Glechon Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Glechon is a cross between the Beagle and the Bichon Frise, both purebreds. It is a small to medium-sized dog with light-colored dense, wiry fur and a sturdy demeanor. The Glechon takes on a medium-size if the Beagle’s gene is dominant while it is a smaller sized canine if Bichon Frise contributed the prominent genes in the gene pool. Easy to go with the novice owners, this hybrid can be the best dog with the right training.

Glechon History

Glechon Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowGlechon has a limited documented history as a new hybrid breed, and we have to look at its parental history. One parent, the Beagle, traces back to Roman times, where it originated from pack hounds. These dogs were used as tracking dogs due to their sniffing prowess. It originated in England and was famous for hunting hares along with hunters known as beagling. The AKC declared it as a part of the “hound” group in 1885.

On the other side of Glechon’s parentage, we have Bichon Frise, descended from a Mediterranean breed named Barbet. There are many theories regarding this breed’s origin, and some of them suggest their progenitors be the Maltese or Coton de Tulear. This breed has four classifications; namely, Bologna is, Maltais, Teneriffe, and the Havanais. In 1971, it got official recognition from the American Kennel Club.

Glechon Characteristics

The looks of Glechon catch the eyes of the viewers. It is an extremely cute small to medium doggy with light-colored dense, wiry fur and furry demeanor. The body is compact and well proportioned, with a round skull and muzzle ending into a black button nose. The dark round eyes are brimming with intelligence. The ears are floppy but not so long and covered with dense fur.

How Big to Glechon Get

The Glechon takes on a medium-size if the Beagle’s gene is dominant while it is a smaller sized canine if Bichon Frise contributed the prominent genes in the gene pool. Thus, it is smaller than a medium-sized designer hybrid that weighs approximately 15-35 lbs and stands 13-20 inches at the withers.

How Long Does Glechon Live

The Glechon has a longer life expectancy than small-sized dogs. Under normal situations, it can live for about 12 and 15 years. Good care and supervision are required to slow down your dog’s aging increasing its longevity.

How Much Does a Glechon Cost

The Glechon can be available for almost $500 to $800 from a reputable breeder. Must check the credibility of the breeder before buying a pup. Other accessories you will need to buy for your pup are Electric Dog Fence, Dog Bed, Outdoor Dog Kennel, etc.

Glechon Temperament/Personality

Glechon is a “merry” and “curious” doggy with a low threshold for boredom. It is a playful furry fellow who enjoys his own company playing with interactive dog toys, and exploring stuff. To prevent it from scratching couches, you must crate train it. The crate also provides additional security and safety to your doggy.

Developed as a companion-dog breed, it tends to get along well with children, felines, and other little animals. Highly intelligent and curious, they need mind and physical stimulation in terms of daily exercise, training, and play sessions. Alert, quick and ready, it can be the best watch and guard dog.

It may inherit the loud vocals from Beagles, and this characteristic makes this doggy a great watchdog. However, it must learn when to bark and how to distinguish between suspicious and trustworthy people. With the right training, the cute and adorable Glechon can be the dog you have ever dreamt of.

Caring for Glechon

Glechon is an affectionate and sensitive puppy that needs your time and care. If you are fond of keeping canines but don’t have time for their care, then hire a full-time caretaker for them. Read on to know how to care for this hybrid effectively.

Glechon Nutrition

Although Bea Tzu has a small to medium size, its active nature requires an adequate amount of nutrient-rich kibble. Kibble comprises meat, grains, vegetables, and other materials and is the most popular type of dog food designed to meet its age size, etc.

How to Groom a Glechon

The Glechon has moderate needs in terms of grooming. They don’t need daily brushing. Rather their wiry coat is less prone to tangling and can be highly maintained with thrice a week brushing. Examine and clean their furry, floppy ears with Dog ear cleaners weekly. Don’t overlook their nails trimming and dental care as well.

Glechon Activity Levels

Your Glechon is filled with the robust energy that needs to be out with daily exercise and regular play. You can accommodate it in an apartment but taking it outside daily for fresh air with the Leash for Dogs that Pull is essential. Lack of activity can result in destructive behavior where they will scratch stuff and bark loud.

Caring for Glechon

Your Glechon believes in a love-giving and attention-seeking relationship; that’s why he is always found circling its master and always eager to please him. It loves to be in the company of people, so always keep it surrounded. Good maintenance also gives way to the good hygiene of your dog so keep it clean and disease-free.

This designer hybrid loves to eat. Treats and toppings other than regular food are sufficient to fill the little buddy with immense joy. Thus, keep on giving treats, especially during training sessions, for motivation. But never exceed the limited calorie amount and always grab the best dog diet from the supermarket.

Glechon Health

As a designer breed, Glechon Tzu is less likely to have many health issues than its parents. Some of the ailments to which it can be prone are Hip Dysplasia, Congenital Heart Defect, Invertebral Disc Disease, Patellar Luxation, Cataracts, tear stains, Glaucoma, and ear infections.

If treated with care followed by a health regimen and a regular veterinary checkup, your pup can live well without having any health risk or ailment.

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