German Longhaired Sprointer Breed Information – All You Need To Know

German Longhaired sprointer is an adorable mix of two famous breeds: the German Longhaired Pointer and the Springer pointer. Both parents’ breeds are quite different from each other. The resulting mix is a highly active and friendly canine. They are sturdy-built dogs, but they have sensitive and caring nature. 

German Longhaired sprointer is affectionate and very good with small kids and with other family members as well. Still, they can be a little overexuberant sometimes, so supervision is recommended when they are around children. These canines have big hearts, and they can suffer from separation anxiety, so keeping them happy and joyful would be your job. 

German Longhaired Sprointer History

German Longhaired Sprointer Breed Information All You Need To KnowGerman Longhaired Sprointers are designer dogs, and their origins are pretty unclear. They don’t have a well-documented history as well, so let’s look at the history of their parents to get a better idea. The German Longhaired pointer has its origins in Germany, and it’s been known since the 1800s. This breed was evolved by mixing Pointers, English setters, and with other dogs as well. The AKC (American kennel club) registered this breed in 2011.

The springer spaniel, also known as a gun dog, has been used by hunters for assisting. This breed was originally developed to retrieve hunted birds and other small animals. These canines were further classified into two categories: the land and water spaniels. Later on, their classification was started to be based on their sizes. The AKC (American kennel club) recognized this breed in 1910. 

German Longhaired Sprointer Characteristics

German Longhaired sprointer is a muscular canine with a sturdy shape. They have a normal-sized head that looks perfect according to their body. Their muzzle is long that is strong, which helps them to catch prey easily. This breed has almond-shaped eyes, which have hazel or amber color. They have long, floppy ears, and their jaw is enormously strong. These canines have a double coat that can come in brown or black or a mixture of these two. 

How Big do German Long haired Sprointer Get

German Longhaired Sprointer is a medium to large-sized dog. The males’ height can vary between 22 to 25 inches, and they can weigh from 55 to 65 pounds while the females’ height is shorter. Their height can be anywhere from 22 to 25 inches, and their weight can be anywhere from 55 to 65 pounds. 

How Long Does German Long haired Sprointer Live

This canine lives a longer life than most of the dogs in this category. German Longhaired Sprointer can live anywhere between 12 to 14 years. Proper care and a good diet would ensure a longer life. 

How Much Does a German Longhaired Sprointer Cost

German Longhaired Sprointer is a hybrid dog, so their price would depend on the various factors like parents’ health care and pups’ lineage. On average, you should expect to pay anything from around $1000 to $1200. 

German Longhaired Sprointer Temperament/Personality

The German Longhaired Sprointer is an intelligent, smart, and enthusiastic dog. It has a strong bond with its human family, and they are quite faithful towards them. They are prone to develop separation anxiety and self-destructive behaviors, so don’t leave them alone for a long time. 

The longhaired German sprointers are great with humans, but they can snatchy or harmful towards small children due to their hunting nature, so supervision is recommended when they are around kids. They tend to hunt small animals, so early socialization would be best to teach them manners and develop their confidence. 

Caring for German Longhaired Sprointer Dog

German Longhaired Sprointer dog is a loving and caring dog. They do require a great amount of care and attention in order to stay in shape. Keep them on a healthy diet and make sure to spend quality time with them. Keep on reading for more information about your canine. 

German Longhaired Sprointer Nutrition

Like all other dogs, German Longhaired Sprointer would require high-quality food to maintain its health and fulfill the daily nutritional need. They have high levels of energy so feed them at least 3 cups of top-notch food. Split their meal into four or more and feed them when they need. It’s best to keep them on the vets’ recommended diet. 

How to Groom a German Longhaired Sprointer

German Longhaired Sprointer dog has a dense, wavy, and medium-sized coat that needs to be brushed at least once a week. They do shed twice a year, so use special dogs’ brush to avoid tangling and matting and remove loose hair too. Bathe them after six to eight weeks and make sure to use special dogs’ shampoo to keep the shine of their coat. Also, bathe them when they are dirty. Clip their nails when they need with special dogs’ nail clipper and clean their ears with a soft cloth once a week. It is also recommended to brush their teeth at least once a month with special toothpaste made for dogs.  

German Longhaired Sprointer Activity Levels

German Longhaired Sprointer has high energy levels, so they need a high amount of activity and exercise to release their energy and stay fit. Take them outside for short walks several times a day, and make sure to keep them on a leash. Daily activity for about 120 minutes would be enough to maintain their energy. 

Caring for German Longhaired Sprointer

German Longhaired Pointers shed in every season, so groom them accordingly during hair loss season. They do not handle loneliness quite well, so try to keep them around. Meet their daily requirements and take good care of their diet to ensure their good health. 

German Longhaired Sprointer Health

German Longhaired Sprointer is a hybrid dog, so that it may inherit some diseases from its parents. The major health issues are Hip Dysplasia, Bloat, and Heart trouble. Nothing is more important than your pups’ health, so try to visit their vet at least once a month. 

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