Frug Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Frug Dog Breed InformationDo you want the cuteness of a pug and the smart, intuitive nature of a Bulldog in one? Well, there you have it. A Frug is exactly what you need as a part of your little family. If you are looking for Frug information, all you need to know about the breed is mentioned in this article.

Sure, the name may not sound all that exciting, but this doggo is as adorable as it could get. After all, you will not see a cross between a Frenchie and a Pug on your casual walk. These are unique doggies, each one having a different mix of the two breeds’ traits.

Read on to explore this exquisite breed further.

Frug History

Frugs do not really have a clear history of origin, though they were bred to get the best of two breeds. We know that the French Bulldog originated in the UK and France, while the Pug was a breed of China.

Now a famous breed, the Frug came into existence in the US in the 19th century. Though the breed was the result of an accidental cross between two different species, it was later bred intentionally. More so, to get an obnoxiously cute lapdog, with the tiny wrinkly face and large, melting eyes.

Frug Characteristics

Coming from two distinct yet similar breeds, Frugs are surprisingly unpredictable. Still, you can expect this doggo to be relatively social, always craving attention. These canines are loyal and love their humans to pieces. However, they tend to get anxious when left alone and cannot be considered independent.

How Big Do Frugs Get

Frugs can be your little canine mates, as they get only as tall as 10-13 inches. If you love to carry your pooch around, a Frug is perfect, as it weighs about 15 to 30 pounds. Their length may vary but is mostly similar to that of their parent breeds—40-50cm.

How Long Does Frug Live

Though every breed tends to have certain health conditions, Frugs are relatively healthy. They might as well not inherit any issue from their parent breeds. Frenchie Pugs have a fairly-considerable lifespan of 12 to 15 years, which reflects their overall health.

How Much Does a Frug Cost

Frugs have gained immense popularity in the last decade or two, which has resulted in a considerable rise in their cost. If you choose a responsible breeder, a Frenchie Pug puppy will cost around $1200-$2500. That said, they have low maintenance cost due to fewer food requirements and minimum vet attention.

Frug Temperament/ Personality

Frugs love to be around their dog parents all day long and will perform adorable acts to grab your attention. These little canines are cheeky and playful, who love to chase squirrels but will also binge-watch your favorite show. You may even spot the little pooch snoring away on your couch!

They are social beings and get along pretty well, yet may get anxious when you leave them alone.  The breed isn’t for you if you will go for a 9-5 job while the pooch is left alone. You can still expect that this pup will be the perfect canine friend for kids, pets, elders—just about anyone!

Caring for Frug

Though you need to spare some attention for this little pup, it is not all that difficult to care for. With the minimum grooming needs and mediocre activity levels, you can look after your Frencie Pug with little effort.

Frug Nutrition

Though this doggo’s diet is as little as 1-11.5 cups a day, you better beware of the little bundle of mischief. Frugs may gain the scavenger trait from both French Bulldogs and Pugs, causing you a tad bit of trouble.

Other than that, your pooch will require special food if it has sensitive skin.

How to Groom a Frug

Frugs have a double coat, but it is not challenging to maintain. Thanks to the short to medium length of its fur, brushing the pooch 1-2 times a week is just enough. Also, bathing the pup once a month will be quite appropriate.

However, you may need to give extra attention to its teeth, ears, and skin to keep odor and infections at bay.

Frug Activity Levels

These little doggies have little activity requirements and can live well in homes with yards as well as apartments. They require almost 20-40 minutes of exercise a day, in the form of walks or playtime.

However, make sure to give the doggo enough attention or distractions like chew toys round the day.

Caring for Frug

These tiny bundles of energy love their humans and are big-time social beings. So, you cannot do with spending a few hours with this doggie and leaving it alone for a prolonged period. Additionally, it is a stubborn pooch, which is why you may face a few challenges training the pup.

That said, given enough engaging games, training, and some socializing, you can get your pup to be a well-mannered doggo. Make sure the pup has at least a pet companion or a house member to prevent chances of separation anxiety.

Another thing that you must remember is that Frugs are not hypoallergenic. So, if you or your house members have specific allergies, this pooch may not be the best for you. However, on the positive side, they do not shed a lot.

Frug Health

Though Frenchie Pugs have relatively good health, they may get certain health conditions from their parent breeds. The most common health concerns are skin allergies like yeast infections and dermatitis. These canines have relatively thick skin, causing difficulty, especially in the warmer seasons.

Due to the big eyes of Pugs and large ears of French Bulldogs, your Frug is prone to eye and ear diseases. These may include dry eyes and ulcers or ear infections. Also, being short-faced, Frugs may get Brachycephalic Syndrome. It usually causes respiratory issues and may require surgical attention.

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