Frenchie Bichon Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Do you want a breed that is cute to look at and easy to understand? Then look no more; the Frenchie Bichon is just the guy you need. It has a stunning appearance and an amazing personality. You won’t have to worry about keeping more pets in the house or about your child getting hurt. In the next few paragraphs, you will understand why the Frenchie Bichon is the best choice for every type of family.

Frenchie Bichon History

Frenchie Bichon Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Frenchie Bichon is a cross between two amazing breeds. Today, we will analyze both parents’ history to understand the Frenchie Bichon on a fundamental level. The Bichon Frise is a breed related to the Maltese, Havanese, and Coton de Tulear branches. All of these dogs are thought to be related to the Barbet. The Frenchie Bichon make for good companion dogs, which is why the nobility highly preferred them. The AKC accepted the AKC in 1972.

The second parent is the French Bulldog. The history of the French Bulldog can be tied to Lacemakers of England. The French Bulldog was a constant companion and better than most forms of therapy. The breed was sent to France, where it became even more popular. The breed is thought to be descended from the toy version of the English Bulldog. The AKC accepted the breed in 1898.

Frenchie Bichon Characteristics

The Frenchie Bichon is a breed that looks beautiful. It has a coat that is medium to slightly short. The color of the coat is usually Cream, White, Brindle, or Fawn. The eyes of the Frenchie Bichon are usually round and expressive. The ears of the Frenchie Bichon are long and slightly bat-like. The body of the Frenchie Bichon, in general, is short but muscular. You can expect the Frenchie Bichon to withstand a few bumps and bruises.

How Big do Frenchie Bichon Get

The Frenchie Bichon is a small-sized breed. The height of the males is commonly between 11 and 12 inches. The females are usually 10 to 11 inches tall. The weight ranges of the Frenchie Bichon are 15 to 22 lbs and 13 to 20 lbs for males and females, respectively.

How Long Does Frenchie Bichon Live

The Frenchie Bichon is a healthy breed and will normally live a long life. The average lifespan of the Frenchie Bichon will vary anywhere between 12 to 14 years. The medical care that the Frenchie Bichon receives will help in expanding its lifespan. The more love you give it, the healthier it’s going to be.

How Much Does a Frenchie Bichon Cost

The cost of the Frenchie Bichon is something that varies highly based on the area that you are living in. If your puppy is healthy and cute, it will most likely cost you more than the normal figure. An average Frenchie Bichon puppy will cost you something between 500 and 1500 dollars. The healthier your buddy is, the more it will cost you.

Frenchie Bichon Temperament/Personality

The Frenchie Bichon has two family-oriented breeds as its parents. Consequently, the Frenchie Bichon is perfectly flexible and friendly to all humans inside and outside of the family. Other pets will get along with the Frenchie Bichon too. We recommend giving it early and ample socialization to make things easier and more refined for your buddy.

The Frenchie Bichon loves being the center of attention, which is why it will respond well to training. Yet, it also has a brilliant nature that rises every so often in the form of stubbornness. We recommend keeping everything in order by using the right training approach. If you use positive reinforcement, then everything should work out theoretically.

Caring for Frenchie Bichon

Like most cute breeds, the Frenchie Bichon will need the attention and care of its owners to survive. We recommend taking care of some essential things to ensure that it remains healthy and happy.

Frenchie Bichon Nutrition

The Frenchie Bichon is a small breed with an even smaller tummy. We recommend giving it a maximum of one cup per day. Anything more will lead to obesity and a whole lot of other problems. You can use Pedigree Dog Food and Diamond Naturals Dog Food if you care about taste and nutrition together. We recommend doing your research by looking at the Food for Small Dogs part.

How to Groom a Frenchie Bichon

The Frenchie Bichon is all about good news, so guess what? We have good news for you again. The Frenchie Bichon requires minimal grooming. You can get away with the grooming of the Frenchie Bichon quite easily. You only have to use a good Dog Brush to brush its coat at least two to three times per week. The Frenchie Bichon will also require a healthy Dog Shampoo to keep its coat healthy and shiny. Trim its nails whenever you hear that clicking sound coming from its nails. Last but not the least is brushing its teeth to give it that million-dollar smile.

Frenchie Bichon Activity Levels

The Frenchie Bichon, by the standards of other small breeds, is moderately active. We recommend taking it out for walks and exercise every day. The sessions don’t have to be that long, especially if it’s a hot day. Devoting about 40 to 50 minutes of your daily time should be more than enough to keep the Frenchie Bichon happy.

Caring for Frenchie Bichon

Like every breed, the Frenchie Bichon, too, has some specific things that need to be taken care of. Mainly these include keeping it safe from the onslaught of the summer sun. It would be best if you also kept its ears clean. Otherwise, a whole host of infections will attack its ears. You should not leave it alone for long either, because it may develop severe separation anxiety.

Frenchie Bichon Health

The diverse lineage of the Frenchie Bichon and its stature make the Frenchie Bichon vulnerable to a whole host of conditions. The main conditions include lethal conditions like Urolithiasis, Pulmonic Stenosis, Hemophilia, Hypothyroidism, Brachycephalic Syndrome, Atopic Dermatitis, and Eye conditions. Its large shape means that it may even have to face some skeletal conditions.

The best way to keep it safe from these conditions would be to remain in contact with your vet. It would be best if you visited the vet’s office at least once or twice per month. You should also ensure its safety at its tender age to prevent damage to joints and muscles. Finally, it would be best to keep an eye on the efficiency of its diet and exercise.

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