Euro Mountain Sheparnese Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese is a hybrid dog produced by mixing two popular breeds: the German Shepherd and the Bernese Mountain dog. Both parent breeds have quite a lot of difference in their sizes, so the physical traits of a resulting breed may vary according to parent dominance. 

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese is a hybrid dog that was solely made as a good companion, but it is also a great guard dog due to its alertness and size. These canine are not much popular, but the American Kennel Club recognizes these canines. This breed has a medium to long-sized, dense and straight coat. the most common coat colours are grey, black, and brown

Euro Mountain Sheparnese History

Euro Mountain Sheparnese Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThis designer breed does not have well-known history, and its origins are pretty unclear. However, the Bernese mountain dogs have been known since ancient times. Invading Romans brought them into Switzerland 2000 years ago. Initially, they were named the Swiss mountain dogs. Over time, their name was changed to the Bernese mountain dog. Farmers especially used this breed as herding dogs. The (AKC) American kennel club registered this breed in 1981.

The German Shepherd is a new breed developed in the 1900s by the breeder named Max Von Stephanitz. The main goal of the breeder was to develop an excellent farming and herding dog. Later on, he observed the fact that these dogs have more beneficial qualities, such as protecting and guarding. This breed became popular in Germany in no time because of its useful traits. The AKC (American Kennel Club) recognized this breed in 1908. 

Euro Mountain Sheparnese Characteristics

The physical traits of euro mountain sheparnese can vary according to the dominance of their parent breed. Usually, their height can be anywhere between the heights of both parents. These pups have a double coat which is dense, straight and medium in length. The possible coat colours are Sable, blue, grey, black, cream and brown. They have erect ears and deep, dark eyes. The flawless long muzzle and almond-shaped eyes make them the apple of everyone’s eye.

How Big Euro Mountain Sheparnese Get. 

Euro mountain sheparnese is a normal-sized, muscular and sturdy-built canine. The males have an average height of 25 – 28 inches, and they weigh around 80 – 110 pounds. The females’ height can vary between 23 – 26 inches, and their weight can be anywhere between 75 – 90 pounds. 

How Long Does Euro Mountain Sheparnese Live

As a big-sized dog, they are likely to have their lifespan of between 9 to 12 years. You can enhance their life by taking good care of them. 

How Much Does a Euro Mountain Sheparnese Cost

Euro mountain sheparnese is a rare and unfamiliar dog, so their price can vary according to several factors including, the reputation of the breeder, parent’s healthcare and many others. The average price of this canine is $450 to $1000. 

Euro Mountain Sheparnese Temperament/Personality

Affectionate, active and playful, the euro mountain Sheparneses are the best family dogs. These pups need daily interaction with their family to stay warm and happy. They are not much adaptive, so early socialization is recommended to help them build manners and confidence. 

Euro mountain sheparnese have this eagerness, and they love to explore, so teaching and training them would be easy. They are defensive and protective and will bark at the right time. These canines would be great with kids if socialized well, but they aren’t finding it amusing to be with other dogs or pets. 

Caring for Euro Mountain Sheparnese

Euro Mountain Sheparnese is friendly and loving dogs. They love to spend time with their family and owner, so it would be your responsibility to spend quality time with them. Grooming and a good diet is also vital for them. Keep on reading to get to know your dog.   

Euro Mountain Sheparnese Nutrition

Like both of its parents, Euro mountain sheparnese has very high energy, so food consumption is likely high. On average, they need 3 to 4 cups of top-notch food to maintain their energy and health. Keep them on a portion of healthy and dry food. Overfeeding can lead to obesity which can cause Bloat, so don’t let them eat whatever they want. 

How to Groom a Euro Mountain Sheparnese

Euro Mountain Sheparnese requires a lot of attention when it comes to their grooming. Shedding levels of these pups are high, so that daily brushing would be necessary. You can use a bristle brush specially made for dogs to remove loose hairs and avoid matting and tangling. Keep on checking their ears and eyes and clean them if there is any dirt or debris. They can have dental issues, so brush them with special dogs’ toothpaste. Clip their nails with special dogs’ nail clipper at least once a month. Bathe them only when they really need and use special dogs’ shampoo to avoid skin infections. 

Euro Mountain Sheparnese Activity Levels

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese is an energetic, alert and active dog. They got their energy perks from both of their parents. These dogs need a high amount of daily activities and exercise to stay sound and healthy. Try to take them on a walk and play with them; frisbee and jogging would be best. 180 minutes of daily activity is essential, and you can break it into 45 to 50 minutes sessions. If you have a fenced yard, let them run and play in there as long as they want

Caring for Euro Mountain Sheparnese

The Euro Mountain Sheparneses are not hypoallergenic at all, so these may not be good for persons with allergies. These dogs tend to shed twice or more in a year, so take good care of their grooming and keep them on a healthy diet to ensure their flawless look and good health. 

Euro Mountain Sheparnese Health

Unfortunately, the Euro Mountain Sheparnese is not quite a healthy dog. It can inherit some of the diseases from its parents like Bloat, Hip Dysplasia, Insufficiency (EPI), Meningitis and Endocrine Pancreatic. Ensure their monthly checkups from their vets and take them to the vet immediately if you notice any unhealthy signs. 

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