German Shorthaired Sprointer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

German Shorthaired Sprointer, also known as Spointer, is friendly, agile, and playful. They adopt these admirable traits from their parents, both of which are excellent dogs. This dog is a hybrid that results from crossing the German Shorthaired Pointer and the English Springer Spaniel. It is a medium-sized dog that has a broad, well, built, and muscular body.

Spointers are excellent family dogs as they have a very friendly nature and do well with every family member. They are not suitable for an indoor apartment lifestyle because they need plenty of room to run around and exhaust their energy, which they have in abundance. It would be best to keep them in a house with a fenced yard or garden.

German Shorthaired Sprointer History

German Shorthaired Sprointer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAs a fairly recent breed, the Spointer does not have much of a history to discuss. So, let us look at its parent’s history to find out more. German shorthaired pointer was developed by crossing various dogs that contributed to their admirable personalities, including Pointers, Fox Hounds, and Tracking Hounds. They were initially bred as hunting and sporting dogs.

English Springer Spaniel is another sporting dog believed to have its origin in the early 1600 or late 1500 in England. But the Spaniels lineage originally started in Spain, where they were used as flushing dogs that helped hunters bring the prey out of their dens and burrows. The AKC officially recognized them in 1910 as purebred sporting dogs. 

German Shorthaired Sprointer Characteristics

Spointers are well-build, athletic, and strong. They have an athletic build with a lean body that is longer than it is tall, which helps them have a fast running speed. They have deep chests, their long legs are muscular and well-made, and their paws are generally webbed. 

They usually have long floppy ears that stand on a long and broad head with a long muzzle that supports a black snout at its tip. Their eyes will be black or brown and almond-shaped. They have a dense coat with short straight hair, which is quite easy to manage. Their tails are long and beautiful if you choose not to dock them.

How Big do German Shorthaired Sprointer Get

Spointer is a medium-sized dog, which is predictable as both of its parents are medium-sized. The males have an average height of 20 – 24 inches and an average weight of 50 – 60lbs. In comparison, the females have an average height of 19 – 22 inches and an average weight of 45 – 55lbs.

How Long Does a German Shorthaired Sprointer Live

The larger breeds usually have a shorter lifespan than that of the shorter ones. But this graceful dog defies the odds. They have a lifespan of 10 – 15 years. You can ensure that they live long, towards the upper end of this scale, by taking good care of them and ensuring their daily needs are met.

How Much Does a German Shorthaired Sprointer Cost

German Shorthaired Sprointers are still at the beginning of their rise to popularity. Consequently, it will be hard for you to find a reputable breeder that sells these awesome dogs. However, if you manage to find one, you should look forward to paying around $1000. Then there are the medical and non-medical expenses. These include things like Beds, vaccines, leashes, neutering, and toys.

German Shorthaired Sprointer Temperament/Personality

German Shorthaired Sprointer is a loyal, playful, and energetic dog. Just like we mentioned earlier, these dogs make excellent family dogs, and this is because of their playful, fun, and friendly nature. They like to play and form tight bonds with their human family, but they may be a little nervous around new faces. 

Even though sporting dogs are usually not good with others, this one is quite different. They behave well around children and other pets, but their hunting instinct may sometimes interfere, and they might give a chase to smaller animals like birds. In any case, they are fun to be around, and you will thoroughly enjoy their company once you get close to them. 

Caring for German Shorthaired Sprointer

Caring for your dog comes down to proper grooming, feeding them the right amount, at the right time, and in the right way. And it is also important to meet their activity requirement, which is vital to keep them alert, active, and well-behaved. Also, ensure that you use the right products. Continue reading to know everything about taking good care of your pup.

German Shorthaired Sprointer Nutrition

German Shorthaired Sprointer requires high-quality food to maintain its health and meet the daily nutritional need. They have medium to high levels of energy so feed them at least 3 cups of top-notch food. Split their meal into four or more and feed them when they need. It’s best to keep them on the vets’ recommended diet. 

How to Groom a German Shorthaired Sprointer

These shorthaired dogs are quite easy to maintain, and their coat does not have the problem of getting tangled or matted. Brushing them once or twice per day with a curry brush will be sufficient to keep their coats looking neat. Bathe them only when they start stinking and looking dirty because excessive bathing can lead to dry skin. 

German Shorthaired Sprointer Activity Levels

This hybrid is a hyperactive ball of energy. They love going out for walks or even going along with you to the grocery store. They require at least 60 – 75 minutes of activity daily to exhaust their energy which is essential for the well-being of your dog.

Caring for German Shorthaired Sprointer

Spointer has no undercoat, so they may not handle extremely cold weather well. So, if you happen to live in a cold area, consider buying a sweater or a heating vest. Clip their nails every week and clean their ears once or twice a week to prevent infections from emerging. 

German Shorthaired Sprointer Health

Spointers are usually very healthy dogs, but they can develop some health issues now and then. The most common issues are; Seborrhea, Hip Dysplasia, Cherry Eye, Cataracts, and Atopic Dermatitis.

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