Farmina Dog Food Review – Recalls, Coupons, Comparisons (Updated 2020)

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Farmina Dog Food Review Recalls, Coupons, ComparisonsFarmina is an Italian, family run company founded in 1965. Their recipes are nutritious, high quality and based in scientific research to promote the overall well-being of dogs. Their formulas are made in consultation with veterinarians and animal nutrition researchers. Farmina’s company mission is to “combine nature and science to create the healthiest and most premium food you can buy.” They also promote sustainable farming techniques and destroying as little of nature as possible. They have an extensive line of dog and other pet foods with a focus on GMO-free and grain-free options and unique and nutritious flavors. Their premium ingredients also make them one of the most expensive dog food brands you can buy.

Types of Farmina Dog Food

Farmina has an extensive line of dog food products, all of which only contain GMO-free and natural ingredients. Many of their formulas are highly specific towards certain health issues and medical concerns, which can be overwhelming to some consumers. If you’re looking for a less specialized formula, check out our recommendations for everyday dry dog food and wet dog food.

Farmina’s Vet-Life Canine food line is only available by prescription through the Farmina website. These include special recipes to help dogs suffering and recovering from joint problems, gastrointestinal issues, cardiac and renal issues and allergies among others.

The brand offers four grain-free lines: N&D (Natural & Delicious) Quinoa Functional Canine, N&D Prime Canine, N&D Ocean Canine and N&D Pumpkin Canine. Most are only available on the Farmina website, with a few available through the major online pet food retailers. Many flavors are available in both dry and canned food forms. Following is a list of their grain-free flavors across these lines:

Farmina also offers one line of dog food for dogs requiring grain in their diets: N&D Ancestral Grains. This line is widely available through major dog food retailers as well as the Farmina website. There are currently three flavors in this line.

Within these lines, Farmina also specifies blends for adult and senior dogs and puppies, as well as mini, medium and large dog breeds. Check out our other recommendations for food for small dogs, large dogs and senior dogs.


Farmina Dog Food TypesAll of Farmina’s dog foods contain natural, high-quality ingredients specifically formulated for your pup’s special dietary needs. A variety of unique protein sources, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables are found across their product line. Their products have a relatively high meat content, and it is clear that they do not skimp or cut costs by adding cheap fillers or replacement ingredients. While varying across their product lines, the nutritional values are always satisfactory and comparable to a dog’s natural diet. On average, 40 percent of calories are from fats, 34 percent are from protein and 26 percent are from carbohydrates. The estimated fiber content is 3 percent, which is in line with the recommended for dog foods.

In addition to the main, whole food ingredients, Farmina also supplements all of their dog foods with a variety of supplements, which are important to ensure your dog is getting everything it needs in its diet. Chelated minerals, typically found in higher-quality dog food as they are attached to protein and easier to absorb, are included in their formulas. They also include pre and probiotics such as inulin. It is also important to note that brewer’s yeast and selenium yeast are included in most of their recipes, which are a common allergen for dogs. If your dog is not allergic, however, they are a nutritious source of minerals and nutrients.

Fruits such as berries and citrus are common ingredients in their recipes. They purposefully select produce that is especially high in antioxidants, nutrients and fiber such as spinach, currents and blueberries. Multiple types of produce are included in all of their blends to achieve an optimum blend of different vitamins and nutrients. Additionally, they supplement their recipes with plants that they claim “animals instinctively seek out and eat to cure their health and improve their overall well-being.” This includes turmeric, aloe vera, green tea and rosemary.

Farmina manufactures all their products in Brazil and Serbia in addition to Italy. They source their ingredients from around the globe, with plenty of specific information on their website. They use Italian chickens and eggs, lambs from New Zealand, and boar from the semi-wild herds of Tuscany and Umbria. They use only traditional, ancestral Italian grains such as spelt and oats.

Comparison to Other Leading Brands

Farmina is a very expensive dog food brand, catering towards pet owners who are willing to shell out a pretty penny to give their dog the best diet possible. 26.4-pound bags of their dry food cost approximately $65-$100, with smaller 5 or 3-pound bags available for a lower price value. 10-ounce cans cost upwards of 6 dollars each and are usually sold in cases of 6 cans. Few leading brands come close to comparing to Farmina’s carefully crafted recipes and subsequent exorbitant prices.

Recall History

Farmina began selling their dog food un the US in 2013 and has not had any recalls since then. They have rigorous safety standards for their manufacturing process which is reflected in their clean record.

Coupons and Discounts

Farmina’s most popular products are available on Chewy, Amazon and the Farmina website. They can also be found in some specialty pet stores but are generally not available at larger chains. They do not offer coupons or discounts on their website. The best deals can generally be found at large online pet food websites such as Chewy and Amazon.

Farmina Dog Food Review Conclusion

We give Farmina a review of “great”. Their ingredients, formulas and safety standards are all reflective of their status as a top-of-the-line dog food brand. While their brand is expensive, it may be worth the investment in long-term benefits for your dog’s overall health and longevity.

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