Evanger’s Dog Food Review – Recalls, Coupons, Comparisons (Updated 2020)

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Evanger's Dog Food Review - Recalls, Coupons, ComparisonsEvanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company is based in Wheeling, Illinois and was founded in 1935. They are independently owned and still produce all of their products at the Evanger’s original canning facility. The company describes themselves as “the innovators of hand packed gourmet dinners and balanced meals for pets of all life stages, ages and breeds”. Their products are natural and wholesome with a variety of options for dogs with specialized health problems and allergies.

Types of Evanger’s Dog Food

Unlike many other dog food brands who primarily sell dry foods, Evanger’s mainly sells wet dog food with only a few dry food options. They also offer a few types of dog treats, including jerky and freeze-dried treats.

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Following is a complete list of Evanger’s dog food products:

Dry Recipes:

Canned Recipes:


Evanger's Dog Food TypesOn their website, Evanger’s claims that all of their products are human grade and delicious enough to satisfy the pickiest eaters. In their manufacturing process, they prioritize preserving nutritional integrity as well as flavor. Their products are free from corn, wheat and soy as well as preservatives, artificial ingredients and other harmful additives. They claim that their wet food is superior from other brands because it is hand-packed with “raw, natural ingredients” in their own natural juices. Instead of a paste, you can see the ingredients in their natural, unprocessed form.

The primary ingredient in all of their recipes is meat, including unique game meats such as venison, buffalo and pheasant. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also included, as well as carbohydrates such as brown rice, millet and sweet potato. For dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities, there are plenty of grain-free options within their product selection.

Chelated minerals, typically found in higher-quality dog food as they are attached to protein and easier to absorb, are included in their formulas. Dried fermentation products are also added, which are considered a high-quality ingredient and act as probiotics to support regular digestion and gut health.

Nutrition content varies significantly between their dry dog food and wet food lines but are generally satisfactory in their proportions. For an average wet food, 50 percent of calories are from fat, 35 percent are from protein and 15 percent are from carbohydrates. This protein and fat content is relatively high and for carbs is low. However, their formula is meant to be a supplement to dry food, not the only food in a dog’s diet.

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Comparison to Other Leading Brands

Evanger’s is a relatively pricey brand, with a 33-pound bag of dry food priced between $50 and $100. Prices for canned food also vary depending on the line. Their Classics line is priced at about $2.10 a can, while their Grain-Free lines cost between $3 to $6 per can. This is certainly more expensive than your average grocery store wet food, but keep in mind that your dollar will be going towards specialty ingredients and supplements not present in mainstream brands. Some more affordable options with similar formulas include Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild, though it is hard to beat Evanger’s selection and quality of wet food options.

Recall History

Evanger’s has had one recent recall in 2017. The company voluntarily recalled three canned food products due to potential contamination with pentobarbital. This drug causes symptoms of dizziness, drowsiness and nausea, and can be potentially deadly.

Additionally, the company has received multiple warning letters from the FDA over inconsistencies in the ingredients in their products, where testing showed that what was advertised was not actually what the product contains.

Coupons and Discounts

Evanger’s is primarily sold in specialty pet stores and a few local chains. The brand is also available from online pet food retailers and the Evanger’s website. The best deals can usually be found on Chewy or Amazon, which often offer discount rates and free shipping. Evanger’s also sometimes offers coupons on their company website, which you can monitor by signing up for their email updates. Individual retailers may also offer coupons for the brand from time to time.

Evanger’s Dog Food Review Conclusion

Overall, we give Evanger’s a ranking of “good”. Their wet food is especially notable for its selection of products and high-quality ingredients. However, their history of recalls and warnings should be taken into some consideration.

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