German Spitz Breed Information – All You Need To Know

German Spitz, also called toy Deutscher, is an oversized, purebred dog. Most people mistakenly confuse this breed with Pomeranian, but this breed is unique. There are two categories in this breed: the mittel and the klien. The mittel refers to a medium, and the klien refers to small. These fluffy pups are loyal, friendly, and playful. 

German Spitz loves to have a task to complete; otherwise, they are likely to bark excessively. Stimulate their body and mind by providing them a lot of toys and things to play with. They have a high prey drive and can attack small animals like ferrets, birds, cats, and hamsters. This breed is good with kids.   

German Spitz History

German Spitz Breed Information All You Need To KnowGerman Spitz has its origins in Pomerania. They are believed to be known since the stone age. Basically, Pomerania was the part of Poland and Germany that was divided somehow. It is believed that their history is dated back to 1450, and they were used as hunting dogs and as keeping them as family pets. They became a sign of royalty and wealth by the mid of 18th century. 

German Spitz was on the verge of extinction after world war I, and it was seen again in the 1970s. These dogs are quite popular in Australia, Germany, and United Kingdom. However, United States does not have very much. The AKC (American kennel club) does not register this breed yet, but the UKC (United kennel club) recognized this breed in 2006. 

German Spitz Characteristics

German Spitz’s are small to medium-sized canines with a medium-long, dense, and fluffy coat. The most common coat colors are white, cream, brown, red, and black can be a mixture of any mentioned colors. Mostly, they are bi-colored, with one color being dominant. Their face resembles foxs’ face. Their stature varies between medium to small-sized. This adorable pup has a small tail that bends over its back. Hair on the head is typically smaller than the rest of their body. These sturdy-built canines have brown-colored, sparkling eyes that give them a foxlike expression. 

How Big do German Spitz Get

German Spitz is a purebred dog that does not get that big. They have a sturdy body that weighs around 24 – 26 pounds, and their height can be anywhere between 12 – 15 inches. 

How Long Does German Spitz Live

Like most medium-sized dogs, they enjoy a longer lifespan than bigger dogs. They are likely to live anywhere around 13 – 15 years. Ensure proper diet and keep an eye on their health to enhance their life. 

How Much Does a German Spitz Cost

German Spitz’s were known as the sign of wealth and royalty, so they are pricey than most of the dogs. This pup is unique and rare, so look for a trusted place if you want to buy it. On average, they would cost you around $1000 to $3000 depending on the dog’s health, the breeder’s reputation, and several other factors. 

German Spitz Temperament/Personality

The German Spitz is a smart, gentle, and alert dog. They are believed to have quite a good sense of humor. They always try to please their owners and other people. They are prone to bark excessively when bored or left alone for a long time, so make sure to give them enough time and provide toys and other mind-stimulating things to keep them busy.

Training German Spitz can be challenging, so try to be calm and patient during their teaching and training sessions. Sometimes, they are stubborn and conservative, so treat them accordingly. Due to their high prey drive tends to attack small animals like rabbits, hamsters, and other small birds. Supervision is recommended when they are around your small pets. 

Caring for German Spitz Dog

German Spitz dog is a good, small companion that loves to please its owner. They do require a lot of care and attention to be in their best shape. Don’t leave them alone and keep them on a healthy diet. Continue to read to learn more about your pup. 

German Spitz Nutrition

Being a small dog requires a small amount of food to maintain their energy and stay healthy and fit. 2 to 3 cups of top-notch dog food would be more than enough to fulfill your pups’ daily nutritional requirements. It is recommended to keep them on a vets’ prescribed diet. 

How to Groom a German Spitz

German Spitz’s have a dense, medium-sized, and fluffy double coat. They shed twice a year in a shedding season, so daily brushing of their coat is recommended with special dogs’ brush to prevent excessive shedding, tangling, and matting. Clean their ears and eyes twice a week to avoid any bacterial infection. Use a shedding glove to wipe down their coat to remove loose hairs. Clip their nails when they need using nothing else but a special nail clipper for a dog. They don’t need to bathe quite often, so try to keep bathing as low as possible and only bathe them when they are really dirty with special dogs’ shampoo. Brush their teeth at least once a week to avoid gum disease and tooth decay. 

German Spitz Activity Levels

German Spitz is not a couch potato. They require a moderate level of daily activity to maintain their energy. 45 minutes of exercise and activity would be best to keep your pup fit and healthy. Try not to involve them in tough games. 

Caring for German Spitz

German Spitz’s are the hunter and social dogs, requiring constant family interaction and a good amount of activity to function properly. Spending quality time with your pup would be your responsibility. 

German Spitz Health

German Spitz is a fairly healthy dog. They don’t have any severe disease, but the chances of getting a disease are never zero. Their major health concern is Epilepsy, and some minor diseases are Patellar luxation, progressive retinal atrophy, and retinal dysplasia. Ensure a monthly visit to their vet for proper checkups. 

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