German Shorthaired Lab Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

German Shorthaired Lab is Friendly, confident, and energetic. They may have varying personalities depending on which parent breed dominates in them, but they usually adopt the most admirable traits like friendliness and loyalty from their parents. This hybrid is a result of the cross between a German Shorthaired Pointer and Labrador Retriever.

Also known as Pointerdors, these athletic dogs are avid hunters who can hunt on land and water. They have a lot of energy which means that you have to take them out for walks often. They are most happy in a large house with a fenced yard or garden.

German Shorthaired Lab History

German Shorthaired Lab Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAs a fairly recent breed, Pointerdor does not have much of a history to discuss. So, let us look at its parent’s history to find out more. German shorthaired pointer was developed by crossing various dogs that contributed to their admirable personalities, including Pointers, Fox Hounds, and Tracking Hounds.

Initially known as St. John Dog, the Labrador Retriever originated in Newfoundland, Canada. Fishermen in the Labrador Sea used them for hunting and retrieving fish. Later on, they were brought to England, where they were used to retrieve waterfowl and fish. They were given the name Labrador, and now it is the most popular dog in North America.

German Shorthaired Lab Characteristics

Pointerdors are agile, athletic, and slender. They have slim, lean bodies -which they inherit from their parents- are supported by long, muscular legs. Their large floppy ears hand low on their broad head with long muzzles that support a black snout at its tip. Their eyes are almond-shaped, deep, and black and give off a friendly vibe. Their tails are long if left unlocked.

Their coats are moderately dense with medium-length straight hair. Their coats can have the water repellant and weather-resistant quality of the Labrador Retriever. The most common coat colors are; Black, brown, creamy white, and red.

How Big do German Shorthaired Lab Get

German Shorthaired Lab is a medium-sized dog, which is predictable as both of its parents are medium-sized. The males have an average height of 26 – 28 inches and an average weight of 55 – 80lbs. In comparison, the females have an average height of 25 – 26 inches and an average weight of 55 – 65lbs.

How Long Does a German Shorthaired Lab Live

The larger breeds usually have a shorter lifespan than that of the shorter ones. But like the other shorthaired pointer mixes, this graceful dog defies the odds. They have a lifespan of 10 – 14 years. You can ensure that they live long, towards the upper end of this scale, by taking good care of them and ensuring their daily needs are met.

How much does a German Shorthaired Lab Cost

German Shorthaired Lab is still at the beginning of its rise to popularity. Consequently, it will be hard for you to find a reputable breeder that sells these amazing dogs. However, if you manage to find one, you should look forward to paying around $500 – $3000. Then there are the medical and non-medical expenses. These include things like Beds, vaccines, leashes, neutering, and toys.

German Shorthaired Lab Temperament/Personality

Loyal, energetic, and lively, The German Shorthaired Lab is an excellent dog that can be used for hunting or even as a family dog. They are affectionate canines that form close bonds with their human family and do anything they can to please them. Due to their intelligence and drive to please, they are quite easy to train.

Pointed or is a friendly and easy-going dog that will be good with other pets and animals if they are socialized early on/. They are very gentle and loving, making them a good choice for people looking for therapy dogs. Their caring nature means that they are good around children as well.

Caring for German Shorthaired Lab

Caring for your dog comes down to proper grooming, feeding them the right amount, at the right time, and in the right way. And it is also important to meet their activity requirement, which is vital to keep them alert, active, and well-behaved. Also, ensure that you use the right products. Continue reading to know everything about taking good care of your pup.

German Shorthaired Lab Nutrition

German Shorthaired Lab requires high-quality food to maintain its health and meet the daily nutritional need. They have high levels of energy so, feed them at least 3 cups of top-notch food. Split their meal into four or more and feed them when they need. It’s best to keep them on the vets’ recommended diet.

How to Groom a German Shorthaired Lab

Pointerdors have a double coat; the outer coat is usually thick with short straight hair, and the inner coat is relatively soft. They do shed when the shedding season arrives, but they don’t require an extensive level of grooming. Brushing them with a pin brush 3 – 4 times per week is sufficient to keep them looking spic and span, and cleaning their ears regularly is essential to prevent infections.

German Shorthaired Lab Activity Levels

German Shorthaired Lab is an active dog that requires a lot of daily activity to stay healthy. They have parents that are both highly energetic, so consequently, we can expect the same from this one. They require at least 90 minutes of daily activity which can be in the form of jogs, hiking, or a visit to the daycare. 

Caring for German Shorthaired Lab

As a highly intelligent breed with active minds, this dog requires constant mental stimulation to stay healthy. Otherwise, they get bored and develop behavioral issues and undesirable habits. So ensure that you keep them engaged in small tasks which they can learn easily. 

German Shorthaired Lab Health

German Shorthaired Lab is a healthy dog, but it may inherit some health issues from its parents. These may include Entropion, Hip Dysplasia, Bloating, and Ear Infections. The following tests should be done occasionally; X-Rays, CT scans, Eye examinations, Physical Examinations, Ear Examinations, and Blood Work Lab Tests.

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