French Mastahoula Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The French Mastahoula is an amazing breed, with two rare parents. The crossing of these two amazing breeds has given us the perfect companion dog. What are the names of the two parents? The French Bulldog and the obnoxiously long Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. In the next few paragraphs, you will come to understand why we love the French Mastahoula so much.

French Mastahoula History

French Mastahoula Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe French Mastahoula is a modern breed and has a murky history. To understand the history of the French Mastahoula, we will have to look at the history of its parents. The French Bulldog was first developed by separating the Toy version of the English Bulldog and then developing it. The breed’s popularity declined in the states. Afterward, it was sent to France, where it gained a lot of popularity. The AKC accepted the French Bulldog in 1898.

The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog was first found around Louisiana, Catahoula lake. The breed was developed from crossing Native American breeds with Bloodhound, Spanish Mastiff, and Bloodhound breeds. The breed quickly became very popular in the area, with its own clubs forming in 1976. The UKC recognized it in 1995.

French Mastahoula Characteristics

The French Mastahoula is a small breed that has a short small coat. The coat of the French Mastahoula is sometimes smooth, otherwise coarse. The coat of the French Mastahoula is Brown, White, Black, and Brindle in color. The body of the French Mastahoula is small and sturdy in shape. It will have round eyes, which can be Bright Blue, Green, or Brown. The ears of the French Mastahoula will be either erect or drooping in shape.

How Big do French Mastahoula Get

The only thing that the French Mastahoula is mediocre in is its height. The French Mastahoula will usually be 13 to 23 inches tall. The corresponding weight of the French Mastahoula is usually 28 to 82 lbs. Any additional weight beyond this is a sign that your buddy needs to have its diet revised.

How Long Does French Mastahoula Live

The lifespan of the French Mastahoula is hard to determine. Why? We don’t have enough units of the French Mastahoula to lay down specific standards regarding age. We have derived a rough estimation for the lifespan of the French Mastahoula. The lifespan of the French Mastahoula will be between 12 to 15 years. With additional care, it has the potential to live far beyond that age.

How Much Does a French Mastahoula Cost

The French Mastahoula, as you may have guessed from its name, is a very rare breed. You will rarely find a breeder with this breed. This rarity of the French Mastahoula also makes determining a general price for the French Mastahoula almost impossible. Our rough estimation places the value of the French Mastahoula between 300 to 1500 dollars. You may have to pay more based on how healthy your buddy is.

French Mastahoula Temperament/Personality

The French Mastahoula is a cross between two slightly clashing personalities. One of the parents is shy and friendly, while the other is assertive and protective. We can’t make a firm argument about fixed standards for the French Mastahoula. Yet, we can make a rough estimation of its characteristics. The French Mastahoula will usually be friendly and kind. We do recommend giving it enough socialization to make things easier.

We also recommend getting professional guidelines for its help. Training the French Mastahoula can be difficult to easy based on the characteristics inherited. If it inherits a stubborn streak, then you should look forward to heavy resistance. You can make the whole process easier if you use a Dog Training Book and Dog Treats. Overall, we recommend the French Mastahoula for people who are patient and can remain diligent.

Caring for French Mastahoula

The French Mastahoula will require the help of its humans to become a healthy breed. It’s your job as its companion to maintain its health and happiness by taking care of it the right way.

French Mastahoula Nutrition

The French Mastahoula is a big good boy/girl. You will have to feed it a healthy diet of at least three cups per day. The French Mastahoula isn’t picky about its food. Thus we recommend giving it either Blue Buffalo Dog Food or Wellness Dog Food. The health of the French Mastahoula depends on what the French Mastahoula eats. We recommend making a valuable decision about the right Dog Food.  

How to Groom a French Mastahoula

Grooming the French Mastahoula is simple and easy. Even an amateur can manage these grooming sessions. You will only be required to brush its coat at most three times per week. If you can manage that that, then it will have a shining illustrious coat. You will be required to bathe it only once per month. Excessive bathing will flush the coat of the French Mastahoula. You are also advised to cut its nails short and brush its teeth. Brushing its teeth should be an activity repeated at least three to four times per week.

French Mastahoula Activity Levels

The French Mastahoula is a hyperactive breed with a well of infinite stamina. You will have to give it at least an hour of your day to keep it tired out. You will have to take it to the park, for a healthy bout of exercise. A park will also help the French Mastahoula in making valuable connections and socializing properly. You should make the sessions as valuable and efficient as you can.

Caring for French Mastahoula

The French Mastahoula is a breed that requires the additional care and attention of its humans. The French Mastahoula should, first of all, be kept safe from the sun. It will require shelter from the extremities of the sun. It would be best if you also kept its ears clean. If you keep its ears clean, you save yourself a lot of money on medical bills.

French Mastahoula Health

The French Mastahoula is a hybrid, which means that it is weak to a certain list of diseases. The lists of diseases include Patellar Luxation, Deafness, Hip Dysplasia, Inflammatory Bowel disease, Entropion, Cataracts, and Atopy. Yes, we know that the list of conditions is long and highly dangerous, but you won’t have to worry just yet.

If you take the French Mastahoula to the vet’s office often, then things will work out fine. Why? The vet can help in diagnosing any hidden conditions or deficiencies that the French Mastahoula is experiencing. Once the condition is diagnosed, you only have to follow the vet’s orders. If you can follow the vet’s orders, your buddy will be back to perfect health in no time at all. 

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