Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer is a mix dog produced by crossing two purebred dogs: Giant Schnauzer and Kerry Blue terrier. This resulting breed is likely to inherit some of the best qualities from both of its parents. The Giant Schnauzer has unintentional destructive behavior, and the Kerryblue terrier is a working dog, so the inherited breed would also be a little aggressive and muscular.

The Giant Kerryblue terrier has a dense and medium-sized coat that doesn’t shed, so they would be quite easy to maintain. These pups are great with small children and behave well around other dogs and animal if they are in good hands. However, supervision is recommended if they are around small animals, as they have a high prey drive and may try to hunt them. 

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer History

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Breed Information All You Need To KnowGiant Kerryblue Schnauzers is a hybrid dog with unknown origins. Their history isn’t well-documented as well, so let’s look at the parents’ history to get a better idea. The Kerryblue terrier has its origins in County Kerry, a city in Ireland. Since ancient times, these dogs have been known, and people used them to kill small animals like rats. This breed was also used as a guard dog. They were also called “Blue Devil,” and the AKC (American Kennel Club) recognized this breed in 1924. 

The great Giant Schnauzer is believed to be produced by crossing two well-known breeds: the Great Dane and Standard Schnauzer. The main objective of this breed was to serve as guard dogs and farm dogs. They have their origins in Germany, and their exact known date isn’t clear. Police and Military departments also used this breed. These dogs were registered by AKC (American kennel club) in 1930.   

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Characteristics

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer is a hybrid of two large-sized breeds, so they would also have a large size. They have a dense, medium-sized coat that can come in various colors like pepper and salt, grey and slate blue, silver, black and blue. Due to Giant Schnauzers’ genes, they would have wiry or wavy hair. Their eyes are almond-shaped, which are likely to be dark brown, and their tails are docked. Usually, their ears are set low, and they have sturdy bodies. 

How big do Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Get

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzers are medium to large-sized canines. The males can reach an average height of 20 – 26 inches, and they are likely to weigh around 35 – 60 pounds. The females’ height can vary between 18 – 24 inches, and their weight can be anywhere between 33 – 58 pounds. 

How Long Does Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Live

Being large-sized dogs, the Giant Kerryblue Schnauzers live less than other smaller dogs. Their lifespan can be anywhere around 8 – 12 years. You can enhance their life by meeting their daily requirements and providing them a proper diet. 

How Much Does a Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Cost

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer was known as the sign of wealth and royalty, so they are pricey than most of the dogs. Expect to pay around $1000 to $1500 for a pup. Many factors affect the canines’ price, like health assurance, confirmation of lineage, and the place from where you’re buying. 

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Temperament/Personality

The Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer is an energetic, lively, and powerful dog. These dogs are hybrid of two great family-friendly dogs, so they are likely to be easy-going and well-mannered. These pups need a dedicated owner that is calm, firm, and patient. They may develop destructive behaviors and may act aggressively if they are left alone for long periods.

The Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer would be a great family pet if they were treated well. They love to play with small kids and to spend time with their loved ones. But, they may try to hunt small animals, like cats, rabbits, so supervision is recommended if you have small pet animals. Socialize them early to build their confidence and to teach them good manners. 

Caring for Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Dog

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer dog is a hybrid canine that can catch diseases quite easily, so take care of their health and give them enough attention to help them stay in their best possible shape. Take care of their diet and groom them well to keep them looking clean and fresh. Keep on reading to find out more about your dog. 

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Nutrition

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer has moderate to high energy levels, so they would require a good amount of food to stay healthy and fit. 3 to 4 cups of top-notch food costing you around $39 to $52 a month would be enough to fulfill their daily nutritional need. Split this into 4 or more and feed them according to their need. 

How to Groom a Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer

Grooming your Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer would be easy, as they don’t shed that much and have a dense, medium-sized, wavy, or wiry coat. However, brushing their coat with special dogs’ brush at least once a day would help remove tangles and loose hair. Daily brushing of their teeth with medicated toothpaste is also necessary to prevent gum diseases and tooth decay. Check their ears, eyes, and face, remove dirt using a soft cloth. Bathe them at least once a month to remove the dog smell and make sure to use special dogs’ shampoo. Clip their nails when needed and try to buy a special nail clipper for your dog. 

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Activity Levels

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer would require a moderate level of exercise and activity to function properly. They may become aggressive and destructive if they don’t get enough exercise. 60 minutes of daily exercise and activity would be best to keep them fit and healthy. If you’ve got a fenced yard, let them play for a while and try not to involve them in hard games during hot weather. 

Caring for Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzers are the hunter and social dogs, requiring constant family interaction and a good amount of activity to function properly. Spending quality time with your pup would be your responsibility. 

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer Health

Giant Kerryblue Schnauzer is a result of crossing two dogs, so they are likely to inherit some diseases and have their own. They are prone to patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, bloat, cancer, and PRA. Make sure to visit their vet at least once a month for their proper checkup. 

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