles the most. But normally, the males have an average height of 9 – 15 inches and an average weight of 6 – 20lbs. The females have similar proportions; their height may be slightly less, averaging between 8 and 14inches.

How Long Does Eskimo Chi Live

Small-sized dogs like the Eskifon have longer lifespans than the bigger and medium-sized dogs. On average, they live between 12 and 15 years. You can tip this scale towards the upper limit by taking good care of them, feeding them appropriately, and taking care of their activity needs.

How much does an Eskimo Chi Cost

The price of any dog depends on various factors like the breeder’s reputation that you’re buying from. On average, they can cost you anywhere between $500 and $1000. You’ll have to spend extra on their accessories, including Harness, fences, and Dog crates.

Eskimo Chi Temperament/Personality

Eskimo chi is friendly, smart, and playful. There isn’t much we can tell about their unpredictable behavior. This is because each Eskimo chi has a unique personality. They can adopt some traits from one parent and the rest from the other. But generally, they are quite friendly with their family but may become over-protective when they spot a new face. 

They like to spend time with their human and be the center of attention. They usually do well with small children and other pets, but ensure that they are socialized early on if you don’t want them to become aggressive toward other dogs in the park or even your pets. 

Caring for Eskimo Chi

Eskifons need proper care to thrive and stay healthy, so there are a few things to be kept in mind when it comes to caring about your canine. You’ll have to feed them properly, take them on walks to meet their activity needs, ensure you’re using the right products, and groom them properly. Keep on reading to find out all you need to know.

Eskimo Chi Nutrition

Eskimo chis are small-sized dogs, so they burn calories at a faster rate than the bigger dogs. This means they must be fed small but frequent meals throughout the day. It would be best if you fed them at least one cup of high-quality dog food made specifically for small dogs.

How to Groom an Eskimo Chi

Eskimo Chis often take after the thick of American Eskimo. This coat is quite easy to maintain, as it sheds moderately when shedding season arrives. They have essential oils in their coats that are produced by their scalp. These oils help to keep their coats soft and protect it from soiling. So brushing them bi-weekly is sufficient to keep them looking neat and sharp. 

Eskimo Chi Activity Levels

At first glance, this tiny dog might not seem the playful and energetic type. But don’t let that fool you. They are energy-balls that love playing and going out to explore. This is also important for keeping them healthy mentally and physically. On average, they need 30 – 40 minutes of activity per day. 

Caring for Eskimo Chi

Eskimo Chi is an intelligent breed. And this swift little canine will get bored quickly if left alone. They need to be stimulated continuously, or else they’ll start acting dull and may develop behavioral issues. So, it would be best if you spend at least one hour with your best friend, play with them, and keep them engaged.

Eskimo Chi Health

Generally, Eskimo chi is normally considered a healthy dog. But some of them may develop health issues like Demodicosis, Pulmonic Stenosis, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Glaucoma, Hydrocephalus, Eye Problems, Mitral Valve Disease, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Alopecia, Corneal Dystrophy, and Cryptorchidism. Some dogs may also suffer from Patellar Luxation occasionally.

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