Ganaraskan Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Ganaraskan is a cute and small breed just like the Havanese. One look at its small and beady eyes is enough to capture your heart. Apart from its physical beauty the Ganaraskan, has the strength and compassion to protect valiantly from dark thoughts. The Ganaraskan is like a happiness magnet. If you stay beside it, you remain happy. To learn more about the Ganaraskan, read on.

Ganaraskan History

Ganaraskan Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Ganaraskan is in a sense a hybrid. The breed is quite modern and was developed by the 1970s. The Ganaraskan was developed in Ontario, Canada. The purpose for the creation of the Ganaraskan was for it to be the perfect therapy dog. The breed was made on such a way that it would be compatible with a ny type of family and individual. The breeds chosen were specifically those that would not trigger any allergies.

The breeds selected for the birth of the Ganaraskan were the Miniature Schnauzer, Bichon Frise, Poodle and the English Cocker Spaniel. Manageability was a major factor in choosing the parent breeds for the Ganaraskan. The breed is yet to be officially accepted by any great association.

Ganaraskan Characteristics

The Ganaraskan is a small-sized breed with a slightly wiry coat. Their general body shapes are slightly longer than taller. The legs of the Ganaraskan are small and sturdy. The Ganaraskan will have a well defined head and a strong bite. Its face resembles that of the Brussel Griffon in appearance. The coat colors for the Ganaraskan include Gray, White, Black, Brown, Cream, Pied, and Red.

How Big do Ganaraskan Get

The Ganaraskan is a small to medium sized breed with the genetic makeup of all the small breeds fed into it. The normal height range for the Ganaraskan irrespective of gender is 14 to 16 inches. The normal weight range accordingly is 16 to 18 lbs. The weight range can change quite a lot, if the diet isn’t taken care of properly.

How Long Does Ganaraskan Live

The average lifespan of the Ganaraskan is between 12 and 15 years. Normally this value can be extended with the help of good diet and proper exercise. This is why the nutrition and health sections are perhaps the most important sections for you.

How Much Does a Ganaraskan Cost

The Ganaraskan is considered a rare, albeit a slightly recognized breed too. Normally the Ganaraskan will cost you a figure between 800 dollars and 2000 dollars. The price range will vary highly due to the regions that the breeders are living in. The health of your potential buddy will also influence the price.

Ganaraskan Temperament/Personality

The purpose for the development of the Ganaraskan tells us a lot about the traits of the Ganaraskan. Since it was originally meant to be a therapeutic dog, it has a mellow nature. Its demeanor is calm and composed. You could even compare it to the supposed calm surface of a cold lake in a hot summer day. The Ganaraskan will live in perfect harmony with humans and other pets. Yet we do recommend keeping an eye on it, especially around small children.

Training the Ganaraskan is again easy, because this breed was made to be easy. You will have to understand that the Ganaraskan is a sensitive breed. If in the worst case, it does show some stubbornness, please do not become repressive. You should rely on positive reinforcement and Dog Treats to keep everything in line. Finally if you have no clue about training dogs, then please use a Dog Training Book.

Caring for Ganaraskan

The Ganaraskan is a lovely breed that requires a bit of extra care and caution from its owners. Why? How? The answers to these questions lie in the next few paragraphs.

Ganaraskan Nutrition

The Ganaraskan isn’t a considerably large breed, thus it doesn’t need a lot of food. Ideally its diet should not exceed one cup per day. You will have to focus on the best and most nutritious brand of food for it. We recommend looking in the Food for Small Dogs section. We recommend giving it either Merrick Dog Food, or Wellness Dog Food.

How to Groom a Ganaraskan

The coat of the Ganaraskan is wavy and prone to tangles. You will have to be careful about its coat. Typically you will have to brush its coat every day. If you can’t then unfortunate tangles await you. If the coat has some tricky knots, then untangling them with your fingers should be enough. The Ganaraskan should be bathed after every two to three weeks. You will have to brush its teeth at least four times per week. Trimming its nails is an activity that should be repeated every two weeks.

Ganaraskan Activity Levels

The Ganaraskan is a moderately active breed and requires ample exercise for its size. From what we know, the Ganaraskan requires at least 40 to 50 minutes of daily exercise. You should look for the right combination of mental and physical exercises to understand the Ganaraskan better. Please do not ignore its physical exercises, or it will grow increasingly bored and self-destructive.

Caring for Ganaraskan

The Ganaraskan as you may have inferred from the data above doesn’t need much. If you still want to give it some additional care, then look after its ears. The ears of the Ganaraskan can become hotspots for germs and bacteria. You will have to clean its ears with a sterile solution and soft cotton swabs. The Ganaraskan will also need closure. You should keep it in close proximity; otherwise it will develop severe separation anxieties.

Ganaraskan Health

The Ganaraskan doesn’t have a lot of bloodlines mixed into it. It means that the chances of it inheriting genetic conditions are reduced. You can expect the Ganaraskan to live a long and happy life. Yes it may have to face some minor problems like Hip Dysplasia. It may also have to face some conditions like Blindness or Deafness with age. Even though it is relatively immune, we recommend giving it monthly check-ups. Keep an eye on its diet and keep it safe from vigorous activity in its formative years.

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