French West Highlander Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The French West Highlander is one of the best breeds in existence if you have a standard of kindness as the base scale. It looks amazing with its small body but lively personality. If you want an all-purpose breed to remain beside you in the house, then the French West Highlander is the best choice for you. To help you understand the French West Highlander better, we have compiled the facts below.

French West Highlander History

French West Highlander Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe French West Highlander is another amazing hybrid with two astounding parents. The French Bulldog is one of the parent. This breed is related to the English Bulldog and, ultimately, Molosser Dogs. The breed was initially bred for protection and companionship. The breed was especially popular with the lacemakers of England. After that, it was transported to France. Here the breed was developed into the current version. The AKC registered the breed in 1898.

The West Highland Terrier is believed to have been developed during King James’ reign. The West Highland Terrier was birthed in Scotland. The breed was developed to hunt small vermin. The main vermin include Rats, Foxes, and Badgers. The names of the breed have changed numerous times over the years. It was registered first in 1908 with the AKC under the name of Roseneath.

French West Highlander Characteristics

The French West Highlander, by all accounts, is a smaller version of the West Highland Terrier. The French West Highlander will usually have a small body. It will have an overall round shape, slightly stocky in build. The ears of the French West Highlander are usually bat-like appearance. The eyes of the French West Highlander are round and expressive. The coat of the French West Highlander is usually a combination of both of the parent breeds’ coats. The length of the coat will usually be medium in length.

How Big do French West Highlander Get

The French West Highlander is considered one of the smallest breeds. Its proportions can vouch for that fact quite easily. The height of the male French West Highlander will vary between 11 to 12 inches. The height of the female French West Highlander will vary between 10 to 11 inches. On the other hand, the weights will be 16 to 22 lbs and 14 to 20 lbs for males and females, respectively.

How Long Does French West Highlander Live

Despite the fame of the French West Highlander’s parents, we still do not have enough specimens of the French West Highlander. It means that we do not have fixed standards. To determine the lifespan of the French West Highlander, we have to speculate. Based on our research, we believe that the French West Highlander will have a price range of 300 to 900 dollars. Based on its health, it may cost you slightly more.

How Much Does a French West Highlander Cost

The French West Highlander is a rare breed, and not a lot of people know about it. The markets for the French West Highlander are also non-existent. Accordingly, the prices are slightly less. Normally you should expect to pay a figure between 400 and 900 dollars. The price will vary mainly based on the breed’s health and the pedigree of its parents.

French West Highlander Temperament/Personality

The French West Highlander is a healthy, friendly breed that thrives on interactions. Its social nature is apparent from its healthy tendency to make meaningful interactions. Commonly the French West Highlander tends to be very friendly around family members. Strangers may have a slight wariness attached to their being. Other breeds, especially small ones, should be introduced slowly and carefully. Socialization is of vital importance to this breed.

Training the French West Highlander will generally be tricky. You will have to rely on a healthy combination of Dog Treats and consistency to teach it properly. We also recommend taking advice from a Dog Training Book to make things easier. Overall it will respond well to training over time if you can teach it properly and diligently.

Caring for French West Highlander

As a responsible human being, you have to take care of your little buddy’s needs. For this specific reason, we recommend paying due attention to this section.

French West Highlander Nutrition

The French West Highlander is a very small breed. In much simpler words, it means that it needs food accordingly. You will have to give the French West Highlander at most one cup of any healthy dog food brand. The best brands that we can think of are Merrick Dog Food and Pedigree Dog Food. You may search the Food for Small Dogs section by yourself.

How to Groom a French West Highlander

The French West Highlander is an undemanding breed. Ideally, to keep its coat healthy, you will have to untangle its coat at least two times every week. Brushing it more frequently to regulate the natural oils produced by its skin is even better. It would be best if you bathed the French West Highlander only when the situation demands it. Commonly the situation will arise after every month or two months. You are also advised to keep its nails short. To keep its dental health in tip-top shape, you should brush the Westies’ teeth at least two times per week.

French West Highlander Activity Levels

The French West Highlander is a mildly active breed. Considering its size, you have to give it at least 50 minutes of your daily time. You should ensure that the exercise routine remains healthy and engaging. The more you interact with it, the better it will be for both of you.

Caring for French West Highlander

The French West Highlander doesn’t need much to remain happy. There are only a few other things that you can look into. The first and most important of this is cleaning its ears. If you don’t clean its ears, then you are inviting infections. It would be best to keep the French West Highlander by your side more often. It can develop severe separation anxiety otherwise. Keeping it indoors is the ideal situation.

French West Highlander Health

The French West Highlander, like most hybrids, experiences a serious breach in its immunity. The most prominent conditions include Inguinal Hernias, Pulmonic Stenosis, Hypothyroidism, Copper Toxicosis, Addison’s Disease, Atopic Dermatitis, Brachycephalic Syndrome, Skeletal/Joint Conditions and Osteopathy.

Ideally, the French West Highlander needs to be checked in for a check-up every week. A check-up ensures the simplification of the diagnosis process. Therefore it reduces the time it takes to begin medication and ultimately gives your buddy a better chance of fighting these diseases.

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