Estonian Hound Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Estonian Hound is a purebred dog. This breed has great energy and stamina. They have a high prey drive and sensitive nose, which is why they are great hound dogs. These dogs are sturdy-built and can function properly in extreme weather. Despite their aggressive nature, they are lovely and playful. 

The Estonian Hound is not quiet-natured, you can decrease this trait by socializing and proper training, but you can’t get rid of it. They do great around kids and other pets if socialized properly as puppies. These dogs have high energy levels, so daily activities and playtime would be necessary to keep them active and healthy. 

Estonian Hound History

Estonian Hound Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowEstonian Hound has its origins in Estonia, where they were used especially for hunting. They have been known since 1947, and these are Estonia’s only native hound breed. People widely used these dogs because of their adaptive nature. They can bear tough conditions like Cold temperature and revival from wild animals. 

In 1954, this breed was approved by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Government. They approved that Estonian Hound has great stamina, excellent hunting ability, and can face cold climate. Because of their lovely nature, these hounds became popular in Europe. The AKC (American Kennel Club) didn’t recognize this breed as it’s quite rare outside of its country. 

Estonian Hound Characteristics

The Estonian Hound is a medium-sized, sturdy-built canine. They have a muscular body with a straight bone structure. Their short, tight-fitting coat gives them a tailored look. This breed has a long muzzle with a black nose, and ears are dropped over their head. The most common colors of their coats are Brown, Fawn, red, black, pied, and white or a mix of any of these colors. They have almond-shaped, shiny, and deep brown eyes, which gives them curious-looking expressions. 

How Big Estonian Hound Get. 

Estonian Hound is a sturdy-built canine. The average height can vary from 17 to 21 inches, and the weight of females can be anywhere between 30 to 40 lbs. while males weigh around 32 to 45 lbs. 

How Long Does Estonian Hound Live

Estonian is a fairly healthy dog. They are medium-sized canine which enjoys longer lifespan than other smaller dogs. On average, they live around 12 to 15 years. You can enhance their life by providing what they need and meeting their daily requirements. 

How Much Does an Estonian Hound Cost

The price of any canine depends on several factors, including the breeder’s reputation, parental health care assurance, and many others. Keeping in mind all this, you should expect to pay around $600 to $800. If you’re willing to get a pup from a top breeder, then expect to pay more than the average price. 

Estonian Hound Temperament/Personality

Happy, active, and playful, Estonian Hound comes out great if socialized properly and when it’s young. These pups have a sweet, calm temperament and enjoy being around human family members. They are also quite good with small kids and other pets, but supervision is recommended. This dog doesn’t get along well with strangers. If you have a visitor, it’s better to introduce them first to avoid excessive barking. 

Leaving your Estonian Hound alone would not be a good idea, as they are likely to develop devastating and destructive behaviors if left alone for a long time. They love human company and enjoy playing with them. Socialize them early to build their confidence and respect for others. Overall, this canine would be your best companion and would make a great family pet. 

Caring for Estonian Hound

Estonian Hounds are playful, loyal, and active gods. They require a moderate level of attention and care to be in their best shape. Ensure their daily exercise and keep them on a healthy diet to help them stay active and alert. Continue to read to explore more about your dog. 

Estonian Hound Nutrition

Estonian Hound is a highly energetic dog who needs a good amount of food to stay active and alert. On average, it would require 3 cups of high-quality food to fulfill its nutritional requirements costing you around $34 to $45 a month. Make sure to stick with organic food; artificially flavored food may lead your pup to bad health.  

How to Groom an Estonian Hound

Estonian Hound is a moderate to a high-maintenance dog. They have a short, tight-fitting coat that sheds a couple of times in a year, so you would have to brush them regularly using a special brush made for dogs to ensure that their coat does not get everywhere. You can clean their coat, ears, and eyes using a soft cloth, and a rub down would do the trick. Don’t bathe them too often, and only use shampoo specially made for dogs to prevent drying out of their skin. Clip their nail with a special dog nail clipper and brush their teeth at least twice a week using special dog toothpaste to avoid dental issues. 

Estonian Hound Activity Levels

The Estonian Hound is a jug full of energy that needs enormous daily activities and works to quit boredom. They enjoy doing work and tasks, so keep them busy. Daily walk or jog for about 90 minutes would be enough for them, supplemented with training sessions and other hunting techniques. A fenced yard may also be a good idea for their daily playtime and tracking scent for a couple of hours. 

Caring for Estonian Hound

The Estonian hounds are prone to obesity, so give them meals accordingly and not let them eat free snacks. Grooming and taking care of their diet is vital to keep them away from allergies and other diseases. Daily activities and playtime are also important for them to stay active and healthy. 

Estonian Hound Health

The Estonian Hound is quite a healthy dog aside from some concerns, including patellar luxation, allergies, ear infections, skin problems, mange, and joint dysplasia. Make sure to visit their vet at least once a month for full checkups. 

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