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Frenchton Dog Breed InformationThe Frenchton is a crossbreed between the French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier. These pups inherit the best characteristics from their parents like chill, sturdy, playful, and friendly. The other names for the Frenchton breed are Froston, Frenchbo, and Faux.

These outgoing canines are charming, and their friendly characteristics make them a perfect traveling companion. If you are away from home for a long time, the Frenchton breed might not be the right choice for you. Frenchton is a pretty curious breed and has more to it than you know.

Let’s know whether this adorable breed can be your companion or not!

Frenchton History

The Frenchton breed is one of those mixed breeds, which enjoys a long natural history. The designer breeders intentionally started breeding the Boston terriers and the French Bulldog to develop a healthier and better French Bulldog.

The Frenchton breed is recognized by Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Hybrid Club, International Designer Canine Registry, and Designer Breed Registry. 

Many people believe that the Boston Terriers are from Boston, MA, but still, this breed’s ancestry remains unclear.  On the other hand, the French Bulldogs have British roots who enjoy a worldwide demand.

Word has it that both Terrier and Bulldog were bred to avoid common health ailments and respiratory issues.

Frenchton Characteristics

Most Frenchton lovers describe this breed’s characteristics and personality to be strong-willed, pleasant, and lovable. The Frenchton is full of bravado and seems to have the mind of a dog five times its size. The Frencton pups will be the first in the scene where some adventures are taking place.

How Big to Frenchton Get

As a mix between the Boston Terrier and French Bulldog, you can expect the Frenchton breed to be smaller. The height of the Frenchton will be at most 11 inches to 14 inches, which categorizes them as a small breed. Also, these sweet little canines do not weigh more than 15 pounds to 25 pounds.

How Long Does Frenchton Live

Most people predict that the mixed breeds will not have a great life expectancy; however, the Frenchton is an exception. Given that the Frenchton receives adequate care and nutrition, it can enjoy a lifespan ranging between 12 to 15 years. The general health ailments that can affect the Frenchbo are breathing issues, eye problems, digestive issues, etc.

How Much Does a Frenchton Cost

The Frenchton commands a price-tag of between $500-$3,500, which is higher due to its Frenchie origin. Because of the high price, many owners look to adopt the Frenchton breed. Additionally, the Frenchtons are more expensive because the female ones require artificial insemination to mate.

Frenchton Temperament/ Personality

Most Frenchton parents describe this little canine to be an amiable guy who is great around kids. This breed can thrive with singles, couples, families with a kid, and even retirees. You may not experience extreme barking with the Frenchton’s, but mind that they make a lot of noise while sleeping.

Due to their Terrier and bulldog heritage, these canines have pretty high energy, but they also enjoy a quiet time. The Frenchton is one of the most loyal sogs you can wish for, and they are big people pleasers! The Frenchton doesn’t like being left alone for an extended period, as it can turn them to be destructive and distressed.

Caring for Frenchton

Handling a dog is as challenging as taking care of a baby. Below, we’ve covered all about the nutrition, grooming, caring, health, and activity levels of the Frenchton.

Frenchton Nutrition

The ideal daily calorie count for a Frenchton is somewhere near 300 to 500 calories, which also depends on their bodyweight. The daily meals for a Frenhton should include high protein and a good source of high-quality fat. Though you can treat the pup now and then, don’t forget to have plenty of fruits in their diet.

How to Groom a Frenchton

Grooming a Frencton is an impeccably simple task because it has a short silky coat that infrequently sheds.  Running a brush on your puppy once or twice every week will eliminate any dead hair and help retain the silkiness and shine. You also have to keep the eyes and ears clean by using anti-bacterial solutions and cotton pads.

Frenchton Activity Levels

You and your kids will love playing with this active little puppy who can run around and jump. However, this mixed breed is not very high on energy levels and do not require much exercise or physical activity. The couch potatoes enjoy low-impact sports in the indoor areas.

Caring for Frenchton

The Frenchton should receive regular visits to the vet to detect any health issues. You must check the Frenchtons ears for any signs of infection or pest and debris. Instead of using an ear canal liquid, it is better to use a warm damp cloth to clean the ear’s exterior.

Your naughty Frenchbo also needs to get his nails trimmed every one or twice per month. The Frenchtons are active and alert buy they still enjoy a laid-back routine. You also have to lay your focus on cleaning the eyes and teeth of the Frencton frequently.

Frenchton Health

Despite plenty of efforts to alter the parent breed’s health shortcoming, the Frenchton can still suffer from several health issues. Also, whenever you are exercising this mixed breed, be mindful of the respiratory problem that the Frenchton might be facing.

This breed also struggles to keep itself cool in hot climates and humid regions; therefore,  hydrating it is necessary.

Like their parent Frenchie, this mixed breed is prone to become overweight quickly, and that’s one thing you should avoid. The Frenchton is also victims of respiratory issues and usually suffer from Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome.

Also, the bulgy eyes of Frenchton which come from the French Bulldog are prone to cherry eye, and cataracts. 

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